THE COMPANIES ACT 1981

                          MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION OF

                           COMPANY LIMITED BY SHARES

                             (SECTION 7(1) AND (2))


                           MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION



                         MARVELL TECHNOLOGY GROUP LTD.

                   (hereinafter referred to as "the Company")



1.   The liability of the members of the Company is limited to the amount (if

     (if any) for the time being unpaid on the shares respectively held by them.


2.   We, the undersigned, namely,





                                       STATUS                        SHARES

                                      (Yes/No)                      SUBSCRIBED

<S>                 <C>                  <C>         <C>               <C>

Lisa Marshall       Clarendon House

                    2 Church Street

                    Hamilton HM 11

                    Bermuda              Yes         British            one


Nicholas B. Dill         "               Yes         British            one


John Sharpe              "               Yes         British            one



do hereby respectively agree to take such number of shares of the Company as may

be allotted to us respectively by the provisional directors of the Company, not

exceeding the number of shares for which we have respectively subscribed, and to

satisfy such calls as may be made by the directors, provisional directors or

promoters of the Company in respect of the shares allotted to us respectively.


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3.   The Company is to be an exempted Company as defined by the Companies Act



4.   The Company has power to hold land situated in Bermuda not exceeding in

     all, including the following parcels-




5.   The authorised share capital of the Company is US$12,000.00 divided into

     shares of US$.002 each. The minimum subscribed share capital of the

     Company is US$12,000.00.


6.   The objects for which the Company is formed and incorporated are -


     1.   As set out in paragraphs (b) to (n) and (p) to (u) inclusive of the

          Second Schedule to the Companies Act 1981.


7.   Powers of the Company



     1.   The Company shall, pursuant to the Section 42 of the Companies Act

          1981, have the power to issue preference shares which are, at the

          option of the holder, liable to be redeemed.