COMSTOCK RESOURCES, INC.                            
     FIRST: That the name of the corporation is Comstock Resources, Inc.        
     SECOND:  That the resident agent of the corporation  shall be Prentice-Hall
Corp. System, and the street address of the corporation's  resident agent is 502
E. John Street, Carson City, Nevada 89706.                                      
     THIRD: The nature of the business,  or objects,  or purposes proposed to be
transacted, promoted or carried on by this corporation are as follows: to engage
in any legal  activity.                                                         
     FOURTH: That the amount of the total of the authorized capital stock of the
corporation is Thirty-five Million  (35,000,000) shares, of which Thirty Million
(30,000,000)  shares are Common  Stock,  Fifty Cents ($.50) par value per share,
and Five Million shares  (5,000,000) are Preferred  Stock,  Ten Dollars ($10.00)
par value per  share.  The  shares of Common  Stock  shall be  identical  in all
respects and shall have one vote per share on all matters on which  stockholders
are entitled to vote.  The Preferred  Stock may be issued in one or more series;
shares of each series  shall be  identical  in all  respects and shall have such
voting,  dividend,  conversion  and  other  rights,  and  such  preferences  and
privileges,  as may be determined by resolution of the Board of Directors of the
     FIFTH: The name of place of residence of each of the incorporators are     
     James B. Schryver                  P.O. Box 431                            
                                        Virginia City, NV 89440                 
     Peter G. Leonard                   P.O. Box 431                            
                                        Virginia City, NV 89440                 
     Patricia Mathis                    2600 Baker Drive                        
                                        Carson City, NV 89701                   
     SIXTH: The corporation is to have perpetual existence.                     
     SEVENTH:  The private property of the stockholders  shall not be subject to
the payment of corporate debts to any extent whatever.                          
     EIGHTH:  The number of directors of the  corporation  shall be as fixed and
may be altered  from time to time as may be provided  in the Bylaws.  In case of
any increase in the number of directors, the additional directors may be elected
by the  directors or by the  stockholders  at an annual or special  meeting,  as
shall be provided in the Bylaws. The first Board of Directors of the corporation
are as follows:                                                                 
     James B. Schryver                  P.O. Box 431                            
                                        Virginia City, NV 89440                 
     Barry Standing                     P.O. Box 26712                          
                                        San Francisco, CA 94126                 
     F.R. Breen                         232 Court Street                        
                                        Reno, NV 89501                          
     S.L. Ziegler                       8 Swift Court                           
                                        Mill Valley, CA 94941                   
     F.B. Leonard                       232 Forest Avenue                       
                                        Glen Ridge, NJ 07028                    
     R.F. Tobin                         160 El Monte Court                      
                                        Los Altos, CA 94022                     
     D.B. Edmondo                       10 Tweed Terrance                       
                                        San Rafael, CA 94901                    
     NINTH:  The directors  from time to time may determine  whether and to what
extent,  and at what time and places and under what conditions and  regulations,
the accounts and books of the corporation (other than the stock ledger),  or any
of them, shall be open to the inspection of the stockholders; and no stockholder
shall  have any  right to  inspect  any  account  or  books or  document  of the
corporation,  unless  expressly so authorized by statute or by resolution of the
stockholders or the directors.                                                  
     The directors in their discretion may submit any                           
contract  or act for  approval  or  ratification  at any  annual  meeting of the
stockholders  or at any  meeting of the  stockholders  called for the purpose of
considering  any such act or  contract,  and any  contract  or act that shall be
approved  or be ratified by the vote of the holders of a majority of the capital
stock of the  corporation  which is  represented  in  person or by proxy at such
meeting  (provided that a lawful quorum of stockholders be there  represented in
person or by proxy)  shall be as valid and as binding upon the  corporation  and
upon all the  stockholders,  as though it had been approved or ratified by every
stockholder  of the  corporation,  whether  or not  the  contract  or act  would
otherwise be open to legal attack  because of  director's  interest,  or for any
other reason.                                                                   
     The  directors  shall also have  power,  without  the assent or vote of the
stockholders,  to make and alter Bylaws of the corporation; to fix the times for
the  declaration  and  payment  of  dividends;  to fix and vary the amount to be
served as working capital; to authorize and cause to be executed,  mortgages and
liens upon all the property of the  corporation,  or any pay  thereof,  and from
time to time to sell,  assign,  transfer,  pledge or otherwise dispose of any or
all its  property;  to determine the use and  disposition  of any surplus or net
profits over and above the capital stock paid in, and in their  discretion,  the
directors  may  use and  apply  any  such  surplus  or  accumulated  profits  in
purchasing  or  acquiring  the bonds or other  obligations  or shares of capital
stock of the corporation,  to such extent and in such manner and upon such terms
as the  directors  shall deem  expedient;  but shares of such  capital  stock so
purchased or acquired  may be resold  unless such shares shall have been retired
for the purpose of  decreasing  the  corporation's  capital stock as provided by
     In  addition  to the  powers  and  authorities  hereinbefore  or by statute
expressly  conferred upon them,  the directors are hereby  empowered to exercise
all such powers and do all such acts and things as may be  exercised  or done by
the corporation; subject, nevertheless, to the provisions of the statutes of the
State of Nevada, of this  certificate,  and to any Bylaws from time to time made
by the stockholders;  provided, however, that no Bylaws so made shall invalidate
any prior act of the  directors  which  would have been valid if such Bylaws had
not been made.                                                                  
     TENTH:  That to the fullest extent permitted under the laws of the State of
Nevada,  no  director  or  officer  of the  corporation  shall be  liable to the
corporation  or is  stockholders  for damages for breach of fiduciary  duty as a
director or officer;  provided,  however,  that the  provisions  of this Article
Ninth shall not eliminate or limit the liability of any director for (1) acts or
omissions which involve intentional misconduct,  fraud or a knowing violation of
law, or (2) the payment of  dividends  in  violation  of Nevada  Revised  Statue