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Exhibit 10.29

FY2004 Recognition Bonus Plan





FY2004 Recognition Bonus Plan

Effective Date:


October 30, 2004


Document Owner:

John Cleveland, Human Resources Compensation




Jan Collinson


Sr. VP of Human Resources and Facilities




Steve Shevick


CFO and Sr. VP of Finance




Chi-Foon Chan


President and COO




Aart de Geus


Chairman and CEO


1.0                                 Purpose


This Synopsys FY 2004 Recognition Bonus Plan (“Plan”) provides a framework for Synopsys Management to recognize and retain eligible employees (individual contributors and management) with variable compensation based on individual employee performance and contribution during Fiscal Year 2004.




                  The Plan is intended to provide a framework for identifying and rewarding employees within the Company.

                  The Plan supercedes and replaces the FY2004 Corporate Incentive Plan and the FY2004 WWAS Overachievement Bonus Plan.

                  The Plan will be guided by an Executive Oversight Committee (EOC), to be comprised of:

                  Chi-Foon Chan, President and COO

                  Steve Shevick, CFO and SR. VP of Finance

                  Jan Collinson, Sr VP Human Resources




Individuals may be considered for a Recognition Bonus if they are regular employees and:


                  are employed by Synopsys as of the first working day of the last fiscal quarter (August 1, 2004);

                  were employed at Fiscal Year 2004 end (October 30, 2004);

                  are not on a Corrective Action Plan (CAP)  when the awards are distributed.




2.0                                 Budget and Responsibility


                  $[  ]* is available under the Plan for distribution to eligible employees.

                  The Sr. VP HRFA will determine final allocation and distribution methodology.

                  Actual Recognition Bonuses will be reviewed and approved by the EOC.


3.0         Timing of Payment


                  Recognition Bonuses will be awarded to approved recipients in the first quarter of the Company’s Fiscal Year 2005.




The Plan reflects the intention of Synopsys as of the Effective Date concerning bonus awards to eligible employees.  Synopsys reserves the right to amend or terminate the Plan at any time, with or without notice, except that any amendment or termination will not affect bonuses paid prior to such amendment or termination. Nothing in this Plan shall be construed to be a guarantee that an eligible employee will receive a bonus, or to imply a contract to that effect. This Plan does not alter the at-will relationship between the Company and any eligible employee, and the Company reserves the right to terminate an individual’s eligibility under the Plan at any time, for any reason, with or without notice. Eligibility for and determination of bonus payments under the Plan are within the sole discretion of the Company.





/s/ Jan Collinson


October 30, 2004


Jan Collinson




Senior Vice President – HRFA








/s/ Steven K. Shevick


October 30, 2004


Steven K. Shevick




Chief Financial Officer




Senior Vice President – Finance








/s/ Chi-Foon Chan


October 30, 2004


Chi-Foon Chan




President & COO








/s/ Aart de Geus


October 30, 2004


Aart de Geus




Chairman & CEO






* Represents specific quantitative or qualitative performance-related factors, or factors or criteria involving confidential commercial or business information, the disclosure of which would have an adverse effect on the Registrant.