I, the  undersigned,  being a person of the age of eighteen years or older,
for the purpose of forming a corporation pursuant to Section 402 of the Business
Corporation Law of New York, do hereby certify:
     The name of the corporation is The First of Long Island Corporation.
                                Business Purposes
     The purposes for which this corporation is formed are as follows:
     a.   General business purposes  including,  but not limited to, holding the
          stock  of The  First  National  Bank of Long  Island,  New  York,  and
          managing the affairs of said Bank.
     b.   To engage in any lawful act or activity for which a corporation may be
          organized under the New York Business Corporation Law.
     c.   To do everything  necessary,  proper,  advisable or convenient for the
          accomplishment  of the purposes  hereinabove set forth,  and to do all
          other things incidental thereto or connected therewith,  which are not
          forbidden by the laws under which this  corporation  is organized,  by
          other laws, or by this Certificate of Incorporation.
                                Corporate Office
     The office of the  corporation  is to be located  within the Town of Oyster
Bay, County of Nassau, State of New York.
     Section  1.  The  Secretary  of  State is  designated  as the  agent of the
corporation  upon whom process may be served.  The post office  address to which
the Secretary of State shall mail a copy of any process  against the corporation
served upon him is: c/o The First  National  Bank of Long  Island,  10 Glen Head
Road, Glen Head, New York 11545.
     Section 2. The name and address of the registered  agent which is to be the
agent of the  corporation  upon whom process  against it may be served,  are The
First National Bank of Long Island,  a corporation  organized  under the laws of
the United States, located at 10 Glen Head Road, Glen Head, New York 11545.
                                  Capital Stock
     The aggregate number of shares which this corporation  shall have authority
to issue is  20,000,000  shares,  par value $.10 each,  which  shall be known as
"common stock."
     a.   The holders of the common stock shall be entitled to receive dividends
          when and as legally declared by the Board of Directors.
     b.   The common  stock may be allotted  as and when the Board of  Directors
          shall  determine,  and, under and pursuant to the laws of the State of
          New York, the Board of Directors shall have the power to fix or alter,
          from time to time, in respect to shares then unallotted, any or all of
          the  following:   the  dividend  rate,  the  redemption   price,   the
          liquidation  price, the conversion  rights and the sinking or purchase
          fund rights of shares of any class,  or of any series of any class, or
          the number of shares  constituting  any series of any class. The Board
          of  Directors  shall also have the power to fix the terms,  provisions
          and  conditions  of options to purchase or subscribe for shares of any
          class or classes,  including the price and  conversion  basis thereof,
          and to authorize the issuance  thereof.  The Board of Directors  shall
          also have the power to issue  shares of stock of the  corporation  for
          cash, services,  property,  the securities or assets of other business
          enterprises, as it may from time to time deem expedient.
     c.   At all  elections of directors of the  corporation,  each  stockholder
          entitled  generally  to vote for the  election of  directors  shall be
          entitled  to as many votes as shall  equal the  number of votes  which
          (except  for  this  provision  as to  cumulative  voting)  he would be
          entitled to cast for the  election of  directors  with  respect to his
          shares of stock  multiplied  by the number of directors to be elected,
          and he may  cast  all of  such  votes  for a  single  director  or may
          distribute  them among the  number to be voted for,  or for any two or
          more of them as he may see fit.
     d.   No holder of stock of the  corporation  shall  have any  preferential,
          preemptive or other rights of  subscription to any shares of any class
          of stock of the corporation allotted or sold or to be allotted or sold
          now or hereafter  authorized,  or to any obligations  convertible into
          the  stock  of  the   corporation  of  any  class,  or  any  right  of
          subscription to any part thereof.
                               Board of Directors
     Section 1. The  management  and conduct of the business of the  corporation
shall be vested in a Board of  Directors,  which shall consist of such number of
directors,  not less than the minimum permitted by law, as shall be 
fixed in the Bylaws, or in the absence of such provision in the Bylaws, as shall
be determined by the shareholders at any annual or special meeting thereof.
     Section 2. The Board of Directors shall be divided into two classes,  Class
I, and Class II, which shall be as nearly  equal in number as  possible,  and no
class shall include less than three  directors.  Each director shall serve for a
term  ending on the date of the  second  annual  meeting  following  the  annual
meeting at which such director was elected; provided, however, that each initial
director in Class I shall hold office until the annual  meeting of  stockholders
in 1985;  and each  initial  director  in Class II shall hold  office  until the
annual meeting of stockholders in 1986.
     Section  3. In the event of any  increase  or  decrease  in the  authorized
number of directors (i) each  director  then serving as such shall  nevertheless
continue as a director of the class of which he is a member until the expiration
of his current term, or his prior death, retirement,  resignation or removal for
cause,  (ii) the newly created or eliminated  directorships  resulting from such
increase or decrease shall be apportioned by the Board of Directors  between the
two classes of  directors  so as to  maintain  such  classes as nearly  equal as
possible,  and (iii) when the number of  directors is increased by the board and
any newly  created  directorships  are  filled by the board,  there  shall be no
classification  of the  additional  directors  until the next annual  meeting of
     Section 4. Notwithstanding any of the foregoing provisions of this Article,
each director  shall serve until his successor is elected and qualified or until
his death, retirement,  resignation or removal for cause. Should a vacancy occur
or be created,  whether arising through death,  resignation or removal for cause
of a director or through an increase  in the number of  directors  of any class,
such vacancy shall be filled by a majority  vote of the  remaining  directors of
the class in which such vacancy  occurs,  or by the sole  remaining  director of
that class if only one such  director  remains,  or by the majority  vote of the
remaining  directors of the other class if there is no  remaining  member of the
class in which the vacancy occurs. A director so elected to fill a vacancy shall
serve until the next meeting of  stockholders at which the election of directors
is in the  regular  order of  business,  and until his  successor  has been duly
elected and qualified.
     Section 5.  Notwithstanding  any other  provisions of this  Certificate  of
Incorporation or the Bylaws of the corporation, any director or the entire Board
of Directors of the  corporation may be removed at any time, but only for cause.
As used  herein,  "cause"  shall mean either (i) a felony  conviction  no longer
subject to appeal; (ii) a final adjudication of negligent or improper conduct in
the  performance of the  director's  duty to the  corporation;  or (iii) a final
order of removal  from  office no longer  subject to review,  duly issued by the
appropriate federal banking agency.
     Section 6. No director of the corporation shall be personally liable to the
corporation  or its  stockholders  for monetary  damages for breach of fiduciary
duty as a  director,  except to the extent  such  exemption  from  liability  or
limitation thereof is not permitted under the New York Business  Corporation Law
as the same exists or may hereafter be amended.  Any repeal or  modification  of
the  foregoing  provision  by the  stockholders  of the  corporation  shall  not
adversely  affect  any right or  protection  of a  director  of the  corporation
existing at the time of such repeal or modification.
     Section  7.  The  affirmative  vote  of the  holders  of 70% or more of the
outstanding  shares  of  capital  stock  of the  corporation  entitled  to  vote
generally  in the  election of  directors  (considered  for this  purpose as one
class) shall be required to amend, alter, change or repeal this Article Sixth of
this Certificate of Incorporation.
                              Business Combinations
     Part A. For the purpose of this Article Seventh:
     Section 1. Any shares of Voting Stock of this  corporation  which any Major
Stockholder  has the right to vote or to acquire (i) pursuant to any  agreement,
(ii) by  reason of  tenders  of shares by  stockholders  of the  corporation  in
connection  with or  pursuant to a tender  offer made by such Major  Stockholder
(whether or not any tenders have been accepted, but excluding tenders which have
been  rejected),  or (iii) upon the  exercise of  conversion  rights,  warrants,
options  or  otherwise,  shall be  deemed  "beneficially  owned"  by such  Major
     Section 2. The term "Business Combination" shall mean:
     a.   Any merger or  consolidation  (whether  in a single  transaction  or a
          series  of  related  transactions,  including  a  series  of  separate
          transactions  with a Major  Stockholder,  any  Affiliate  or Associate
          thereof or any Person acting in concert therewith) of this corporation
          or any  Subsidiary  with  or into a  Major  Stockholder  or of a Major
          Stockholder into this corporation or a Subsidiary;
     b.   Any sale, lease, exchange,  transfer,  distribution to stockholders or
          other disposition, including without limitation, a mortgage, pledge or
          any  other  security  device,  to or with a Major  Stockholder  by the
          corporation or any of its Subsidiaries  (in a single  transaction or a
          series  of  related  transactions)  of all,  substantially  all or any
          Substantial  Part of the assets of this  corporation  or a  Subsidiary
          (including, without limitation, any securities of a Subsidiary);
     c.   The purchase,  exchange, lease or other acquisition by the corporation
          or any of its  Subsidiaries  (in a single  transaction  or a series of
          related  transactions)  of all,  substantially  all or any Substantial
          Part of the Assets or business of a Major Stockholder;
     d.   The issuance of any securities,  or of any rights, warrants or options
          to acquire any  securities,  of this  corporation or a Subsidiary to a
          Major  Stockholder  or  the  acquisition  by  this  corporation  or  a
          Subsidiary of any securities, or of any rights, warrants or options to
          acquire any securities, of a Major Stockholder;
     e.   Any  reclassification  of  Voting  Stock,  recapitalization  or  other
          transaction  (other than a redemption in accordance  with the terms of
          the security  redeemed) which has the effect,  directly or indirectly,
          of  increasing  the  proportionate  amount  of  Voting  Stock  of  the
          corporation or any Subsidiary thereof which is beneficially owned by a
          Major Stockholder,  or any partial or complete liquidation,  spin off,
          split off or split up of the  corporation or any  Subsidiary  thereof;
          provided,  however, 
          that this Section A(2) (e) shall not relate to any  transaction of the
          types  specified  herein  that has been  approved by a majority of the
          Continuing Directors; and
     f.   Any agreement,  contract or other arrangement providing for any of the
          transactions described herein.
     Section 3. The term "Continuing Director" shall mean (i) a person who was a
member of the Board of Directors of this  corporation  immediately  prior to the
time that any then existing Major Stockholder became a Major Stockholder or (ii)
a person  designated  (before  initially  becoming a director)  as a  Continuing
Director by a majority of the then  Continuing  Directors.  All  references to a
vote of the  Continuing  Directors  shall  mean a vote of the  total  number  of
Continuing Directors of the corporation.
     Section  4. The term  "Major  Stockholder"  shall  mean any  person  which,
together with its  Affiliates  and  Associates  and any Person acting in concert
therewith,  is the  beneficial  owner  of 10% or more of the  votes  held by the
holders of the outstanding  shares of the Voting Stock of this corporation,  and
any Affiliate or Associate of a Major Stockholder,  including a Person acting in
concert therewith.  The term "Major  Stockholder" shall not include a Subsidiary
of this corporation.
     Section 5. The term  "Affiliate"  shall mean,  with  respect to a specified
Person, a Person who directly or indirectly controls, or is controlled by, or is
under common control with, the Person specified.
     Section 6. The term "Associate"  means, with respect to a specified Person,
(1) any organization, other than this corporation and its subsidiaries, of which
such Person is an officer,  partner,  or beneficial owner of 10 per cent or more
of any class of equity securities,  (2) any trust or estate in which such Person
has a  substantial  beneficial  interest  or as to which  serves in a  fiduciary
capacity,  and (3) any  relative or spouse of such  Person,  or relative of such
spouse,  who has the same home as such Person or who is a director or officer of
this corporation or any of its subsidiaries.
     Section 7. The term "other  consideration  to be received"  shall  include,
without  limitation,  Voting Stock of this corporation  retained by its existing
stockholders  in the  event of a  Business  Combination  which  is a  merger  or
consolidation in which this corporation is the surviving corporation.
     Section  8. The term  "Person"  shall  mean  any  individual,  corporation,
partnership or other person,  group or entity (other than the  corporation,  any
Subsidiary  of the  corporation  or a trustee  holding  stock for the benefit of
employees of the corporation or its Subsidiaries,  or any one of them,  pursuant
to one or more employee benefit plans or arrangements). When two or more Persons
act as a partnership, limited partnership, syndicate, association or other group
for the purpose of  acquiring,  holding or  disposing  of shares of stock,  such
partnerships, syndicate, association or group will be deemed a "Person".
     Section 9. The term "Subsidiary" shall mean any business entity 50% or more
of which is beneficially owned by the corporation.
     Section 10. The term "Substantial Part," as used in reference to the assets
of the corporation,  of any Subsidiary or of any Major  Stockholder means assets
having  a  value  of  more  than  5% of the  total  consolidated  assets  of the
corporation and its Subsidiaries as of the end of the corporation's  most recent
fiscal year ending prior to the time the determination is made.
     Section 11. The term "Voting  Stock"  shall mean stock or other  securities
entitled  to vote upon any action to be taken in  connection  with any  Business
Combination  or  entitled  to  vote  generally  in the  election  of  directors,
including stock or other securities convertible into Voting Stock.
     Part  B.  Notwithstanding  any  other  provisions  of this  Certificate  of
Incorporation and except as set forth in Part C of this Article Seventh, neither
the  corporation  nor any  Subsidiary  shall be party to a Business  Combination
     Section 1. The Business  Combination was approved by the Board of Directors
of the  corporation  prior to the Major  Stockholder  involved  in the  Business
Combination  becoming a Major Stockholder and by at least 70% of the outstanding
Voting Stock of the corporation; or
     Section  2. The Major  Stockholder  involved  in the  Business  Combination
sought and obtained the  unanimous  prior  approval of the Board of Directors to
become a Major  Stockholder  and the  Business  Combination  was  approved  by a
majority  of the  Continuing  Directors  and by at least 70% of the  outstanding
Voting Stock of the corporation; or
     Section 3. The  Business  Combination  was  approved by at least 70% of the
Continuing  Directors of the  corporation and by at least 70% of the outstanding
Voting Stock of the corporation; or
     Section 4. The  Business  Combination  was  approved by at least 70% of the
outstanding  Voting  Stock  of  the  corporation  and  by at  least  70%  of the
outstanding Voting Stock beneficially owned by stockholders other than any Major
     Part C.  During  the  time a Major  Stockholder  exists,  a  resolution  to
voluntarily dissolve the corporation shall be adopted only upon: (1) the vote by
at least 70% of the Continuing Directors of the corporation;  or (2) the vote by
at least 70% of the outstanding  Voting Stock of the corporation and by at least
70% of the outstanding  Voting Stock  beneficially  owned by stockholders  other
than any Major Stockholder.
     Part D. As to any particular  transaction,  the Continuing  Directors shall
have the power and duty to determine, on the basis of information known to them:
     Section 1. The amount of Voting Stock beneficially held by any Person;
     Section 2. Whether a Person is an Affiliate or Associate of another;
     Section 3. Whether a Person is acting in concert with another;
     Section  4.  Whether  the  assets  subject  to  any  Business   Combination
constitute a "Substantial Part" as herein defined;
     Section 5. Whether a proposed  transaction  is subject to the provisions of
this Article Seventh; and
     Section 6. Such other  matters  with  respect to which a  determination  is
required under this Article Seventh.  Any such determination shall be conclusive
and binding for all purposes of this Article Seventh.
     Part E.  The  affirmative  vote  required  by this  Article  Seventh  is in
addition  to the vote of the  holders  of any  class or  series  of stock of the
corporation  otherwise  required by law, this Certificate of Incorporation,  any
resolution  which has been adopted by the Board of Directors  providing  for the
issuance of a class or series of stock or any agreement  between the corporation
and any national securities exchange.
     Part F. Any  amendment,  change or repeal of this  Article  Seventh  or any
other amendment of this Certificate of Incorporation which would have the effect
of modifying  or  permitting  circumvention  of the  provisions  of this Article
Seventh shall require  approval by at least 70% of the outstanding  Voting Stock
of the corporation and at least 70% of the outstanding Voting Stock beneficially
owned by stockholders other than any Major Stockholder.
                              Shareholder Meetings
     Section 1. A quorum for any meeting of shareholders to transact business of
this  corporation  except as otherwise  specifically  provided  herein or by law
shall be the  presence  in person or by proxy of the holder of a majority of the
shares of common stock of the  corporation  and of record on the record date set
for the meeting.
     Section 2. A special  meeting of the  shareholders  may be held at any time
and for any  purpose  and may only be  called by the  President  or the Board of
Directors of the corporation.
     Subject to the special  provisions  set forth in the foregoing  Articles of
this  Certificate  of  Incorporation,  the  provisions  contained  herein may be
amended  solely  upon  the  approval  of  the  Board  of  Directors  and  by the
affirmative  vote of the holders of seventy  percent (70%) of the stock entitled
to vote thereon;  provided,  however,  that any of the following  changes may be
authorized by or pursuant to authorization by the Board of Directors:
     a.   To specify or change the location of the corporation's office.
     b.   To specify or change the post office address to which the Secretary of
          State shall mail a copy of any process against the corporation  served
          upon him.
     c.   To make, revoke or change the designation of a registered agent.
     d.   To make further changes for which the Board of Directors is authorized
          pursuant to the laws of the State of New York.
     IN  WITNESS  WHEREOF,  the  undersigned  has set his  hand  this 6th day of
February, 1984.
                                   /s/ J. William Johnson
                                   J. William Johnson
                                   c/o The First National Bank of Long Island
                                   10 Glen Head Road
                                   Glen Head, New York 11545

[As Filed: 03-29-1999]