Amendment 1
Amendment 2
                             LEK INTERNATIONAL, INC.
The undersigned, being the President and Secretary of LEK International, Inc., a
Nevada corporation  (hereinafter referred to as the "Corporation"),  having been
authorized  to execute  these  Amended and Restated  Articles of  Incorporation,
hereby certifies to the Secretary of State of the State of Nevada that:
FIRST:   The   Corporation   desires  to  amend  and  restate  its  Articles  of
       Incorporation as currently in effect as hereinafter provided.
SECOND:  The  provisions  set forth in these  Amended and  Restated  Articles of
       Incorporation  supersede the original  Articles of Incorporation  and all
       amendments thereto.  These Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation
       correctly set forth the provisions of the Articles of  Incorporation,  as
       amended to the date hereof.
THIRD:  The Board of Directors  duly adopted and declared the  advisability  of
       the Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation.
FOURTH:  Shareholders  of the  Corporation  holding  608,000  of  the  1,000,000
       outstanding shares (60.8%) of the Corporation's common stock approved and
       adopted the amendments  contained in the Amended and Restated Articles of
       Incorporation by written consent dated December 15, 1999.
FIFTH:  The  Articles  of  Incorporation  of the  Corporation,  as amended  and
       restated, are set forth on Exhibit A attached hereto.
/S/ DAVID WARD                          /S/ ROBERT HEMMERLING
David Ward, President                   Robert Hemmerling, Secretary
Province of British Columbia                )
                                            ) ss
City of Richmond                            )
On December 20, 1999,  personally  appeared  before me, a Notary  Public,  David
Ward, who acknowledged that he executed the above instrument.
(Notary Stamp or Seal)                          /S/ FRED NGAN
                                                Notary Public
                                    Exhibit A
These amended and restated  articles of incorporation  shall be deemed effective
as of January 17, 2000.
                                    ARTICLE I
The name of this Corporation is San Joaquin Resources Inc.
                                   ARTICLE II
                               PURPOSES AND POWERS
The  Corporation  is  organized  to engage  in any and all  lawful  acts  and/or
activities for which  corporations  may be organized under the laws of the State
of Nevada.
                                   ARTICLE III
                            AUTHORIZED CAPITAL STOCK
The amount of total  authorized  capital stock which the Corporation  shall have
authority to issue is 100,000,000  shares of common stock, each with $0.0001 par
value, and 5,000,000  shares of preferred stock,  each with $0.001 par value. To
the fullest extent  permitted by the laws of the State of Nevada  (currently set
forth in NRS  78.195),  as the same now  exists or may  hereafter  be amended or
supplemented,  the Board of Directors may fix and  determine  the  designations,
rights,  preferences  or other  variations  of each class or series  within each
class of capital stock of the Corporation.
No cumulative  voting, on any matter to which  shareholders shall be entitled to
vote, shall be allowed for any purpose.
The authorized  stock of this  Corporation may be issued at such time, upon such
terms and conditions and for such consideration as the Board of Directors shall,
from time to time, determine.  Shareholders shall not have pre-emptive rights to
acquire unissued shares of the stock of this Corporation.
                                   ARTICLE IV
The  Governing  Board shall be styled as  Directors.  The  Directors  are hereby
granted  the  authority  to do any act on  behalf of the  Corporation  as may be
allowed by law. Any action taken in good faith,  shall be deemed appropriate and
in each  instance  where the Nevada  General  Corporation  Law provides that the
Directors may act in certain  instances where the Articles of  Incorporation  so
authorize,  such  action  by the  Directors,  shall be  deemed to exist in these
Articles and the authority  granted by said Act shall be imputed  hereto without
the same specifically having been enumerated herein.
The Board of  Directors  may consist of from one (1) to nine (9)  directors,  as
determined, from time to time, by the then existing Board of Directors.
                                    ARTICLE V
                              NON-ASSESSABLE STOCK
The capital stock,  after the amount of the subscription price has been paid in,
shall not be subject to assessment to pay the debts of said Corporation, whether
issued for money, services,  property or otherwise.  The private property of the
stockholders  shall not be subject  to the  payment  of  corporate  debts to any
extent whatever.
                                   ARTICLE VI
                               PERSONAL LIABILITY
Pursuant  to  NRS  78.037,   neither  the  Directors,   the  Officers,  nor  the
Stockholders of the Corporation shall have any personal liability for damages or
for  breach  of  fiduciary  duty  except  for acts or  omissions  which  include
misconduct or fraud.
                                   ARTICLE VII
The name and address of the incorporator of this Corporation is as follows:
         NAME                                      ADDRESS
         ----                                      -------
Robert Seligman                           2533 North Carson Street
                                          Carson City, Nevada 89706
                                  ARTICLE VIII
                                COMMON DIRECTORS
         As provided by Nevada Revised  Statutes 78.140,  without  repeating the
section in full here,  the same is adopted and no contract or other  transaction
between this Corporation and any of its officers,  agents, or directors shall be
deemed void or voidable solely for that reason. The balance of the provisions of
the code section cited, as it now exists, allowing such transactions,  is hereby
incorporated  into this Article as though more fully set forth, and such Article
shall  be  read  and  interpreted  to  provide  the  greatest  latitude  in  its
                                   ARTICLE IX
         No Director, Officer, or Agent, to include counsel, shall be personally
liable to the  Corporation  or its  stockholders  for  monetary  damages for any
breach or alleged breach of fiduciary or professional duty by such person acting
in such  capacity.  It shall be presumed  that in  accepting  the position as an
Officer,  Director,  Agent, or Counsel, said individual relied upon and acted in
reliance  upon  the  terms  and  protections   provided  for  by  this  Article.
Notwithstanding the foregoing  sentences,  a person specifically covered by this
Article,  shall be liable to the extent  provided by applicable law, for acts or
omissions which involve intentional misconduct, fraud, or a knowing violation of
law, or for the payment of dividends in violation of NRS 78.300.
                                    ARTICLE X
             ELECTION REGARDING NRS 78.378-78.3793 AND 78.411-78.444
         This  Corporation  shall NOT be governed by nor shall the provisions of
NRS 78.378  through and including  78.3793 and NRS 78.411  through and including
78.444 in any way whatsoever  affect the management,  operation or be applied in
this Corporation.
                                   ARTICLE XI
         The Corporation  shall  indemnify,  to the fullest extent  permitted by
applicable law in effect from time to time, any person against all liability and
expense (including attorneys' fees) incurred by reason of the fact that he is or
was a  director  or  officer  of the  Corporation,  he is or was  serving at the
request of the Corporation as a director,  officer, employee, or agent of, or in
any  similar   managerial  or  fiduciary   position  of,  another   corporation,
partnership,  joint venture,  trust or other  enterprise.  The Corporation shall
also  indemnify  any person who is  serving or has served the  Corporation  as a
director,  officer,  employee,  or agent of the Corporation to the extent and in
the manner provided in any bylaw,  resolution of the  shareholders or directors,
contract, or otherwise, so long as such provision is legally permissible.
                                   ARTICLE XII
                           REGISTERED AGENT AND OFFICE
         The  Corporation's  registered  agent  and its  address,  which  is the
Corporation's  registered  office in the State of Nevada,  shall be  Corporation
Trust Company of Nevada, 6100 Neil Road, Suite 500, Reno, Nevada 89511.
/S/ DAVID WARD                       /S/ ROBERT HEMMERLING
David Ward, President                Robert Hemmerling, Secretary
Province of British Columbia        )
City of Richmond                    )
         On December 20, 1999,  personally  appeared before me, a Notary Public,
David Ward, who acknowledged that he executed the above instrument.
(Notary Stamp or Seal)                        /S/ FRED NGAN
                                              Notary Public
                            CERTIFICATE OF AMENDMENT
                            ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION
                           SAN JOAQUIN RESOURCES INC.
Pursuant to NRS 78.385 and 78.390, we, the undersigned President and Secretary
of San Joaquin Resources Inc., do hereby certify:
FIRST:   The name of the Corporation is San Joaquin Resources Inc.
SECOND:  The Articles of Incorporation have been amended as follows:
         Article I is hereby amended to read as follows:
                                    ARTICLE I
     The name of the corporation is Gasco Energy, Inc. (the "Corporation").
THIRD:   The vote by which the stockholders, holding shares in the corporation
         entitling them to exercise at least a majority of the voting power,
         have voted in favor of the amendment is: 50.65% voting in favor of the
FOURTH:  This amendment shall be effective March 5, 2001.
/s/MARK A. ERICKSON                     /s/ HOWARD SHARPE
----------------------------            -----------------------------
Mark A. Erickson, President             Howard Sharpe, Secretary





Secretary of State
204 North Carson Street, Suite 1
Carson City, Nevada 89701-4299
(775) 684 5708 Website:
Certificate of Amendment                    Entity # C8467-1997
(Pursuant to NRS 78.385 and 78.390) Document Number: 20050240986-16
                                            Date Filed: 6/21/2005  10:25:32 AM
                                              in the Office of Dean Heller
                                              Secretary of State
              Certificate of Amendment to Articles of Incorporation
                         For Nevada Profit Corporations
          (Pursuant to NRS 78.385 and 78.390 - After Issuance of Stock)
     1.   Name of corporation: Gasco Energy, Inc.
     2.   The articles have been amended as follows (provide article numbers, if
          The first  paragraph  of Article  III -  AUTHORIZED  CAPITAL  STOCK is
          amended to state as follows:
          "The amount of total  authorized  capital stock which the  Corporation
          shall have authority to issue is  300,000,000  shares of common stock,
          each with $0.0001 par value,  and 5,000,000 shares of preferred stock,
          each with $0.001 par value.  To the fullest  extent  permitted  by the
          laws of the State of Nevada  (currently  set forth in NRS 78.195),  as
          the same now exists or may hereafter be amended or  supplemented,  the
          Board of Directors  may fix and determine  the  designations,  rights,
          preferences  or other  variations  of each class or series within each
          class of capital stock of the Corporation."
          The remaining paragraphs of Article III are unchanged.
     3.   The vote by which the  stockholders  holding shares in the corporation
          entitling them to exercise at least a majority of the voting power, or
          such greater  proportion of the voting power as may be required in the
          case of a vote by  classes  or series,  or as may be  required  by the
          provisions of the * articles of  incorporation  have voted in favor of
          the amendment is: 48,412,164 shares (67.23%)
     4.   Effective date of filing: (optional).
     5.   Officer Signature (required): /s/ Michael Decker
*If any proposed  amendment would alter or change any preference or any relative
or other  right  given to any class or series of  outstanding  shares,  then the
amendment  must be approved by the vote,  in  addition to the  affirmative  vote
otherwise  required,  of the  holders of shares  representing  a majority of the
voting power of each class or series  affected by the  amendment  regardless  of
limitations or restrictions on the voting power thereof.
IMPORTANT: Failure to include any of the above information and submit the proper
fees may cause this filing to be rejected.