a Delaware corporation
     International  DisplayWorks,  Inc., a  corporation  organized  and existing
under the laws of the State of Delaware, (the "Corporation") hereby certifies as
     1. The name of the Corporation is International DisplayWorks,  Inc. and the
original  Certificate of  Incorporation  of the  corporation  was filed with the
Secretary of State of the State of Delaware on June 1, 1999.
     2. This Amended and Restated  Certificate of Incorporation was duly adopted
in accordance with Sections 242 and 245 of the Delaware General Corporation Law.
     3. The amendments and the restatement of the  Corporation's  Certificate of
Incorporation  as set forth herein have been duly adopted by the stockholders in
accordance  with the provisions of Sections 242 and 245 of the Delaware  General
Corporation Law.
     4. The text of the Restated  Certificate  of  Incorporation  as  heretofore
amended or  supplemented  is hereby  restated and further amended to read in its
entirety as follows:
     FIRST: The name of the corporation  (hereinafter  called the "Corporation")
is International DisplayWorks, Inc.
     SECOND:  The address,  including  street,  number,  city and county, of the
registered  office of the  Corporation  in the State of  Delaware is 1013 Centre
Road,  Wilmington,  County of  Newcastle,  Delaware  19805;  and the name of the
registered  agent of the Corporation in the State of Delaware at such address is
The Company Corporation.
     THIRD: The purpose or purposes of the Corporation shall be to engage in any
lawful  act or  activity  for  which  corporations  may be  organized  under the
Delaware General Corporation Law.
     FOURTH:  The  Corporation  is  authorized  to issue two  classes  of stock,
designated Common Stock,  $0.001 par value ("Common Stock") and Preferred Stock,
$0.001 par value. The total number of shares which the Corporation is authorized
to issue is Fifty  Million  (50,000,000).  The total  number of shares of Common
Stock is Forty Million  (40,000,000) and the total number of shares of Preferred
Stock is Ten Million (10,000,000).
     Shares of  Preferred  Stock may be issued  from time to time in one or more
series.  The Board of Directors  shall  determine the designation of each series
and the  authorized  number of shares of each series.  The Board of Directors is
authorized  to  determine  and alter the  rights,  preferences,  privileges  and
restrictions  granted to or imposed upon any wholly unissued series of shares of
Preferred  Stock and to increase or decrease (but not below the number of shares
of such  series  then  outstanding)  the  number of  shares  of any such  series
subsequent to the issue of shares of that series. If the number of shares of any
series of Preferred Stock shall be so decreased,  the shares  constituting  such
decrease  shall  resume the status  which they had prior to the  adoption of the
resolution originally fixing the number of shares of such series.
     FIFTH: The Corporation is to have perpetual existence.
     SIXTH: In furtherance and not in limitation of the powers  conferred by the
laws of the State of Delaware,  the Board is expressly authorized to make, alter
or  repeal  the  Bylaws  of  the  Corporation,  subject  to  the  power  of  the
stockholders of the Corporation to alter or repeal any Bylaws made by the Board.
     SEVENTH:  Unless,  and  except  to  the  extent  that,  the  Bylaws  of the
Corporation shall so require,  the election of directors of the Corporation need
not be by written ballot.
     EIGHTH: A director of the Corporation shall not be personally liable to the
Corporation  or its  stockholders  for monetary  damages for breach of fiduciary
duty as a  director  except to the  extent  such  exemption  from  liability  or
limitation  thereof is not permitted under the Delaware General  Corporation Law
as the same exists or may hereafter be amended.
     Any repeal or modification  of the foregoing  paragraph shall not adversely
affect  any  right or  protection  of a  director  of the  Corporation  existing
hereunder with respect to any act or omission  occurring prior to such repeal or
     NINTH: The Corporation shall indemnify its officers,  directors,  employees
and agents to the extent permitted by the General Corporation Law of Delaware.
     TENTH:  The  Corporation  reserves the right at any time,  and from time to
time,  to amend,  alter,  change  or  repeal  any  provision  contained  in this
Certificate of Incorporation, and other provisions authorized by the laws of the
State of Delaware at the time in force may be added or  inserted,  in the manner
now or hereafter  prescribed by law; and all rights,  preferences and privileges
of whatsoever nature conferred upon stockholders, directors or any other persons
whomever by and pursuant to this  Certificate  of  Incorporation  in its present
form or as hereafter  amended are granted subject to the rights reserved in this
     ELEVENTH:  Notwithstanding  any  other  provision  of this  Certificate  of
Incorporation, any action by the stockholders may be taken by written consent in
lieu of a meeting,  without prior notice or vote, of the holders of that portion
of the total voting power  necessary  to  authorize  such action.  The manner of
obtaining  any such  written  consent  shall be  governed  by the  Corporation's
     5. The Board of Directors of the  Corporation  approved this  amendment and
restatement of the Certificate of Incorporation.
     6. The stockholder of the Corporation holding all of the outstanding shares
of the  Corporation,  by written  consent in accordance  with Section 228 of the
General  Corporation  Law of  Delaware,  voted in favor  of this  amendment  and
restatement of the Certificate of Incorporation.
     IN WITNESS  WHEREOF,  the  Corporation  has caused this  Certificate  to be
signed by its authorized officers this 1st day of August, 2001.
                                               /s/ ANTHONY GENOVESE
                                                   Anthony Genovese, President
                                              /s/ ALAN LEFKO
                                                  Alan Lefko, Secretary