MIA ACQUISITION CORP.
     I,  the  undersigned   natural  person  acting  as  an  incorporator  of  a
corporation (hereinafter called the "Corporation") under the General Corporation
Law of the State of Delaware,  as amended from time to time,  (the  "DGCL"),  do
hereby adopt the following Certificate of Incorporation for the Corporation:
     FIRST: The name of this corporation is MIA Acquisition Corp.
     SECOND:  The registered  office of the Corporation in the State of Delaware
is located at  Corporation  Trust  Center,  1209 Orange  Street,  in the City of
Wilmington,  Delaware  19801,  County of New Castle.  The name of the registered
agent of the Corporation at such address is The Corporation Trust Company.
     THIRD:  The purpose for which the  Corporation is organized is to engage in
any and all lawful  acts or activity  for which  corporations  may be  organized
under the DGCL. The Corporation will have perpetual existence.
     FOURTH: The Corporation shall have authority to issue two classes of shares
to be designated  respectively,  "Common Stock" and "Preferred Stock". The total
number of shares,  which the  Corporation is authorized to issue,  is 50,000,000
shares  of which  40,000,000  shall be  Common  Stock  and  10,000,000  shall be
Preferred Stock. Each share of Common Stock shall have a par value of $.001, and
each share of Preferred Stock shall have a par value of $.001.
     The Preferred Stock authorized by this Certificate of Incorporation  may be
issued  from time to time in one or more  series,  each of which shall have such
designation(s)  or title(s) as may be fixed by the Board of  Directors  prior to
the issuance of any shares thereof.  The Board of Directors is hereby authorized
to fix or alter the  dividend  rates,  conversion  rights,  rights  and terms of
redemption,  including sinking fund provisions, the redemption price, or prices,
voting  rights and  liquidation  preferences  of any wholly  unissued  series of
Preferred Stock,  and the number of shares  constituting any such series and the
designation thereof, or any of them. The rights, powers, preferences limitations
and restrictions,  if any,  accompanying such shares of Preferred Stock shall be
set  forth by  resolution  of the  Board of  Directors  providing  for the issue
thereof  prior to the issuance of any shares  thereof,  in  accordance  with the
applicable  provisions of the DGCL.  Each share of any series of Preferred Stock
shall be identical  with all other shares of such series,  except as to the date
from which dividends, if any, shall accrue.
     Shares of Common Stock may be issued for such consideration, having a value
of not less than the stated par value thereof,  as determined  from time to time
by the Board of Directors.
     As a  successor  to an  Michigan  corporation  reorganized  pursuant to its
Amended Joint Plan of  Reorganization  dated  November 15, 1999, as confirmed by
order of the United States Bankruptcy Court,  Central District of California Los
Angeles  Division on July 31, 2000, the  Corporation is prohibited  from issuing
non-equity  voting  securities  under  Section  1123(a)(6)  of the United States
Bankruptcy Code. If there are to be several classes of securities  issued in the
future,  all shall possess  voting power,  an appropriate  distribution  of such
power  among  such  classes,  including,  in the  case of any  class  of  equity
securities  having a preference  over another  class of equity  securities  with
respect to  dividends,  an adequate  provision  for the  election  of  directors
representing such preferred class in the event of default in the payment of such
dividends.  The  provisions of this  paragraph  shall apply unless and until the
Corporation amends, alters, changes or repeals such provisions in the manner now
or hereafter set forth by the DGCL or this Certificate of Incorporation.
     FIFTH: The name of the  incorporator is George L. Diamond,  and the mailing
address of such incorporator is 7701 Las Colinas Ridge, Suite 250, Irving, Texas
     SIXTH: The number of directors  constituting the initial board of directors
is one, and the name and address of the person who is to serve as director until
the first annual meeting of stockholders or until his successors are elected and
qualified is as follows:
NAME                   ADDRESS                               CITY, STATE
----                   -------                               -----------
Timothy P. Halter      7701 Las Colinas Ridge, Suite 250     Irving, Texas 75063
     SEVENTH: Directors of the Corporation need not be elected by written ballot
unless the bylaws of the Corporation otherwise provide.
     EIGHTH:  The  directors of the  Corporation  shall have the power to adopt,
amend and repeal the bylaws of the Corporation.
     NINTH:  No contract or transaction  between the Corporation and one or more
of its directors,  officers or stockholders,  or between the Corporation and any
person  (as  used  herein   "person"  means  other   corporation,   partnership,
association,   firm,   trust,   joint   venture,   political   subdivision,   or
instrumentality)  or other  organization  in which one or more of its directors,
officers or  stockholders  are directors,  officers or  stockholders,  or have a
financial interest,  shall be void or voidable solely for this reason, or solely
because the director or officer is present at or  participates in the meeting of
the board or committee which  authorizes the contract or transaction,  or solely
because  his,  her or their  votes are  counted  for such  purpose,  if: (i) the
material facts as to his or her  relationship or interest and as to the contract
or  transaction  are  disclosed  or are known to the board of  directors  or the
committee,  and the board of directors or committee in good faith authorizes the
contract  or  transaction  by  the  affirmative  votes  of  a  majority  of  the
disinterested directors,  even though the disinterested directors be less than a
quorum; or (ii) the material facts as to his or her relationship or interest and
as to the contract or transaction are disclosed or are known to the stockholders
entitled to vote  thereon,  and the  contract  or  transaction  is  specifically
approved  in good faith by vote of the  stockholders;  or (iii) the  contract or
transaction  is  fair as to the  Corporation  as of the  time it is  authorized,
approved or  ratified by the board of  directors,  a committee  thereof,  or the
stockholders.  Common or interested  directors may be counted in determining the
presence  of a quorum at a meeting of the board of  directors  or of a committee
which authorizes the contract or transaction.
     TENTH:  The  Corporation  shall  indemnify  any  person  who was,  is or is
threatened to be made a party to a proceeding (as hereinafter defined) by reason
of  the  fact  that  he or  she  (i)  is or was a  director  or  officer  of the
Corporation  or (ii) while a director or officer of the  Corporation,  is or was
serving at the  request of the  Corporation  as a  director,  officer,  partner,
venturer, proprietor, trustee, employee, agent or similar functionary of another
foreign   or   domestic   corporation,    partnership,   joint   venture,   sole
proprietorship,  trust,  employee  benefit  plan,  or other  enterprise,  to the
fullest extent  permitted under the DGCL, as the same exists or may hereafter be
amended.  Such  right  shall be a  contract  right and as such  shall run to the
benefit of any  director or officer  who is elected and accepts the  position of
director  or  officer of the  Corporation  or elects to  continue  to serve as a
director or officer of the  Corporation  while this Article  Tenth is in effect.
Any repeal or  amendment  of this Article  Tenth shall be  prospective  only and
shall not limit the rights of any such director or officer or the obligations of
the  Corporation  with  respect  to any claim  arising  from or  related  to the
services of such director or officer in any of the foregoing capacities prior to
any such repeal or amendment to this Article Tenth. Such right shall include the
right to be paid by the  Corporation  expenses  incurred in  defending  any such
proceeding in advance of its final  disposition to the maximum extent  permitted
under the DGCL, as the same exists or may  hereafter be amended.  If a claim for
indemnification  or advancement of expenses hereunder is not paid in full by the
Corporation  within sixty (60) days after a written  claim has been  received by
the Corporation,  the claimant may at any time thereafter bring suit against the
Corporation  to recover the unpaid  amount of the claim,  and if  successful  in
whole or in part, the claimant shall also be entitled to be paid the expenses of
prosecuting  such  claim.  It shall be a defense  to any such  action  that such
indemnification  or advancement of costs of defense are not permitted  under the
DGCL,  but the  burden of  proving  such  defense  shall be on the  Corporation.
Neither the failure of the Corporation  (including its board of directors or any
committee thereof,  independent legal counsel, or stockholders) to have made its
determination prior to the commencement of such action that  indemnification of,
or  advancement  of costs of defense  to, the  claimant  is  permissible  in the
circumstances  nor an actual  determination  by the  Corporation  (including its
board of directors or any  committee  thereof,  independent  legal  counsel,  or
stockholders) that such  indemnification or advancement is not permissible shall
be a defense to the action or create a presumption that such  indemnification or
advancement is not permissible. In the event of the death of any person having a
right of indemnification under the foregoing provisions,  such right shall inure
to the  benefit  of his or her heirs,  executors,  administrators  and  personal
representatives.  The rights conferred above shall not be exclusive of any other
right which any person may have or hereafter  acquire under any statute,  bylaw,
resolution of stockholders or directors, agreement, or otherwise.
     Without  limiting the generality of the foregoing,  to the extent permitted
by then applicable law, the grant of mandatory  indemnification pursuant to this
Article  Tenth shall extend to  proceedings  involving  the  negligence  of such
     The  Corporation  may  additionally  indemnify any employee or agent of the
Corporation to the fullest extent permitted by law.
     As used herein,  the term  "proceeding"  means any  threatened,  pending or
completed action, suit or proceeding,  whether civil, criminal,  administrative,
arbitrative or investigative,  any appeal in such an action, suit or proceeding,
and any  inquiry or  investigation  that  could lead to such an action,  suit or
     The  Corporation  shall have power to purchase  and  maintain  insurance on
behalf of any person who is or was a director, officer, employee or agent of the
Corporation,  or is or was  serving  at the  request  of  the  Corporation  as a
director, officer, employee or agent of another corporation,  partnership, joint
venture,  trust or other enterprise  against any liability  asserted against him
and incurred by him in any such capacity,  or arising out of his status as such,
whether or not the  Corporation  would have the power to  indemnify  him against
such liability under Section 145 of the DGCL.
     ELEVENTH:  A director of the Corporation  shall not be personally liable to
the Corporation or its stockholders for monetary damages for breach of fiduciary
duty as a director,  except for liability  (i) for any breach of the  director's
duty of  loyalty  to the  Corporation  or its  stockholders,  (ii)  for  acts or
omissions not in good faith or which involve  intentional  misconduct or knowing
violation  of  law,  (iii)  under  Section  174 of the  DGCL,  or  (iv)  for any
transaction from which the director derived an improper  benefit.  Any repeal or
amendment of this Article Eleventh by the stockholders of the Corporation  shall
be  prospective  only,  and shall not  adversely  affect any  limitation  on the
personal  liability  of a director  of the  Corporation  arising  from an act or
omission occurring prior to the time of such repeal or amendment. In addition to
the  circumstances  in which a director  of the  Corporation  is not  personally
liable as set forth in the  foregoing  provisions  of this Article  Eleventh,  a
director  shall not be liable to the  Corporation  or its  stockholders  to such
further  extent as permitted by any law hereafter  enacted,  including,  without
limitation, any subsequent amendment to the DGCL.
     TWELFTH:  Cumulative  voting with  respect to the  election of directors is
expressly prohibited.
     THIRTEENTH:  The Corporation expressly elects not to be governed by Section
203 of the DGCL.
     I, the  undersigned,  for the purpose of forming the Corporation  under the
laws of the State of  Delaware,  do make,  file and record this  Certificate  of
Incorporation  and do  certify  that  this is my act and deed and that the facts
stated  herein are true and,  accordingly,  I do hereunto set my hand on this 12
day of October, 2000.
                                                     /s/ George L. Diamond
                                                    George L. Diamond


                                STATE OF DELAWARE
                           CERTIFICATE OF AMENDMENT OF
                          CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION
     FIRST:  That pursuant to the  provisions of Section  141(f) of the Delaware
General  Corporation  Law (the "Act") the Board of Directors of MIA  Acquisition
Corp.  duly  adopted   resolutions  setting  forth  proposed  amendment  of  the
Certificate of Incorporation of said corporation, declaring said amendment to be
advisable. The resolution setting forth the proposed amendment is as follows:
     RESOLVED,  that the  Certificate of  Incorporation  of this  corporation be
amended by changing the Article FIRST thereof so that, as amended,  said Article
shall be and read as follows:
     FIRST: The name of this corporation is Strategika, Inc.
     SECOND: That thereafter,  pursuant to resolution of the Board of Directors,
a consent of  stockholders  in lieu of meeting was duly executed by stockholders
holding  the  necessary  number of shares as  required by statute to ratify such
     THIRD:  That  said  amendment  was  duly  adopted  in  accordance  with the
provisions of Section 242 of the Act.
     FOURTH: That the capital of said corporation, shall not be reduced under or
by reason of said amendment.
                                                    By:   /s/ Rene Larrave
                                                         Rene Larrave, President