The undersigned, for the purposes of forming a corporation under the laws of the
State of Delaware, does make, file and record this Certificate, and does certify
First: The name of the Corporation is Transmeridian Exploration Incorporated.
Second:  Its  Registered  Office in the State of  Delaware is to be located at 9
East  Loockerman  Street  in the  City of  Dover,  County  of Kent,  19901.  The
Registered Agent in charge thereof is National Registered Agents, Inc.
Third: The purpose of the corporation is to engage in any lawful act or activity
for which a corporation  may be organized  under the General  Corporation Law of
Fourth:  The amount of the total authorized  capital stock of the corporation is
two  hundred  million  (200,000,000)  shares  each  with a par  value  of  three
ten-thousandths of a cent ($0.0003).
Fifth:  Shareholders  shall be  entitled  as a matter  of right to a  preemptive
right,  for a period of thirty days, to subscribe  for,  purchase or receive any
shares of the corporation which it may issue or sell,  whether out of the number
of  shares  authorized  by the  Certificate  of  Incorporation  or by  amendment
thereof,  or out of the  shares  of the  corporation  acquired  by it after  the
issuance  thereof,  any  shareholder  shall be  entitled as a matter of right to
purchase or subscribe for or receive any bonds, debentures, or other obligations
which  the  corporation  may  issue or sell that  shall be  convertible  into or
exchangeable for shares, or to which shall be attached or shall appertain to any
warrant or warrants or other  instrument or  instruments  that shall confer upon
the holder or owner of such  obligation  the right to subscribe  for or purchase
from  the  corporation  any  shares  of any  class or  classes;  and  after  the
expiration  of said thirty  days,  any and all of such  shares,  rights,  bonds,
debentures or other obligations which the corporation may have issued, reissued,
transferred,  or granted by the Board of Directors,  as the case may be, to such
persons,   firms,   corporations,   and   associations,   and  for  such  lawful
consideration,  and on such terms,  as the Board of Directors in tits discretion
may determine.
Sixth: The name and mailing address of the incorporator are as follows:
NAME                            MAILING ADDRESS
Mark H. Schaeffer               18 South Ridge Road
Start-a-Business.com.Inc.       Pomona, New york 10970
Seventh: The duration of the corporation shall be perpetual.
Eighth: When a compromise or arrangement is proposed between the corporation and
its  creditors  or any  class  of  them  or  between  the  corporation  and  its
shareholders  or any class
of them, a court of equity  jurisdiction within the state, on application of the
corporation  or of a creditor or  shareholder  thereof,  or on  application of a
receiver appointed for the corporation pursuant tot eh provisions of Section 291
of Title 8 of the Delaware Code or on  application of trustees in dissolution or
of  any  receiver  or  receivers  appointed  for  the  corporation  pursuant  to
provisions of Section 279 of Title 8 of the Delaware Code may order a meeting of
the  creditors  or  class  of  creditors  or of the  shareholders  or  class  of
shareholders  to be  affected  by the  proposed  compromise  or  arrangement  or
reorganization  , to be  summoned  in such  manner  as the court  directs.  If a
majority  in  number  representing  3/4 in  value of the  creditors  or class of
creditors, or of the shareholders or class of shareholders to be affected by the
proposed compromise or arrangement or a reorganization, agree to a compromise or
arrangement  or a  reorganization  of the  corporation  as a consequence  of the
compromise or arrangement, the compromise or arrangement and the reorganization,
if  sanctioned  by the court to which the  application  has been made,  shall be
binding on all the creditors or class of creditors,  or on all the  shareholders
or class of shareholders and also on the corporation.
Ninth:  The personal  liability of all of the  directors of the  corporation  is
hereby  eliminated  to the fullest  extent  allowed as provided by the  Delaware
General Corporation Law, as the same may be supplemented and amended.
Tenth: The corporation  shall, to the fullest extent legally  permissible  under
the  provisions  of the  Delaware  General  Corporation  Law, as the same may be
amended and  supplemented,  indemnify and hold harmless any and all persons whom
it shall have power to indemnify  under said provisions from and against any and
all liabilities  (including expenses) imposed upon or reasonably incurred by him
in  connection  with any  action,  suit or other  proceeding  in which he may be
Eleventh:  The  initial  Directors  of the  company  will be Peter  L.  Holstein
(Chairman & CEO), Lorrie T. Olivier (President & COO) and Philip J. McCauley.
Dated on this 18th day of April, 2000.
                                        By: /S/ Mark H. Schaeffer, Incorporator
                                        Mark H. Schaeffer, Incorporator