*The CEO Contract is not available in electronic format. The following is a summary description of such agreement:


Employment Agreements and Change in Control Arrangements


      We have written employment agreements with Mr. Hill, Mr. Goebel and Mr. Lumpkin. Each of the employment agreements provides for periodic salary adjustments as determined by the Executive Compensation Committee.


      Mr. Hill’s agreement was for an original term of one year, expiring in January 1995, and automatically renews for successive one-year terms unless otherwise terminated as provided in the agreement. The agreement provides for a base salary which may be periodically increased by the Executive Compensation Committee and participation in the Company’s executive bonus plan for vice presidents as well as additional bonuses as determined by the Executive Compensation Committee. Additionally, the agreement sets forth certain obligations with regard to maintaining confidential information and ownership of any discoveries. We also entered into a severance and noncompetition agreement with Mr. Hill which provides for vesting of unvested options and restricted stock and a continuation of salary, bonus and benefits for a period of three years following certain “triggering events,” including termination by the Company without cause or termination by Mr. Hill if the Company substantially reduces his compensation, benefits, or duties or requires a relocation from the Kansas City area. If the three-year severance payments are due, Mr. Hill will be bound by a three-year noncompete. If the severance payments are not due, the Company can elect to impose a one-year noncompete on Mr. Hill if it pays him 50% of his base salary. Currently, the three-year cash severance payments would total approximately $2,500,000.