As Amended January 1, 2004

      1. Purpose of the Plan. The ANNUAL INCENTIVE BONUS PLAN (the “Plan”) is intended to provide a method for attracting and retaining employees of ANADARKO PETROLEUM CORPORATION and participating subsidiaries (the “Company”), to encourage these individuals to remain with the Company and to devote their best efforts to its affairs and to recognize employees for their contributions to the overall success of the Company.

      2. Administration of the Plan. The Plan shall be administered by the Compensation and Benefits Committee (the “Committee”) of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of the Company and shall operate on the basis of the calendar year. The Committee is authorized to interpret the Plan and from time to time may adopt such rules, regulations, definitions and forms consistent with the provisions of the Plan as it may deem advisable to carry out the Plan.

      3. Eligibility. All executive officers and any key employees as determined by the Chief Executive Officer of the Company may be eligible for bonuses under the Plan for a calendar year.

      4. Determinations of Bonuses. The Committee shall have full power and authority to (i) determine performance objectives which must be satisfied as a condition to earning a bonus under the Plan for a calendar year (which objectives may differ as among employees or classes of employees); (ii) determine the types of bonuses to be paid under the Plan for a calendar year; (iii) determine the extent to which performance objectives applicable to a given bonus have been achieved; (iv) determine the amounts of bonuses (which may differ among employees or classes of employees); and (v) determine the form and time of payment of bonuses. All decisions made by the Committee shall be final.

      5. Section 162(m) Conditions. In the case of any employee whose compensation is or, in the opinion of the Committee, is potentially subject to the compensation deduction limits of section 162(m) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (“162(m)”) for a calendar year, the Committee shall establish, in writing, with respect to each calendar year beginning with the 1994 calendar year (i) objective performance goals and the appropriate weighting of such goals from among the performance criteria described below; (ii) performance targets or range of targets to measure satisfaction in whole or in part of such performance goals or combination of goals; and (iii) a bonus opportunity target which will be used to establish the amount of bonus to be paid to such employee depending upon the degree of satisfaction of the performance goals. A bonus amount shall be paid under the Plan for a calendar year to an employee whose compensation is or, in the opinion of the Committee, is potentially subject to 162(m) if and only if the performance goal or combination of performance goals established by the Committee with respect to such employee have been attained (based upon the degree of satisfaction of the performance target or range of targets). The Committee shall certify the attainment of such performance goals in writing. In no event shall bonuses paid pursuant to the Plan to any individual for any calendar year be in excess of $5.0 million. The Committee shall establish performance goals from one or more of the following performance criteria for those individuals subject to this section: (i) finding and development costs; (ii) production and operating costs; (iii) production, drilling and reserve growth results; (iv) attainment of cash flow and net income goals; (v) attainment of financial and operating return ratios or margins; (vi) attainment of corporate financial goals; (vii) mergers, divestitures and acquisitions results; (viii) attainment of regulatory, environmental and safety goals; and (ix) common stock price performance.

      6. Payments in Event of Termination. In the event an employee terminates employment with the Company for any reason including death, disability and retirement prior to the date of payment of a bonus award, the Committee may, in its sole discretion, pay to such employee or his beneficiary, as the case may be, a bonus award. The amount of the bonus award, if any, will be at the sole discretion of the Committee.


      7. Prohibition Against Assignment or Encumbrance. The Plan, and the rights, interests and benefits hereunder, shall not be assigned, transferred, pledged, sold, conveyed, or encumbered in any way by an employee, and shall not be subject to execution, attachment or similar process. Any attempted sale, conveyance, transfer, assignment, pledge or encumbrance of the rights, interests or benefits provided pursuant to the terms of the Plan, contrary to the terms of the foregoing sentence, or the levy of any attachment or similar process thereupon, shall be null and void and without effect.

      8. Nature of the Plan. The Plan shall constitute an unfunded, unsecured obligation of the Company to make bonus payments in accordance with the provisions of the Plan. The establishment of the Plan shall not be deemed to create a trust. No participant shall have any security or other interest in any assets of the Company.

      9. Employment Relationship. Employee shall be considered to be in the employment of the Company as long as he or she remains an employee of the Company, any subsidiary of the Company or any enterprise which acquires all or substantially all of the assets and business of the Company. Nothing in the adoption or implementation of the Plan shall confer on any employee any right to continued employment by the Company or affect in any way the right of the Company to terminate his employment at any time. Any question as to whether and when there has been a termination of an employee’s employment and the cause of such termination shall be determined by the Committee and its determination shall be final.

      10. Company Not Liable for Interest. If the Company for any reason fails to make any payment provided for in the Plan at the time same becomes payable, the Company shall not be liable for interest or other charges thereon.

      11. Termination and Amendment of Plan. The Committee shall have the right, without the necessity of shareholder or employee approval, to alter, amend or terminate the Plan at any time.

      12. Adjustments to Performance Factors. If any performance goal, criterion or target for any year shall have been affected by special factors (including material changes in accounting policies or practices, material acquisitions or dispositions of property, or other unusual items) which in the Committee’s judgment should or should not be taken into account, in whole or in part, in the equitable administration of the Plan, the Committee may, for any purpose of the Plan, adjust such goal, criterion or target, as the case may be, for such year (and subsequent years as appropriate), or any combination of them, and make credits, payments and reductions accordingly under the Plan; provided, however, that the Committee shall not have the authority to make any such adjustments with respect to awards paid to any participant who is at such time a covered employee under Section 5 of the Plan unless such adjustments affecting awards to covered employees are in a form that meets the requirements of Section 162(m) for deductibility.

      13. Rights of Company. Nothing contained in the Plan shall prevent the Company or any subsidiary from adopting or continuing in effect other compensation arrangements, which arrangements may be either generally applicable or applicable only in specific cases.