The name of the Corporation is PAR Technology Corporation (the "Corporation").
The address of the registered office of the Corporation in the State of Delaware
is The Corporation Trust Company, 1209 Orange Street, in the City of Wilmington,
County of New Castle 19801.  The name of its registered agent at that address is
The Corporation Trust Company.
The purpose of the  Corporation  is to engage in any lawful act or activity  for
which a Corporation  may be organized  under the General  Corporation Law of the
State of Delaware.
1. The total number of shares of capital stock which the Corporation  shall have
authority to issue is thirty  million  (30,000,000)  shares of stock,  par value
$0.02 per share, consisting of twenty-nine million (29,000,000) shares of Common
Stock, and one million (1,000,000) shares of Preferred Stock.
2. The  Preferred  Stock may be issued from time to time in one or more  series.
The Board of Directors is hereby authorized,  prior to issuance of any series of
Preferred Stock, to fix by resolution or resolutions  providing for the issue of
such series the number of shares  included in such series and the voting powers,
designations,  preferences,  and  relative,  participating,  optional  and other
special rights,  and the  qualifications,  limitations of restrictions  thereof.
Pursuant to the foregoing  general  authority  vested in the Board of Directors,
but not in limitation of the powers conferred on the Board of Directors  thereby
and by Delaware Law, the Board of Directors is expressly authorized to determine
with respect to each series of Preferred Stock:
     (a) the designation or designations of such series and the number of shares
(which number from time to time may be decreased by the Board of Directors,  but
not below the number of such shares then outstanding, or may be increased by the
Board  of  Directors,  but not in  excess  of the  number  of such  shares  then
authorized,  unless otherwise  provided in the resolution  creating such series)
constituting such series;
     (b) the  rate or  amount  and  times  at  which,  and the  preferences  and
conditions under which, dividends shall be payable on shares of such series, the
status of such dividends as cumulative or noncumulative,  the date or dates from
which dividends, if cumulative,  shall accumulate, and the status of such shares
as participating or nonparticipating  after the payment of dividends as to which
such shares are entitled to any preference;
     (c) the rights and  preferences,  if any,  of the holders of shares of such
series  upon the  liquidation,  dissolution  or winding up of the affairs of, or
upon any distribution of the assets of, the  Corporation,  which amount may vary
depending upon whether such liquidation, dissolution, or winding up is voluntary
or involuntary and, if voluntary, may vary at different dates, and the status of
the  shares  of such  series  as  participating  or  nonparticipating  after the
satisfaction of any such rights and preferences;
     (d) the full or limited voting rights, if any, to be provided for shares of
such series, in addition to the voting rights provided by law;
     (e) the times,  terms and  conditions,  if any,  upon which  shares of such
series  shall be  subject to  redemption,  including  the amount the  holders of
shares of such series shall be entitled to receive upon redemption (which amount
may vary under different  conditions or at different  redemption  dates) and the
amount, terms, conditions and manner of operation of any purchase, retirement or
sinking fund to be provided for the shares of such series;
     (f) the rights, if any, of the Corporation or the holders of shares of such
series to convert such shares into,  or to exchange  such shares for,  shares of
any other  class or  classes  or of any other  series of the same class or other
securities  of the  Corporation,  the prices or rates of conversion or exchange,
and adjustments thereto,  and any other terms and conditions  applicable to such
conversion or exchange;
     (g) the limitations, if any, applicable while such series is outstanding on
the payment of dividends or making of  distributions  on, or the  acquisition or
redemption of, Common Stock or any other class of shares ranking junior,  either
as to dividends or upon liquidation, to the shares of such series;
     (h)  the  conditions  or  restrictions,  if  any,  upon  the  issue  of any
additional  shares  (including  additional  shares  of such  series or any other
series or of any other class) ranking on a parity with or prior to the shares of
such series either as to dividends or upon liquidation; and
     (i) any other relative  powers,  preferences  and relative,  participating,
optional or other special rights, and qualification, limitations or restrictions
thereof, of shares of such series;
     In each  case,  so far as not  inconsistent  with  the  provisions  of this
Certificate  of  Incorporation  or Delaware  Law. All shares of Preferred  Stock
shall be identical and of equal rank except in respect to the  particulars  that
may be fixed by the Board of Directors as provided above, and all shares of each
series of Preferred  Stock shall be identical and of equal rank except as to the
times from which cumulative dividends, if any, thereon shall be cumulative.
3.  Shares of any series of  Preferred  Stock  which have been  acquired  by the
Corporation, whether by purchase or redemption or by their having been converted
into or  exchanged  for  other  shares  of the  Corporation,  shall  upon  their
acquisition and without any other action by the Corporation resume the status of
authorized but unissued  shares of Preferred Stock and may be reissued as shares
of the series of which they were originally a part or may be issued as shares of
a new series or as shares of any other series.
4. Except as otherwise  provided by Delaware Law or by any resolution adopted by
the  Board  of  Directors  fixing  the  powers,   preferences  and  rights,  the
qualifications,  limitations or restrictions, of the Preferred Stock, the entire
voting power of the shares of the Corporation for the election of Directors and
for all other purposes,  as well as all other rights pertaining to shares of the
Corporation,  shall be vested  exclusively  in the Common  Stock.  Each share of
Common  Stock shall have one vote upon all matters to be voted on by the holders
of the Common Stock and share ratably,  subject to the rights and preferences of
the  Preferred  Stock,  in all  assets  of the  Corporation  in the event of any
voluntary or involuntary  liquidation,  dissolution or winding up of the affairs
of the Corporation, or upon any distribution of the assets of the Corporation.
5.  Shares  of  capital  stock  of  the  Corporation  may  be  issued  for  such
consideration,  not less than the par value thereof, as shall be fixed from time
to time by the Board of  Directors,  and shares  issued  for such  consideration
shall be fully paid and non-assessable.
The duration of the Corporation is to be perpetual.
Except as required by law, and subject to the rights of holders of any series of
Preferred Stock,  established  pursuant to Article Fourth of this Certificate of
Incorporation,  a special meeting of  shareholders  may be called at any time by
the Board of Directors,  the Chairman or the President, and shall be called only
by the  Board of  Directors  or the  Chairman  or the  President  pursuant  to a
resolution  approved by a majority of the then authorized number of Directors of
the  Corporation.  Any such call must  specify the matter or matters to be acted
upon at such  meeting  and only  such  matter  or  matters  shall be acted  upon
thereat.  Any such  meeting  shall be at such time and at such place,  within or
without the State of Delaware,  as shall be set forth in the Board of Directors'
resolution calling for such meeting.
Any  action  required  or  permitted  to be  taken  by the  shareholders  of the
Corporation  must be effected at an annual or special meeting of shareholders of
the Corporation,  and no action required to be taken or that may be taken at any
annual or  special  meeting  of  shareholders  of the  Corporation  may be taken
without a meeting except by the unanimous  written  consent of all  shareholders
entitled to vote on such action.
1. The number of directors of the Corporation  shall be fixed in accordance with
the By-Laws of the  Corporation,  and may be increased or decreased from time to
time in such a manner as may be prescribed in the By-Laws of the Corporation.
2. Unless and except to the extent that the By-Laws of the Corporation  shall so
require,  the election of directors  of the  Corporation  need not be by written
3. The  directors,  other than  those who may be  elected by the  holders of any
series of preferred  stock,  voting as a separate  class,  shall be divided into
three  classes,  as nearly equal in number as  possible.  One class of directors
shall  be  initially  elected  for a term  expiring  at the  annual  meeting  of
shareholders to be held in 1993,  another class shall be initially elected for a
term  expiring  at the annual  meeting of  shareholder  to be held in 1994,  and
another class shall be initially elected for a term expiring at the annual
meeting of  shareholders  to be held in 1995.  Members of each class  shall hold
office until their  successors  are elected and  qualified.  At each  succeeding
annual meeting of the  shareholders  of the  Corporation,  the successors of the
class of  directors  whose term  expires at that  meeting  shall be elected,  in
accordance  with the  By-Laws  of the  Corporation,  to hold  office  for a term
expiring at the annual meeting of shareholders  held in the third year following
the year of their election.
No contract or other  transaction of the  Corporation  shall be void,  voidable,
fraudulent or otherwise  invalidated,  impaired or affected,  in any respect, by
reason  of  the  fact  that  any  one or  more  of the  officers,  directors  or
shareholders of the Corporation shall individually be a party or parties thereto
or otherwise interested therein or shall be officers,  directors or shareholders
or any other  Corporation  or  corporations  which  shall be a party or  parties
thereto or otherwise  interested  therein;  provided that such contract or other
transaction shall be duly authorized or ratified by the Board of Directors, with
the assenting  vote of a majority of the  disinterested  directors then present,
or, if only one such is present, with his assenting vote.
The By-laws of the  Corporation  or any them may be amended or repealed,  in any
respect,  and  new  By-Laws  may be  adopted,  at  any  time,  either  (i) by an
affirmative vote of 66 2/3% of the  shareholders  entitled to vote generally for
the election of directors  or (ii) by an  affirmative  vote of a majority of the
directors  present at a meeting  of the Board of  Directors,  in each  case,  in
accordance  with the terms of the By-Laws.  Notwithstanding  the  foregoing  and
anything contained in this Certificate of Incorporation to the contrary, Section
3  ("Special  Meetings")  or  Section 7 ("Order  of  Business")  of  Article  II
("Meeting of  Stockholders")  of the By-Laws  Section 2, ("Number,  Election and
Terms")  or  Section 3  ("Nominations  of  Directors,  Elections")  or Section 6
("Special  Meetings") or Article III ("Directors") of the By-Laws,  or the final
sentence of Article XII  ("Amendments")  of the By-Laws  shall not be amended or
repealed and no provision inconsistent with any thereof shall be adopted without
the  affirmative  vote  of the 66  2/3%  of the  shareholders  entitled  to vote
generally  for the election of  directors,  voting  together as a single  class.
Notwithstanding  anything  contained in this Certificate of Incorporation to the
contrary,  the affirmative vote of the 66 2/3% of the  shareholders  entitled to
vote generally for the election of directors, voting together as a single class,
shall be required to amend or repeal, or adopt any provision  inconsistent with,
any provision of this Article TENTH.
1.  Notwithstanding  anything  contained in this Certificate of Incorporation to
the contrary,  Articles Sixth,  Seventh,  Eighth and Twelfth hereof shall not be
altered,  amended or repealed and no provision  inconsistent  therewith shall be
adopted without the  affirmative  vote of the holders of at least 66 2/3% of all
of the shares of the  corporation  entitled to vote generally in the election of
directors, voting together as a single class. Notwithstanding anything contained
in this Certificate of  Incorporation  to the contrary,  the affirmative vote of
the holders of at least 66 2/3% of all of the shares of the corporation entitled
to vote  generally in the  election of  directors,  voting  together as a single
class,  shall be  required  to alter,  amend or  repeal  or adopt any  provision
inconsistent with this paragraph (1) of Article Eleventh.
2. The  Corporation  reserves  the right to amend,  alter,  change or repeal any
provision  contained  in its  Certificate  of  Incorporation,  or any  amendment
thereof, in the manner now or thereafter  prescribed by the laws of the State of
Delaware of this Certificate of Incorporation, and all rights conferred upon the
shareholders of the corporation are granted subject to this reservation.
1.  A  Director  of  the  Corporation  shall  not be  personally  liable  to the
Corporation  or its  shareholders  for monetary  damages for breach of fiduciary
duty as a director,  except for liability  (i) for any breach of the  director's
duty of  loyalty  to the  Corporation  or its  shareholders,  (ii)  for  acts or
omissions not in good faith or which involve intentional misconduct or a knowing
violation of law,  (iii) under Section 174 of the Delaware  General  Corporation
Law, or (iv) for any  transaction  from which the  director  derived an improper
personal benefit.
2. If, after approval of this Article by the  shareholders  of the  Corporation,
the  Delaware  General  Corporation  Law is amended  to  authorize  the  further
elimination  or limitation  of the  liability of  directors,  the liability of a
Director of the Corporation shall be eliminated or limited to the fullest extent
permitted by the Delaware General Corporation Law, as so amended.
3. Any  repeal  or  modification  of this  Article  by the  shareholders  of the
Corporation  shall not adversely affect any right or protection of a Director of
the Corporation existing at the time of such repeal or modification.
The name and mailing address of the incorporator is as follows:
                               Gregory T. Cortese
                   Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
                           PAR Technology Corporation
                              8383 Seneca Turnpike
                             New Hartford, NY 13413