ARENA RESOURCES, INC.
       The  undersigned,  for the purpose of forming a corporation,  pursuant to
and by virtue of  Chapter  78 of Nevada  Revised  Statutes,  hereby  adopts  and
acknowledges the following Articles of Incorporation.
                                    ARTICLE I
              The name of the corporation is Arena Resources, Inc.
                                   ARTICLE II
                            PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OFFICE
       The name of the  initial  resident  agent and the  street  address of the
initial  registered  office in the State of Nevada  where  process may be served
upon the corporation is Att. Richard Barrows, Attorney at Law, Wilson & Barrows,
Ltd. 442 Court Street,  Elko,  Nevada,  89801. The corporation may, from time to
time in the manner provided by law, change the resident agent and the registered
office within the State of Nevada.  The  corporation may also maintain an office
or offices for the conduct of its  business,  either within or without the State
of Nevada.  The initial principal place of business shall be at 4920 South Lewis
Street, Suite 107, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105.
                                   ARTICLE III
                                  CAPITAL STOCK
       Section 3.1  Authorized  Shares.  The  corporation  has a single class of
authorized  common  stock and a single  class of  preferred  shares which may be
issued by the Board of Directors and which are described as follows:
                  One Hundred  Million  (100,000,000)  common  shares with a par
                  value of one mil ($0.001)  per share.  Each common  share,  as
                  issued,  shall  be  entitled  to one (1) vote  per  share,  is
                  nonassessable, and is not subject to recall.
                  Ten Million  (10,000,000)  Class "A" preferred shares,  with a
                  par  value  of one mil  ($0.001)  per  share.  The  Class  "A"
                  preferred shares shall be non-voting and non- assessable,  but
                  may be made  subject to recall or  conversion  by the Board of
                  Directors. The Class "A" preferred shares, as issued, shall be
                  entitled to priority  over common shares in the payment of any
                  dividends,  such  that no  dividend  may be paid  upon  common
                  shares until any declared  dividend is paid upon all preferred
                  shares.  The preferred Class "A" shares, as issued,  will also
                  have priority over common shares in the event of  dissolution.
                  Preferred Class "A" shares, as issued,  shall also be entitled
                  to any  priority  or  rights  now or  hereafter  provided  for
                  preferred  shares  under  Nevada  law,  but  shall be  treated
                  equally with any other class of preferred  shares,  except the
                  Board of  Directors  may  affix  different  interest  rates to
                  different   classes  of  Preferred  Shares  and/or  rights  of
                  redemption or conversion.  The Board shall determine interest,
                  if  any,  payable  on the  preferred  shares  at the  time  of
                  issuance, as well as any terms of redemption.
       Section 3.2  Consideration  for Shares.  The shares of the  corporation's
stock  shall be issued for such  consideration  as shall be fixed,  from time to
time, by the Board of Directors.
       Section 3.3 Assessment of Stock. The shares of the  corporation's  stock,
after the amount of the  subscription  price has been fully  paid,  shall not be
assessable  for any  purpose,  and no stock  issued as fully  paid shall ever be
assessable or assessed. No stockholder of the corporation is individually liable
for the debts or liabilities of the corporation.
       Section 3.4 No Cumulative Voting. No stockholder of the corporation shall
be entitled to cumulative voting of his shares.
       Section 3.5 No Preemptive Rights. No stockholder of the corporation shall
have any preemptive rights.
                                   ARTICLE IV
                             DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS
       Section 4.1 Number of Directors.  The members of the  governing  board of
the corporation are styled as directors.  The number of directors may be changed
to any odd number  from time to time in such  manner as shall be provided in the
Bylaws of the corporation. Initially there shall be three directors.
       Section  4.2 First  Board of  Directors.  The name and post office box or
street  address  of the  initial  directors  constituting  the  first  Board  of
Directors, are as follows:
       NAME                                              ADDRESS
       Lloyd T. Rochford                         5 Clancey Lane South
                                                 Rancho Mirage, California 92270
       Stanley McCabe                            4920 South Lewis, #107
                                                 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105
       Charles Crawford                          6423 South Quebec Avenue
                                                 Tulsa, Oklahoma 74135
       Section 4.3 Limited  Liability of Directors and Officers.  No director or
officer of the corporation  shall be personally liable to the corporation or any
of its  stockholders  for damages for breach of fiduciary  duty as a director or
officer;  provided,  however, that the foregoing provision does not eliminate or
limit the liability of a director or officer of the  corporation for (a) acts or
omissions which involve intentional or reckless  misconduct,  fraud or a knowing
violation  of law, or (b) the payment of  distributions  in  violation of Nevada
Revised Statutes ss.78.300.
       Section 4.4  Payment of  Expenses.  In  addition  to any other  rights of
indemnification  permitted by the law of the State of Nevada and may be provided
for by the  corporation in its bylaws or by agreement,  the expenses of officers
and  directors  incurred  in  defending  a civil  or  criminal  action,  suit or
proceeding,  involving  alleged act or  omissions of such officer or director in
his or her capacity as an officer or director of the  corporation,  must be paid
by  the  corporation  or  through  insurance  purchased  and  maintained  by the
corporation or through other financial arrangements made by the corporation,  as
they are incurred and in advance of the final disposition of the action, suit or
proceeding,  upon receipt of an  undertaking  by or on behalf of the director or
officer  to  repay  the  amount  if it is  ultimately  determined  by a court of
competent  jurisdiction  that he or she is not entitled to be indemnified by the
         Section 4.5 Repeal and Conflicts. Any repeal or modification of Section
4.3 or 4.4 approved by the stockholders of the corporation  shall be prospective
only.  In the event of any  conflict  between  Section  4.3 or 4.4 and any other
Article of the corporation's Articles of Incorporation, the terms and provisions
of Section 4.3 or 4.4, as the case may be, shall control.
                                    ARTICLE V
       The  corporation  may engage in any lawful  business or enterprise of any
type in the State of Nevada or the world.  The intended initial purpose shall be
the acquisition,  development, production and marketing of oil and gas and other
natural  resources.  The Company may participate in the initial  business or any
other intended business by ownership and management,  investment, joint venture,
merger or other acquisition as the Board of Directors may determine at anytime.
                                   ARTICLE VI
                               POWERS & PERPETUITY
       The corporation  shall have all powers  conferred or implied under Nevada
law or the  laws  of any  jurisdiction  where  it may be  qualified  to  conduct
business.  Specifically,  and not in limitation of the foregoing general powers,
the corporation, to achieve its purposes, may issue stock, borrow or lend money,
engage in any joint venture,  union of interest,  merger, sell or acquisition of
assets;  or  engage  in any  other  transaction,  enterprise  or act in  which a
corporation may engage. The corporation shall have perpetual existence.
                                   ARTICLE VII
       The  name and post  office  box or  street  address  of the  incorporator
signing these Articles of Incorporation is:
       NAME                                             ADDRESS
       Lloyd  T. Rochford                        5 Clancey Lane South
                                                 Rancho Mirage, California 92270
       IN WITNESS WHEREOF,  the sole incorporator has executed these Articles of
Incorporation  of Arena  Resources,  Inc., this day of August,  2000.
                                                      /s/ Lloyd T. Rochford
                                                          Lloyd T. Rochford
                         : ss
COUNTY OF __________   )
       On August, , 2000,  personally  appeared before me, a Notary Public, Loyd
T. Rochford,  personally  known (or proved) to me to be the person whose name is
subscribed to the foregoing Articles of Incorporation of Arena Resources,  Inc.,
as the incorporator and who acknowledged that he executed this instrument.
                                                 NOTARY PUBLIC
                                                 Residing at:___________________