INTERACTIVE INC.


     FIRST:     The  name  of  the  corporation  is  "InterActive  Inc."


     SECOND:    The  address of the corporation's registered office in the State

of  Delaware  is  15  E.  North  Street,  Dover, Delaware 19901. The name of its

registered  agent  at  such  address  is  Paracorp  Incorporated.


     THIRD:     The purpose of the corporation is to engage in any lawful act or

activity  for  which corporations may be organized under the General Corporation

Law  of  the  State  of  Delaware.


     FOURTH:     The  total  number  of  shares which the corporation shall have

authority  to  issue  is  60,000,000, of which 50,000,000 shares shall be common

stock,  $.001  par  value  ("Common  Stock"),  and  10,000,000  shares  shall be

preferred stock, $.001 par value ("Preferred Stock").  The Board of Directors is

authorized,  subject  to the limitations prescribed by law and the provisions of

this  Article  FOURTH,  to  provide  for  the issuance of the Preferred Stock in

series, and by filing a certificate pursuant to the applicable laws of the State

of  Delaware, to establish from time to time the number of shares to be included

in  each such series, and to fix the designation, powers, preferences and rights

of  the  shares  of  each  such  series  and  the qualifications, limitations or

restrictions  thereof.  The  authority of the Board of Directors with respect to

each  such series shall include, but not be limited to, the determination of the



          (a)      The  number  of  shares  constituting  that  series  and  the

distinctive  designation  of that series;  (b) The dividend rate, if any, on the

shares of that series,  whether dividends shall be cumulative,  and, if so, from

which date or dates, and the relative priority,  if any, of payment of dividends

on shares of that series;  (c) Whether that series shall have voting rights,  in

addition to the voting rights  expressly  required by law, and, if so, the terms

of such voting rights; (d) Whether that series shall have conversion privileges,

and, if so, the terms and conditions of such  conversion,  including  provisions

for adjustment of the  conversion  rate in such events as the Board of Directors

shall  determine;  (e)  Whether  or not the  shares  of  that  series  shall  be

redeemable,  and, if so, the terms and conditions of such redemption,  including

the date or dates upon or after which they shall be  redeemable,  and the amount

per  share  payable  in the case of  redemption,  which  amount  may vary  under

different  conditions and at different redemption dates; (f) Whether that series

shall  have a sinking  fund for the  redemption  or  purchase  of shares of that

series, and, if so, the terms and amount of such sinking fund; (g) The rights of

the  shares  of  that  series  in  the  event  of  a  voluntary  or  involuntary

liquidation,  dissolution  or winding up of the  corporation,  and the  relative

rights of  priority,  if any, of payment of shares of that  series;  and (h) Any

other relative rights, preferences and limitations of that series.


     FIFTH:     The  name  and  mailing  address  of  the  incorporator  of  the

corporation  is  James  M.  Phillips,  Jr.,  6359  Paseo  Del  Lago,  Carlsbad,

California  92009.




     SIXTH:     The  Board   of  Directors  of  the  corporation  is   expressly

authorized  to  make,  alter  or  repeal  the Bylaws of the corporation, but the

stockholders  may  make  additional  Bylaws  and  may  alter or repeal any bylaw

whether  adopted  by  them  or  otherwise.


     SEVENTH:     Elections of directors need not be by written ballot except to

the  extent  provided  in  the  Bylaws  of  the  corporation.


     EIGHTH:     A  director  of  the  corporation  shall  not  be liable to the

corporation  or  any  of  its  stockholders  for  monetary damages for breach of

fiduciary duty as a director, except to the extent such exemption from liability

or  limitation thereof is not permitted under the General Corporation Law of the

State  of Delaware as the same exists or may hereafter be amended. Any repeal or

modification  of  the foregoing paragraph by the stockholders of the corporation

shall  not  adversely  affect  any  right  or  protection  of  a director of the

corporation  in  respect  of  any act or omission occurring prior to the time of

such  repeal  or  modification.


     NINTH:     The  corporation reserves the right at any time and from time to

time  to  amend,  alter,  change  or  repeal  any  provision  contained  in this

Certificate  of  Incorporation in the manner now or hereafter prescribed by law,

and  all  rights, preferences and privileges of whatsoever nature conferred upon

stockholders,  directors or any other persons whomsoever by and pursuant to this

Certificate  of  Incorporation  in  its present form or as hereafter amended are

granted  subject  to  the  right  reserved  in  this  Article  NINTH.


     IN  WITNESS  WHEREOF, the undersigned incorporator hereby acknowledges that

the  foregoing  Certificate  of  Incorporation  is his act and deed and that the

facts  stated  therein  are  true,  this  15th  day  of  December,  2000.




                                                    James  M.  Phillips,  Jr.








Arrowhead Research Corporation, a corporation duly organized and existing under the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware (the “Corporation”), hereby certifies that:

FIRST: The Board of Directors of the Corporation has duly adopted a resolution, pursuant to Section 242 of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware, setting forth an amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation of this Corporation, as amended, and declaring said amendment to be advisable;

SECOND: The stockholders of the Corporation have duly approved said amendment by the required vote of such stockholders, such approval being in accordance with the terms of the Certificate of Incorporation, as amended, and Sections 211 and 242 of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware;

THIRD: The Certificate of Incorporation, as amended, is hereby amended by deleting in its entirety the last paragraph of Article Fourth and replacing it with the following paragraph:

Stock Split. As of 12:01 A.M. (Eastern Time) on November 17, 2011 (the “Effective Time”), each issued and outstanding share of the Corporation’s Common Stock shall automatically, and without any action on the part of the Corporation or the holder thereof, be reclassified as and reduced to 1/10 of a share of Common Stock (such reduction of shares designated as the “Reverse Stock Split”). The par value of the Corporation’s Common Stock following the Reverse Stock Split shall remain $0.001 per share. No fractional shares will be issued in connection with the Reverse Stock Split and the Corporation shall instead pay in cash the fair value of fractional shares, determined as of the Effective Time, that otherwise would have been issued.”

FOURTH: This Certificate of Amendment, and the reverse stock split contemplated hereby, shall become effective at 12:01 A.M. (Eastern Time) on November 17, 2011.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Arrowhead Research Corporation has caused this Certificate of Amendment to be signed by its Chief Financial Officer, Kenneth Myszkowski, on this 15th day of November, 2011.




    /s/ Kenneth Myszkowski


Kenneth Myszkowski


Chief Financial Officer


[As Filed: 11-17-2011]