as amended
                                    ARTICLE 1
        The name of the corporation is Ladish Co., Inc.
                                    ARTICLE 2
        The period of existence of the corporation shall be perpetual.
                                    ARTICLE 3
        The purposes shall be to engage in any lawful activities authorized
   by Chapter 180 of the Wisconsin Business Corporation Law.
                                    ARTICLE 4
        The number of shares of common stock the corporation shall be
   authorized to issue is 100,000,000.  The common stock shall have a par
   value of $.01 per share.  As of the effective date hereof, each previously
   outstanding share of common stock of the corporation shall be converted to
   one-tenth of a share of common stock of the corporation.  If as a result
   of the foregoing conversion any fractional shares would otherwise be issued,
   such fraction, if equal lto one-half or a greater percentage of a share, 
   shall be rounded to the next higher integral shar; otherwise, such fraction
   shall be rounded to the next lower integral share.
                                    ARTICLE 5
        There are no preferences, limitations, designations or relative
   rights with respect to the common stock of the corporation.
                                    ARTICLE 6
        The registered office of the corporation is located in Milwaukee
   County, Wisconsin and the address of such registered office is:
                            5481 South Packard Avenue
                             Cudahy, Wisconsin 53110
                                 (414) 747-2611
                                    ARTICLE 7
        The registered agent for the corporation at the above address is:
                           Wayne E. Larsen, Secretary
                                    ARTICLE 8
        The number of directors constituting the Board of Directors of the
   corporation is fixed by the By-Laws of the corporation.
                                    ARTICLE 9
                                   ARTICLE 10
                                   ARTICLE 11
        These restated articles of incorporation may be amended in the manner
   authorized by law at the time of such amendment.