Exhibit 10.10
A.M. Castle & Co. has designed an Executive Incentive Plan to accomplish the
following objectives:
-     To focus the participant's behavior towards the achievement of the goals
      set by the Corporation.
-     To create a team environment that will reward outstanding performance.
Executives are eligible to participate in the plan as recommended by the
President & Chief Executive Officer and approved by the Board of Directors. An
Executive must be employed by the Company for the entire calendar year to be
eligible for a payment. No pro-rated payments will be made unless reviewed and
approved by the President & Chief Executive Officer.
                              INCENTIVE OPPORTUNITY
Participants under this plan have the opportunity to earn a percentage of their
annual base salary as an incentive. Specific eligibility percentages by position
are reviewed on an annual basis. Any changes or deviations must be approved by
the President & Chief Executive Officer.
                                 INCENTIVE GOALS
Castle pays incentive to Executive personnel to reward them for meeting and
exceeding the Business Plans ("BPlan") as approved and adopted by Castle's Board
of Directors. The BPlan is consistent with our Corporate focus, which is to
increase the total return to our shareholders. The critical factors necessary
for the Company to improve its overall performance continues to be net earnings
and the efficient use of working capital.
The net earnings after tax and working capital goals are based on the BPlan that
were recommended by the President & Chief Executive Officer and approved by the
Board of Directors. The goals provide a realistic view of the products and the
markets in which the Company participates.
                            KEY MEASUREMENT CRITERIA
Net earnings after tax and working capital will be the two measurement
components for all Executives with the exception of the Vice Presidents in the
Merchandising Group. The Vice presidents in the Merchandising Group will have a
profit component specific to their responsibility. Each measurement will be
calculated independently which means that participants can receive payment under
one component while not attaining cut-in for the other components. The corridor
for the plan components establish cut-in at 50% and maximum at 150% of the
approved BPlan.
                                                                   Exhibit 10.10
      The net earnings after tax goal is based on the BPlan for the Corporation.
      Cut-in and maximum goals will be established based on the Board approved
      parameters. The Business Plan goal will be the midpoint of the corridor
      and will represent a 50% attainment of the maximum goal.
      The working capital component will be measured using two separate
      independent measurements, DSI and DSO. Each component's attainment is
      measured separately and is not contingent on the other to receive a
                              DISCRETIONARY FEATURE
The president & Chief Executive Officer has the authority to grant additional
discretionary incentive payments, or deny incentive payments based on special or
unique circumstances that arise throughout the plan year.
Participation in this plan does not guarantee employment. Payments from this
plan are dependent on continued eligibility and employment with the Corporation.
The decision to award any incentives under the plan is reserved by the President
& Chief Executive Officer. This includes individuals whose employment with the
company is voluntarily or involuntarily terminated, or who retire during the
calendar year.