RIM.COM INC.
     The undersigned,  a natural person,  over the age of twenty-one (21) years,
in order to form a corporation for the purposes  hereinafter  stated,  under and
pursuant  to the  provisions  of the laws of the State of  Nevada,  does  hereby
certify as follows:
                                    ARTICLE I
     The name of the Corporation, hereinafter called the "Corporation" is:
                                  Rim.Com Inc.
                                   ARTICLE II
     The Corporation shall have perpetual existence.
                                   ARTICLE III
                              OBJECTS AND PURPOSES
     The purpose for which this  Corporation is created is to conduct any lawful
business or businesses for which  corporations  may be incorporated  pursuant to
the Nevada Corporation Code.
                                   ARTICLE IV
                                  CAPITAL STOCK
     1. Number of Shares. The aggregate number of capital stock shares which the
Corporation shall have authority to issue is Thirty Million (30,000,000) shares,
of which Twenty  Million  (20,000,000)  shares shall be common stock,  $.001 par
value, and Ten Million  (10,000,000)  shares shall be preferred stock, $.001 par
     2. Voting Rights of Shareholders.  Each voting  shareholder of record shall
have one vote for each share of stock  standing  in his name on the books of the
Corporation and entitled to vote.
Cumulative  voting  shall not be allowed in the election of directors or for any
other purpose.
     3. Quorum. At all meetings of shareholders, one-half of the shares entitled
to vote at such meeting,  represented in person or by proxy,  shall constitute a
quorum.  Except as otherwise  provided by these Articles of Incorporation or the
Nevada  Corporation  Code,  if a quorum is present,  the  affirmative  vote of a
majority of the shares  represented  at the meeting and  entitled to vote on the
subject matter shall be the act of the  shareholders.  When, with respect to any
action  to be taken by  shareholders  of this  Corporation,  the laws of  Nevada
require the vote or concurrence of the holders of two-thirds of the  outstanding
shares, of the shares entitled to vote thereon,  or of any class or series, such
action may be taken by the vote or  concurrence  of a majority of such shares or
class or series thereof.
     4. No Preemptive  Rights.  No shareholder of the Corporation shall have any
preemptive or other rights to subscribe for any additional  shares of stock,  or
for other  securities  of any  class,  or for  rights,  warrants  or  options to
purchase  stock or for scrip,  or for  securities of any kind  convertible  into
stock or carrying stock purchase warrants or privileges.
     5. Shareholder Distributions.  The Board of Directors may from time to time
distribute to the shareholders in partial liquidation,  out of stated capital or
capital  surplus  of the  Corporation,  a  portion  of its  assets,  in  cash or
property,  subject to the limitations  contained in the statutes of the State of
     6. Preferred Stock Rights.  The Board of Directors shall have the authority
to divide the preferred  shares into series and to fix by resolution  the voting
powers,  designation,  preference,  and relative participating,  option or other
special  rights,  and the  qualifications,  limitations or  restrictions  of the
shares of any series so established.
                                    ARTICLE V
                             DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS
     1. Number of  Directors.  The Board of Directors  shall  consist of as many
members as the  By-Laws  shall  prescribe,  but in no event  shall the number of
directors be more than thirteen (13).
     2.  Initial  Board of  Directors.  The  names of those  persons  who  shall
constitute the Board of Directors of the  Corporation  for the first year of its
existence or until their successors are duly elected and qualified are:
         Name                        Address
         ----                        -------
     Michael K. Hair          4707 E. Ironwood Court
                              Scottsdale, Arizona  85258
                                   ARTICLE VI
     The  address of the initial  principal  office of the  Corporation  is 4790
Caughlin Parkway,  No. 527, Reno, Nevada 89509. The name of its initial resident
agent at such address is Michael K. Hair.
     The  Corporation  may conduct all or part of its business in any other part
of the State of Nevada, or any other State in the United States.
                                   ARTICLE VII
                          INDEMNIFICATION OF DIRECTORS
     1.  Actions,  Suites or  Proceedings  Other  than by or in the Right of the
Corporation.  The Corporation  shall indemnify any person who was or is party or
is threatened to be made a party to any threatened, pending or completed action,
suit, or proceeding, whether civil, criminal,  administrative,  or investigative
(other  than an action by or in the right of the  Corporation)  by reason of the
fact that he is or was a Director, Officer, employee or agent of the Corporation
or is or was serving at the request of the  Corporation  as a director,  office,
employee or agent of another corporation,  partnership,  joint venture, trust or
other enterprise, against expenses (including attorneys' fees), judgments, fines
and  amounts  paid in  settlement  actually  and  reasonably  incurred by him in
connection  with such action,  suit or proceeding if he acted in good faith and,
in the case of conduct  in his  official  capacity  with the  Corporation,  in a
manner he reasonably believed to be in the best interest of the Corporation, or,
in  all  other  cases,  that  his  conduct  was  at  least  not  opposed  to the
Corporation's best interests.  In the case of any criminal  proceeding,  he must
have  had  no  reasonable  cause  to  believe  his  conduct  was  unlawful.  The
termination of any action,  suit or proceeding by judgment,  order,  settlement,
conviction,  or upon a plea of nolo contendere or its equivalent,  shall not, of
itself,  determine  that the individual did not meet the standard of conduct set
forth in this paragraph.
     2. Actions or Suits by or in the Right of the Corporation.  The Corporation
shall  indemnify  any person who was or is a party or is threatened to be made a
party to any threatened,  pending or completed action or suit by or in the right
of the Corporation to procure a judgment in its favor by reason of the fact that
he is or was a Director,  Officer, employee or agent of the Corporation or is or
was serving at the request of the  Company as a director,  officer,  employee or
agent  of  another  corporation,  partnership,  joint  venture,  trust  or other
enterprise against expenses (including  attorney's fees) actually and reasonably
incurred by him in  connection  with the defense or settlement of such action or
suit if he acted in good  faith  and,  in the case of  conduct  in his  official
capacity with the Corporation,  in a manner he reasonably  believed to be in the
best interests of the Corporation and, in all other cases,  that his conduct was
at least not opposed to the Corporation's best interests; but no indemnification
shall be made in respect of any claim,  issue or matter as to which such  person
has been adjudged to be liable for  negligence or misconduct in the  performance
of this duty to the  Corporation or where such person was adjudged liable on the
basis that personal  benefit was improperly  received by him, unless and only to
the extent that the court in which such  action or suit was  brought  determines
upon application that, despite the adjudication of liability, but in view of all
the circumstances of the case, such person is fairly and reasonably  entitled to
indemnification for such expenses which such court deems proper.
     3.  Indemnification  of  Successful  Party.  To the extent that a Director,
Officer,  employee or agent of the Corporation has been successful on the merits
or otherwise  (including,  without  limitation,  dismissal without prejudice) in
defense of any action, suit, or proceeding referred to in this Article VII or in
defense of any claim,  issue, or matter therein, he shall be indemnified against
all expenses (including attorneys' fees) actually and reasonably incurred by him
in connection therewith.
     4. Determination of Right to Indemnification. Any indemnification under (1)
or (2) of the  Article  VII  (unless  ordered  by a court)  shall be made by the
Corporation  only as authorized in the specific case upon a  determination  that
indemnification  of the  Director,  Officer,  employee or agent is proper in the
circumstances because he has met the applicable standard of conduct set forth in
paragraphs (1) or (2) of this Article VII. Such  determination  shall be made by
the Board of Directors by a majority  vote of a quorum  consisting  of Directors
who were not parties to such action, suit or proceeding, or, if such a quorum is
not  obtainable  and  a  quorum  of  disinterested   Directors  so  directs,  by
independent legal counsel in a written opinion, or by the shareholders.
     5.  Advance of Costs,  Charges and  Expenses.  Cost,  charges and  expenses
(including  attorney's  fees) incurred in defending a civil or criminal  action,
suit,  or  proceeding  may be paid by the  Corporation  in  advance of the final
disposition  of such action,  suit or  proceeding  as authorized by the Board of
Directors  as provided in  paragraph  (4) of this  Article VII upon receipt of a
written  affirmation  by the  Director,  Officer,  employee or agent of his good
faith belief that he has met the standard of conduct described in paragraphs (1)
or (2) of this Article VII, and an  undertaking by or on behalf of the Director,
Officer,  employee  or  agent to  repay  such  amount  unless  it is  ultimately
determined  that  he is  entitled  to  be  indemnified  by  the  Corporation  as
authorized in this Article VII. The majority of the Directors may, in the manner
set forth above, and upon approval of such Director,  Officer, employee or agent
of the Corporation, authorize the Corporation's counsel to represent such person
in any action, suit or proceeding,  whether or not the Corporation is a party to
such action, suit or proceeding.
     6. Settlement. If in any action, suit or proceeding,  including any appeal,
within the scope of (1) or (2) of this Article VII, the person to be indemnified
shall  have  unreasonably  failed  to enter  into a  settlement  thereof,  then,
notwithstanding  any other provision hereof, the  indemnification  obligation of
the  Corporation  to  such  person  in  connection  with  such  action,  suit or
proceeding  shall not exceed the total of the amount at which  settlement  could
have been made and the expenses by such person prior to the time such settlement
could reasonably have been effected.
     7.  Other   Rights;   Continuation   of  Right  to   Indemnification.   The
indemnification  provided by this  Article VII shall not be deemed  exclusive of
any other rights to which those indemnified may be entitled under these Articles
of Incorporation,  any bylaw,  agreement,  vote of shareholders or disinterested
Directors, or otherwise, and any procedure provided for by any of the foregoing,
both as to action in his official  capacity and as to action in another capacity
while holding such office,  and shall continue as to person who has ceased to be
a Director,  Officer, employee or agent and shall inure to the benefit of heirs,
executors,  and  administrators of such a person.  All rights to indemnification
under this Article VII shall be deemed to be a contract  between the Corporation
and each  director  or officer of the  Corporation  who serves or served in such
capacity  at any time  while  this  Article  VII is in  effect.  Any  repeal  or
modification  of this  Article  VII or any repeal or  modification  of  relevant
provisions of the Nevada Corporation Code or any other applicable laws shall not
in any way  diminish any rights to  indemnification  of such  Director,  Office,
employee or agent or the obligations of the Corporation arising hereunder.  This
Article VII shall be binding upon any successor corporation to this Corporation,
whether by way of acquisition, merger, consolidation or otherwise.
     8. Insurance. The Corporation may purchase and maintain insurance on behalf
of any  person  who is or was a  Director,  Officer,  employee  or  agent of the
Corporation, or is or was serving at the request of the Corporation as director,
officer, employee or agent of another corporation,  partnership,  joint venture,
trust or  other  enterprise  against  any  liability  asserted  against  him and
incurred  by him in any such  capacity  or  arising  out of his  status as such,
whether or not the  Corporation  would have the power to  indemnify  him against
such liability under the provision of this Article VII; provided,  however, that
such insurance is available on acceptable terms,  which  determination  shall be
made by a vote of a majority of the Directors.
     9.  Savings  Clause.  If this  Article VII or any portion  hereof  shall be
invalidated  on any  ground by any  court of  competent  jurisdiction,  then the
Corporation shall nevertheless  indemnify each Director,  Officer,  employee and
agent  of  the  Corporation  as to  any  cost,  charge  and  expense  (including
attorney's fees),  judgment,  fine and amount paid in settlement with respect to
any action,  suit or proceeding,  whether  civil,  criminal,  administrative  or
investigative, including an action by or in the right of the Corporation, to the
full extent  permitted by an  applicable  portion of this Article VII that shall
not have been invalidated and to the full extent permitted by applicable law.
     10.  Amendment.  The affirmative  vote of at least  two-thirds of the total
votes  eligible  to be cast shall be  required  to amend,  repeal,  or adopt any
provision  inconsistent  with,  this Article VII. No amendment,  termination  or
repeal of this  Article VII shall  affect or impair in any way the rights of any
Director, Officer, employee or agent of the Corporation to indemnification under
the provisions hereof with respect to any action, suit or proceeding arising out
of, or relating to, any actions,  transactions  or facts  occurring prior to the
final adoption of such amendment, termination or appeal.
     11. Subsequent Legislation. If the Nevada Corporation Code is amended after
adoption of these  Articles to further expand the  indemnification  permitted to
Directors,   Officers,  employees  or  agents  of  the  Corporation,   then  the
Corporation  shall indemnify such persons to the fullest extent permitted by the
Nevada Corporation Code, as so amended.
                                  ARTICLE VIII
     The name and address of the incorporator is:
                                 Michael K. Hair
                             7407 E. Ironwood Court
                            Scottsdale, Arizona 85258
     IN  WITNESS  WHEREOF,  I have  hereunto  set my  hand  this  ____th  day of
February, 2000.
                                        /s/ Michael K. Hair
                                        Michael K. Hair
                   ) ss.
     I, _____________________,  a Notary Public, hereby certify that on the ____
day of February, 2000, personally appeared before me Michael K. Hair, who, being
by me first duly sworn, declared that he was the person who signed the foregoing
document as incorporator and that the statements therein contained are true.
     My commission expires: ___________________
     Witness my hand and official seal.
                                        Notary Public
*As of filing 10QSB on August 14, the company changed from Inc. to Rim Holdings, Inc.  On August 23, 2004, the Company's Board of Directors approved a name change from Rim  Holdings,  Inc. to China Energy  Savings  Technology, Inc.