REALITY INTERACTIVE, INC.


     The  undersigned  natural persons of the age of eighteen (18) years or more

acting as incorporator  of a corporation  under the Nevada Revised Civil Statute

78, hereby adopts the following Articles of Incorporation:


                                    ARTICLE I




     The name of the corporation  (hereinafter called  "Corporation") is Reality

Interactive, Inc.


                                   ARTICLE II


                               PERIOD OF DURATION


     The period of duration of the Corporation is perpetual.


                                   ARTICLE III


                               PURPOSES AND POWERS


     The purpose for which this  Corporation  is  organized  is to engage in the

business of  investing in  investments  of all forms and nature and to engage in

any and all other lawful business.


                                   ARTICLE IV




     The total  number of shares of stock which the  Corporation  shall have the

authority  to  issue  is one  hundred  and five  million  (105,000,000)  shares,

consisting of one hundred million  (100,000,000) shares of Common Stock having a

par value of $.001 per share and five  million  (5,000,000)  shares of Preferred

Stock having a par value of $.001 per share.


A.   Preferred Stock


     The Board of Directors is authorized, subject to the limitations prescribed

     by law and the  provisions of this Article,  to provide for the issuance of

     the  shares of  Preferred  Stock in  series,  and by  filing a  certificate

     pursuant to the  applicable  law of the State of Nevada,  to establish from

     time to time the number of shares to be included in each such series and to

     fix the designation,  powers,  preferences and rights of the shares of each

     such series and the qualifications, limitations or restrictions thereof.



     1.   The authority of the Board with respect to each series shall  include,

          but not be limited to, determination of the following:


          a.   The number of shares constituting that series and the distinctive

               designation of that series;


          b.   The dividend rate on the shares of that series, whether dividends

               shall be cumulative, and if so, from which date or dates, and the

               relative  rights of priority,  if any, of payment of dividends on

               shares of that series;


          c.   Whether that series shall have voting rights,  in addition to the

               voting  rights  provided  by law,  and if so,  the  terms of such

               voting rights;


          d.   Whether that series shall have conversion  privileges and, if so,

               the terms and conditions of such conversion,  including provision

               for adjustment of the conversion rate in such events as the Board

               of Directors shall determine;


          e.   Whether or not the shares of that series shall be redeemable and,

               if so, the terms and conditions of such redemption, including the

               date or dates upon or after  which they shall be  redeemable  and

               the amount per share payable in case of redemption,  which amount

               may vary under different  conditions and at different  redemption



          f.   Whether that series shall have a sinking fund for the  redemption

               or  purchase  of shares of that  series and, if so, the terms and

               amount of such sinking fund;


          g.   The rights of the shares of that series in the event of voluntary

               or  involuntary  liquidation,  dissolution  or  winding up of the

               Corporation,  and the  relative  rights of  priority,  if any, of

               payment of shares of that series; and


          h.   Any other relative  rights,  preferences  and limitations of that



     2.   Dividends on  outstanding  shares of Preferred  Stock shall be paid or

          declared and set apart for payment, before any dividends shall be paid

          or declared  and set apart for payment on Common Stock with respect to

          the same dividend period.


     3.   If upon any  voluntary  or  involuntary  liquidation,  dissolution  or

          winding up of the  Corporation,  the assets available for distribution

          to  holders  of  shares  of  Preferred  Stock of all  series  shall be

          insufficient to pay such holders the full preferential amount to which

          they are entitled, then such assets shall be distributed ratably among

          the shares of all series of  Preferred  Stock in  accordance  with the

          respective   preferential   amounts   (including   unpaid   cumulative

          dividends, if any) payable with respect thereto.



     4.   Unless otherwise  provided in any resolution of the Board of Directors

          providing  for the  issuance  of any  particular  series of  Preferred

          Stock, no holder of Preferred  Stock shall have any pre-emptive  right

          as such holder to subscribe  for,  purchase or receive any part of any

          new or  additional  issue of  capital  stock of any  class or  series,

          including  unissued  and  treasury  stock,  or  obligations  or  other

          securities  convertible  into or exchangeable for capital stock of any

          class or series, or warrants or other instruments evidencing rights or

          options to subscribe for, purchase or receive any capital stock of any

          class or series,  whether  now or  hereafter  authorized  and  whether

          issued for cash or other consideration or by way of dividend.


B.   Common Stock


     1.   Subject to the prior and superior rights of the Preferred Stock and on

          the conditions set forth in the foregoing  parts of this Article or in

          any resolution of the Board of Directors providing for the issuance of

          any particular  series of Preferred  Stock,  and not  otherwise,  such

          dividends  (payable in cash,  stock or otherwise) as may be determined

          by the Board of Directors may be declared and paid on the Common Stock

          from time to time out of any funds legally available therefor.


     2.   Except  as  otherwise   provided  by  law,  by  this   Certificate  of

          Incorporation  or by the  resolution  or  resolutions  of the Board of

          Directors  providing  for the  issue of any  series  of the  Preferred

          Stock, the Common Stock shall have the exclusive right to vote for the

          election of directors and for all other  purposes,  each holder of the

          Common Stock being entitled to one vote for each share held.


     3.   Upon any  liquidation,  dissolution or winding up of the  Corporation,

          whether  voluntary  or  involuntary,  and  after  the  holders  of the

          Preferred Stock of each series shall have been paid in full the amount

          to which they respectively shall be entitled,  or a sum sufficient for

          such payments in assets of the  Corporation  shall be distributed  pro

          rata to the  holders  of the  Common  Stock in  accordance  with their

          respective  rights and  interests,  to the exclusion of the holders of

          the Preferred Stock.




                                    ARTICLE V


                           REGISTERED OFFICE AND AGENT


     The  name  and  address  of  the  corporation's  registered  agent  is  The

Corporation  Trust  Company of Nevada to be located  c/o The  Corporation  Trust

Company, 6100 Neil Road, Suite 500, Reno, Nevada 89511.


                                   ARTICLE VI




     The Corporation shall be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of one

director as shall be fixed the Corporation's bylaws.


         Name                               Address


     Natalie Boss                           4766 Holladay Blvd.

                                            Holladay, UT 84117


                                   ARTICLE VII


                           DENIAL OF PREEMPTIVE RIGHTS


     There shall be no  preemptive  right to acquire  unissued  and/or  treasury

shares of the stock of the Corporation.


                                  ARTICLE VIII




     A  director  or  officer  of the  Corporation  shall  not be  liable to the

Corporation  or its  shareholders  for damages for breach of fiduciary duty as a

director or officer unless the act or omission involves intentional  misconduct,

fraud,  a knowing  violation  of law or the payment of an  unlawful  dividend in

violation of NRS 78.300.



                                   ARTICLE IX




         The  Corporation  shall  indemnify any and all persons who may serve or

who have served at any time as  directors  or officers or who, at the request of

the Board of Directors of the Corporation,  may serve or at any time have served

as directors or officers of another corporation in which the Corporation at such

time owned or may own  shares of stock or of which it was or may be a  creditor,

and their respective heirs, administrators,  successors and assigns, against any

and all  expenses,  including  amounts  paid upon  judgments,  counsel  fees and

amounts paid in  settlement  (before or after suit is  commenced),  actually and

necessarily by such persons in connection  with the defense or settlement of any

claim,  action,  suit or  proceeding  in which  they,  or any of them,  are made

parties,  or a party,  or which may be asserted  against them or any of them, by

reason of being or having been directors or officers of the  Corporation,  or of

such  other  corporation,  except in  relation  to  matters as to which any such

director or officer of the Corporation,  or of such other  corporation or former

director  or  officer  or  person  shall  be  adjudged  in any  action,  suit or

proceeding to be liable for his own negligence or misconduct in the  performance

of his duty.  Such  indemnification  shall be in addition to any other rights to

which those indemnified may be entitled under any law, by law,  agreement,  vote

of shareholder or otherwise.


DATED this ___ day of January 2002.                  Incorporator:



                                                     Hank Vanderkam

                                                     Vanderkam & Sanders

                                                     440 Louisiana, #475

                                                     Houston, TX 77002






STATE OF TEXAS                    ss.


COUNTY OF HARRIS                  ss.


         On ______________, 2001 personally appeared before me, a Notary Public,

Hank  Vanderkam,  who  acknowledged  that he executed the above  document in his

capacity as Incorporator of Gamers Republic, Inc.



                                            Notary Public for the State of Texas


    Certificate of Amendment
1.   Name of corporation: Reality Interactive, Inc.
2.   Articles  have  been  amended  as  follows  (provide  article  numbers,  if
     Article IV  Capitalization.  Following a 1:100  reverse  stock  split,  the
     Articles  are  amended  to   reauthorize   one  hundred  and  five  million
     (105,000,000)  shares,  consisting  of one  hundred  million  (100,000,000)
     shares  of  Common  Stock  having a par  value of $.001  per share and five
     million  (5,000,000)  shares of Preferred Stock having a par value of $.001
     per share.
3.   The  vote by which  the  stockholders  holding  shares  in the  cooperation
     entitling them to exercise at least a majority of the voting power, or such
     greater  proportion of the voting power as may be required in the case of a
     vote by classes or series,  or as may be required by the  provisions of the
     articles  of  incorporation  have  voted  in  favor  of the  amendment  is:
4.   Officer Signature (Required):
     /s/ David Loev, Assistant Secretary
*    If any  proposed  amendment  would  alter or change any  preference  or any
     relative or other right given to any class or series of outstanding shares,
     then the  amendment  must be  approved  by the  vote,  in  addition  to the
     affirmative vote otherwise required,  of the holders of shares representing
     a majority  of the voting  power of each  class or series  affected  by the
     amendment  regardless of  limitations or  restrictions  on the voting power



[As filed 2-7-2002]