Exhibit 10.19
                            EXECUTIVE INCENTIVE PLAN
                            OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY
                                I. Plan Objective
     The purpose of the Executive  Incentive Plan of The Coca-Cola Company is to
promote  the  interests  of the  Company by  providing  a  competitive  level of
incentive compensation for participating executive and senior officers to better
enable the Company to attract and retain highly  qualified  executive and senior
officers.  This Plan is intended  to provide an  opportunity  through  which the
Company  can  measure  and  reward the  performance  of  eligible  participating
executive  and  senior  officers  pursuant  to  standards  based on  performance
measures other than the Companys financial performance.
                                 II. Definitions
     The terms used herein will have the following meanings:
     a.  "Award" means an award, with adjustments (if any), paid pursuant to the
         provisions of the Plan.
     b.  "Board of Directors" means the Board of Directors of the Company.
     c.  "Committee" means the Compensation Committee of the Board of Directors
         or a subcommittee thereof consisting of not less than two members of
         the Board of Directors.
     d.  "Company" means The Coca-Cola Company and any corporation or other
         business organization in which the Company owns, directly or
         indirectly,  at least 20 percent of the voting stock or capital.
     e.  "Opportunity" will have the meaning set forth in Section V(a) hereof.
     f.  "Participant" means an executive or senior officer who is selected for
         participation by the Committee.
     g.  "Plan" means this Executive Incentive Plan of The Coca-Cola Company.
     h.  "Plan Year" means the 12 month period beginning January 1 and ending
         December 31.
                         III. Administration of the Plan
     The  Committee  will  have  full  power  and  authority  to  interpret  and
administer the Plan in accordance with the rules and  determinations  adopted by
                         IV. Eligibility
     Eligibility  for  participation  in the Plan is  limited to  executive  and
senior  officers who are selected in the sole  discretion of the  Committee.  No
person will be  automatically  entitled to  participate  in the Plan in any Plan
     The fact that an executive or senior officer has been  designated  eligible
to  participate  in the Plan in one Plan Year does not assure that such  officer
will be  eligible  to  participate  in any  subsequent  year.  The fact  that an
executive or senior officer  participates in the Plan for any Plan Year does not
mean that such officer will receive an Award in any Plan Year.
                    V. Determination of Performance Criteria
     a. The Committee will determine a dollar amount for each  Participant  that
will  represent a  percentage  of the  Participants  annual  salary and level of
responsibility  (the "Opportunity") that may be awarded to each such Participant
under this Plan for such Plan Year,  provided  that such  Participant  satisfies
certain performance criteria.
     The Committee  will, at the time the  Opportunity is determined,  designate
certain individual performance criteria for each Participant.  Such criteria may
include,  but will not be limited to, any of the following:  (i)  enhancement of
diversity among the employees of the Company; (ii) improvement in the quality of
the Companys products;  (iii) outstanding individual  professional  performance;
and (iv) any other  criteria as approved by the  Committee.  Awards will be paid
for such Plan Year at such  time  following  the end of the Plan Year as will be
determined by the Committee.
     Any Participant who changes  executive  positions  during the Plan Year and
who retains  the  Opportunity  initially  set for him or her may have his or her
Award  determined  by  prorating  the portion of the Award that would be derived
upon satisfaction of the individual  performance criteria for the portion of the
year to which such Opportunity applies.
     b. The  satisfaction  of individual  performance  criteria for a particular
Plan Year will be determined and approved as follows:  (i) the determination and
approval with respect to the Chairman and Chief  Executive  Officer will be made
by the Committee,  and (ii) the  determination  and approval with respect to the
other  executive  and senior  officers  will be made by the  Committee  upon the
recommendation of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.  Awards will be paid
for such Plan Year at such  time  following  the end of the Plan Year as will be
determined  by the  Committee.  The date on which  the  Committee  approves  the
satisfaction  of  performance  criteria and  determines the Awards is called the
Award Certification Date.
                         VI. Method of Payment of Awards
     All  Awards  will be  paid in cash  within  60  days  following  the  Award
Certification  Date,  unless the  Committee  has,  no later than the grant of an
Award, received and, in its sole discretion, approved a request by a Participant
to defer receipt of any Award in accordance with the following options:
     a. An option to  receive  full cash  payment  at a date,  specified  in the
request,  not less  than one year  from the date of the  Award nor more than one
year after the Participants date of retirement, or
     b. An  option to  receive  the Award in equal  annual  installments  over a
period,  specified  in the  request,  of not more  than 15  years,  such  period
commencing  not less than one year from the  Award  Certification  Date nor more
than one year after the Award Certification Date.
     Any request to defer receipt of an Award will specify the particular option
chosen.  Any amount  deferred in  accordance  with the above  options  will bear
interest at the prime rate of SunTrust  Bank,  Atlanta as in effect from time to
time from the date on which  Awards that have not been  deferred  in  accordance
with this Section VI are paid to the date of payment,  but  interest  will in no
case  constitute  interest  that is  "above-market"  as set forth in Item 402 of
Regulation  S-K (or any successor  thereto)  promulgated  by the  Securities and
Exchange Commission.
     The  Committee,  in its sole  discretion,  may  reduce or refuse to pay any
     The Company will have the right to deduct from any payment,  in whole or in
part,  of an Award,  any taxes  required  to be  withheld  with  respect to such
     A  Participant  who retires,  dies,  is granted a leave of absence or whose
employment is otherwise  terminated  prior to the end of such Plan Year may have
his or her Award pro-rated to reflect the Participants actual term of service.
                          VII. Effect on Benefit Plans
     Awards will be included in the  computation  of benefits under the Employee
Retirement Plan,  Overseas Retirement Plan and other retirement plans maintained
by the  Company  under which the  Participant  may be covered and the Thrift and
Investment  Plan,  subject to all  applicable  laws and in  accordance  with the
provisions of those plans.
     Awards will not be included in the  computation of benefits under any group
life insurance plan, travel accident insurance plan, personal accident insurance
plan or under  Company  policies  such as severance  pay and payment for accrued
vacation, unless required by applicable laws.
                      VIII. Determinations of the Committee
     The Committee will,  subject to the provisions of the Plan,  establish such
rules  and  regulations  as it  deems  necessary  or  advisable  for the  proper
administration of the Plan and will make determinations and will take such other
action in connection with or in relation to accomplishing  the objectives of the
Plan as it deems necessary or advisable. Each determination or other action made
or taken  pursuant  to the Plan,  including  interpretation  of the Plan and the
specific  conditions  and  provisions  of the Awards  granted  hereunder  by the
Committee,  will be final and  conclusive  for all purposes and upon all persons
including, but without limitation, the Participants, the Company, the Committee,
the Board of Directors,  the officers, the affected
employees of the Company and their respective  successors in interest.  The
Committee has full  discretion to reduce the amount of any Award or to refuse to
pay any Award.
                          IX. Amendment and Termination
     The Board of Directors or the Committee may terminate the Plan at any time.
From time to time, the Committee may suspend the Plan, in whole or in part. From
time to time,  the  Board of  Directors  or the  Committee  may  amend the Plan,
including  the adoption of amendments  deemed  necessary or desirable to correct
any defect,  supply an omission or reconcile any inconsistency in the Plan or in
any Award granted  hereunder.  No amendment,  termination or modification of the
Plan may in any manner affect Awards theretofore  granted without the consent of
the Participant  unless the Committee has made a determination that an amendment
or  modification  is in the best  interest  of all  persons to whom  Awards have
theretofore  been granted,  but in no event may such  amendment or  modification
result in an increase  in the amount of  compensation  payable  pursuant to such
                                X. Applicable Law
     The Plan and all rules and  determinations  made and taken pursuant  hereto
will be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia and construed accordingly.
                              XI. Change in Control
     Except as set forth  herein,  the  Committee  has no  obligation to pay any
amounts under the Plan to a Participant who leaves the employ of the Company for
any reason.  If there is a Change in Control (as defined in this  Section XI) at
any time during a Plan Year,  the Committee  promptly  will  determine the Award
that would have been  payable to each  Participant  under the Plan for such Plan
Year if such  Participant  had continued to work for the Company for such entire
year and any criteria  established under Section V had been met in full for such
Plan Year, and such Award multiplied by a fraction,  the numerator of which will
be the number of full calendar  months that such  Participant  is an employee of
the Company during such Plan Year and the denominator of which will be 12 or the
number of full  calendar  months  the Plan is in effect  during  such Plan Year,
whichever is less. The payment of a Participants  nonforfeitable interest in his
or her Award under this  Section XI will be made in cash as soon as  practicable
after such  Participants  employment  by the  Company  terminates  or as soon as
practicable after the end of such Plan Year, whichever comes first.
     A "Change in Control",  for purposes of this Section XI, will mean a change
in control of a nature that would be required to be reported in response to Item
6(e) of Schedule 14A of Regulation l4A promulgated under the Securities Exchange
Act of 1934 (the "Exchange Act") as in effect on January 1, 2001,  provided that
such a change in control will be deemed to have occurred at such time as (i) any
"person"  (as that term is used in Sections  13(d) and  14(d)(2) of the Exchange
Act) is or becomes  the  beneficial  owner (as  defined in Rule 13d-3  under the
Exchange Act) directly or indirectly,  of securities representing 20% or more of
the combined  voting  power for  election of  directors of the then  outstanding
securities  of the  Company or any  successor  of the  Company;  (ii) during any
period of two  consecutive  years or less,  individuals  who at the beginning of
such period  constituted  the Board of Directors of the Company  cease,
for  any  reason,  to  constitute  at  least a  majority  of the  Board  of
Directors,  unless the election or nomination  for election of each new director
was approved by a vote of at least  two-thirds  of the  directors  then still in
office who were directors at the beginning of the period; (iii) the share owners
of the  Company  approve  any merger or  consolidation  as a result of which its
stock will be  changed,  converted  or  exchanged  (other  than a merger  with a
wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company) or any liquidation of the Company or any
sale or other  disposition  of 50% or more of the assets or earning power of the
Company;  or (iv)  the  share  owners  of the  Company  approve  any  merger  or
consolidation  to which the  Company is a party as a result of which the persons
who were share owners of the Company  immediately prior to the effective date of
the merger or consolidation  will have beneficial  ownership of less than 50% of
the combined voting power for election of directors of the surviving corporation
following the effective date of such merger or consolidation; provided, however,
that no Change in Control will be deemed to have occurred if, prior to such time
as a Change in Control would otherwise be deemed to have occurred,  the Board of
Directors determines otherwise.