EXHIBIT 10.25
                          2007 Executive Bonus Plan
      Upon  recommendation  of  the  Compensation  Committee,  the  Board  of
 Directors of Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.  hereby establishes the following
 as the 2007 Executive Bonus Plan for the company's Chief Executive  Officer,
 President and Chief Financial Officer  (the "Executives")  this 31st day  of
 August, 2006:
      Following the end of the current fiscal  year  (July 1, 2006 - June 30,
 2007), the Executives shall be paid  a performance-based bonus of up to  the
 percentage of their annual salary paid  during the fiscal year set forth  in
 the  following  table.  No bonuses  shall be  paid under  this plan  to  any
 Executive unless the  company attains a  growth in earnings  per share  (the
 "EPS Goal") of at least 14% for the current fiscal year.  If the EPS Goal is
 attained, then the Executive shall be eligible for a cash bonus of up to the
 following percentage of his base annual salary:
                  EPS Goal    Bonus Percentage
                  --------    ----------------
                     14%           7.5%
                     15%            20%
                     16%            25%
                     17%            30%
                     18%            35%
                     19%            40%
                     20%            45%