INTERCO INCORPORATED


It is hereby certified that:


     1.  (a)  The  present  name  of the  corporation  is  INTERCO  INCORPORATED

(hereinafter called the "Corporation").


     (b) The name under which the  Corporation was originally  incorporated  was

International  Shoe Company and the date of filing the original  Certificate  of

Incorporation  of the  Corporation  with the  Secretary of State of the State of

Delaware was March 16, 1921.


     2. Provision for the making of this Restated  Certificate of  Incorporation

is contained in an Order of the United States  Bankruptcy  Court for the Eastern

District of Missouri,  Eastern  Division (the "Court") in Consolidated  Case No.



     3. Such Order  authorizes  and directs the President of the  Corporation to

make, execute and acknowledge this Restated Certificate of Incorporation.


     4. In accordance with Sections 242, 245 and 303 of the General  Corporation

Law of the  State  of  Delaware,  this  Restated  Certificate  of  Incorporation

restates  and  integrates  and further  amends the  provisions  of the  Restated

Certificate of Incorporation  of the Corporation  filed July 1987, as heretofore

amended or supplemented (the "1987 Restated Certificate of Incorporation").


     5. The text of the 1987 Restated  Certificate  of  Incorporation  is hereby

restated and further amended to read in its entirety as follows:


     FIRST. The name of the Corporation is INTERCO INCORPORATED.


     SECOND.  Its  registered  office in the State of  Delaware is located at 32

Lookerman Square, Suite L-100, Dover, Kent County,  Delaware 19901. The name and

address of its registered agent is The Prentice-Hall  Corporation System,  Inc.,

229 South State Street, Dover, Delaware.


     THIRD. The nature of the business, and the objects and purposes proposed to

be  transacted,  promoted  and  carried  on,  are to do any or all of the things

herein mentioned,  and in any part of the world, as fully and to the same extent

as natural persons might or could do, viz:


     (1) To produce, prepare,  manufacture,  buy, sell, and deal in and with all

kinds of boots, shoes. footwear of all kinds, leather,  findings, rubber, rubber

materials,  and  fabrics of all sorts and the raw  materials  from which  rubber

materials  or  fabrics  are  produced  and all  articles  and  things  of  every

description that may be produced or manufactured;


     (2) The building,  leasing,  owning and operating of factories,  tanneries,

buildings and warehouses for the purpose of producing, manufacturing and selling

boots, shoes, footwear of all kinds, leather,  rubber and findings,  and for the

purpose of doing a general mercantile and manufacturing business;


     (3) To manufacture,  buy, sell,  lease,  operate,  and deal in and with all

kinds of machinery, tools and implements and mechanical devices and contrivances

of every name and nature whatsoever;  and especially to manufacture,  buy, sell,

lease,  operate,  and deal in and with all sorts of boot and shoe  machinery  of

every kind and character  whatsoever  which may be useful in connection with the

manufacture of boots, shoes, or other footwear;


     (4) In general,  to  produce,  prepare,  manufacture,  and deal in and with

goods, wares, merchandise,  property, material rights, and things of every class

and description;


     (5) To this end, to engage in intrastate and interstate business, and to do

these things either as principals, or as agents, factors,  brokers,  consignees,

trustees,  or  otherwise,  and in  this,  and  in all  other  purposes  in  this

certificate  enumerated  or referred to, to have others act as agents,  factors,

brokers,  consignees  and  trustees  for the  corporation,  and to  exploit  and

advertise  such  businesses  by any and all  appropriate  means,  including  the

manufacture,  purchase,  rental, lease, and the sale, lease, or exhibition,  for

profit or otherwise, of motion pictures;


     (6) To  build,  purchase,  or  otherwise  acquire,  install,  lease,  rent,

charter,  own, manage,  operate,  use, mortgage,  pledge or otherwise  encumber,

sell,  exchange  or  otherwise  handle,  deal  with  or  dispose  of  tanneries,

factories,  manufacturing  plants,  stores,  or  buildings,  warehouses,  docks,

vessels, airships,  aeroplanes,  transportation companies and facilities on land

and sea and in the air, with all equipment and other property,  real,  personal,

or mixed, deemed by the Corporation to be necessary or advisable;


     (7) To purchase, or otherwise acquire, take, rent, lease, own, manage, use,

develop,  alter,  improve,  operate, deal in, handle, hold, borrow or lend money

upon, mortgage or otherwise encumber,  assign mortgages and deeds of trust upon,

exchange, sell or otherwise dispose of, convey and transfer,  buildings or other

real property,  improved and  unimproved and any interest  therein either within

the State of Delaware or any part of the world;


     (8) To apply for, obtain,  register,  purchase,  lease or otherwise acquire

and hold, own, use, operate,  introduce,  sell,  assign, or otherwise dispose of

and deal with any and all licenses,  easements,  trademarks, trade names, brands

and distinctive marks, and rights analogous thereto, concessions, copyrights and

patent  rights,  whether  issued  or  applied  for or not,  and all  inventions,

improvements,  formulae,  information,  and processes used in connection with or

secured under letters patent of the United States or elsewhere or otherwise; and

to use,  exercise,  develop,  grant licenses in respect of, or otherwise turn to

account, any such trademarks, trade names, brands, distinctive marks, and rights

analogous thereto,  processes,  formulae,  information,  patents, patent rights,

copyrights, licenses, inventions,  improvements,  easements, concessions and the

like, and with a view to the working and  development of the same,  carry on any

lawful  business  whatsoever,  whether  manufacturing  or  otherwise,  which the

Corporation may deem calculated directly or indirectly to accomplish its objects

or any of them;


     (9) To make, purchase,  otherwise acquire, deal in, enter into and perform,

contracts  of every sort and kind in  connection  with the  business  and powers

herein stated with any individual,  firm,  association or corporation  (private,

public,  quasi-public,  or  municipal),  and with the  government  of the United

States, or of any state,  territory,  colony, or other subdivision or possession

thereof,  or of any  foreign  government,  state,  territory,  colony,  or other

subdivision or possession thereof;


     (10) To acquire,  for the purposes herein set forth,  the whole or any part

of the assets, business, good will, formulae, processes, contracts, bills, notes

and accounts receivable,  rights and property of all kinds, and to undertake and

assume  the  whole  or  any  part  of the  liabilities,  of  any  person,  firm,

association  or  corporation  within the limits of law,  and to pay for the same

and/or for any other  property,  real or  personal,  which the  Corporation  may

acquire,  in cash, stock of this  Corporation of any class or classes,  bonds or

otherwise;  to hold, own, mortgage,  pledge,  encumber,  use, operate,  develop,

manage,  hire, lease, rent, assign,  transfer,  exchange,  trade and deal in and

with, sell and convey, or in any manner dispose of, the whole or any part of the

property so acquired;  to conduct any lawful manner the whole or any part of any

business so acquired and to exercise all the powers  necessary or  convenient in

and about the conduct and management of such business;


     (11) To purchase or otherwise  acquire,  hold,  own,  sell,  guarantee  the

payment of  dividends  upon,  assign,  transfer,  deliver,  mortgage,  pledge or

otherwise  encumber or dispose of shares of the capital stock,  of any class, or

voting trust certificates or other certificates  issued in respect of the shares

of the capital  stock,  of any class,  of other  corporations  or  associations,

organized or existing  under the laws of the State of Delaware,  or of any other

state, territory, district, colony or dependency of the United States of America

or of any foreign country; to purchase,  or otherwise acquire,  hold, own, sell,

assign,  transfer,  deliver,  endorse,  guarantee,  protect,  and  assist in the

performance and payment of,  mortgage,  pledge or otherwise  encumber or dispose

of, notes,  bonds,  debentures or other securities,  obligations or evidences of

indebtedness,  both  principal and  interest,  or contracts  issued,  created or

entered  into  by,  or  any  claims  against,  any  person,  partnership,  firm,

corporation or association  organized or existing under the laws of the State of

Delaware, or of any other state, territory,  district,  colony, or dependency of

the United  States of America or of any  foreign  country;  to issue and deliver

shares of the capital stock, of any class,  bonds, or other  obligations of this

Corporation in exchange for any such stock,  voting trust or other certificates,

or for any such bonds, notes, debentures,  securities,  obligations,  contracts,

evidences of indebtedness  or claims;  and while the owner or holder of any such

shares of stock, voting trust or other certificates,  bonds, notes,  debentures,

securities,  obligations,  contracts,  evidences of indebtedness  or claims,  to

possess and  exercise in respect  thereof any and all of the rights,  powers and

privileges of ownership, including the right to vote upon, or in respect of such

shares,  voting trust  certificates or other certificates in person or by proxy;

and upon a  distribution  of the  assets or a  division  of the  profits of this

Corporation  to  distribute  any such  shares  of stock,  voting  trust or other

certificates,  bonds, notes, securities,  obligations,  contracts,  evidences of

indebtedness or claims, or the proceeds thereof,  among the holders of the stock

of this  Corporation in accordance with their respective  interests;  to aid, in

any manner,  any  corporation,  association,  person,  partnership  or firm, the

stock,  bonds,   obligations,   voting  trust  or  other  certificates,   notes,

debentures,  securities,  contracts,  evidences of  indebtedness or claims of or

against which,  or any part thereof,  are held or are in any manner  endorsed or

guaranteed  by this  Corporation,  or in which this  Corporation  is directly or

indirectly interested,  and to do any other acts or things for the preservation,

protection,  improvement  or  enhancement  of  the  value  of any  such  stocks,

certificates,  bonds,  obligations,  notes, debentures,  securities,  contracts,

evidences of indebtedness  or claims,  and to do any acts or things designed for

any such purpose;


     (12) To borrow  money and to issue,  sell or pledge or  otherwise  encumber

bonds, notes,  debentures or other evidences of indebtedness of this Corporation

of any character to such amount,  and in such denominations and on such terms as

the Board of Directors may  determine,  subject to the other  provisions of this

Restated Certificate of Incorporation, and to secure the repayment of said money

and the  performance of the  obligations  entered into under said bonds,  notes,

debentures  and other  evidences  of  indebtedness  and the  performance  of the

covenants, agreements and conditions in any instrument given to secure the same,

by pledge,  mortgage,  deed of trust, assignment in trust, or other encumbrances

upon any or all of the property of the Corporation,  real, personal or mixed, or

otherwise,  or, if deemed advisable,  by mortgage of its good will or of some or

all of the  franchises  of the  Corporation  in such manner as may be allowed by

law; to draw,  make,  accept,  endorse,  take,  invest in, purchase or otherwise

acquire,  hold,  own,  execute,  issue,  sell and dispose of, trade and deal in,

mortgage,  pledge,  assign,  transfer,  and otherwise handle  promissory  notes,

drafts,  acceptances,   warrants,   debentures,  checks  and  other  negotiable,

non-negotiable,  transferable or non-transferable instruments or other evidences

of indebtedness and chooses in action;


     (13) To  purchase,  hold,  sell and  transfer the shares of its own capital

stock;  provided it shall not use its funds or property  for the purchase of its

own shares of  capital  stock when such use would  cause any  impairment  of its

capital;  and provided further that shares of its own capital stock belonging to

it shall not be voted upon directly or indirectly;


     (14) To carry on the above and any other business in any part of the world,

and to do any and all things which may seem to the Corporation  capable of being

conveniently carried on or done in connection with the objects herein set forth,

or  any  of  them,  or   calculated   directly  or  indirectly  to  develop  the

Corporation's business, or to enhance the value of the Corporation's property or

rights not forbidden by the laws of the State of Delaware;  and to do all or any

of  the  above  things  in  any  part  of  the  world,  as  principals,  agents,

contractors,  consignees,  factors, brokers,  trustees, or otherwise, and by and

through  trustees,  agents,  contractors,   consignees,   factors:  brokers,  or

otherwise,  and either alone or in conjunction  with other  individuals,  firms,

associations or corporations; and


     (15) To engage in any other lawful act or activity  for which  corporations

may be organized under the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware.


     The objects and purposes  specified  herein shall,  except where  otherwise

expressed,  be in no way limited or restricted by reference to or inference from

the terms of any other  clause or  paragraph  of this  Restated  Certificate  of

Incorporation. The objects, purposes and powers specified in each of the clauses

or paragraphs in this Restated Certificate of Incorporation shall be regarded as

independent objects, purposes and powers.


     The foregoing  shall be construed both as objects,  purposes and powers and

the enumeration thereof shall not be held to limit or restrict in any manner the

lawful powers of this Corporation.


     FOURTH.  The total number of shares of capital  stock of all classes  which

the  Corporation  shall have the  authority  to issue is One Hundred Ten Million

(110,000,000)  shares; all of such shares shall be without nominal or par value;

Ten Million (10,000,000) shares shall be Preferred Stock and One Hundred Million

(100,000,000)  shares shall be Common Stock. All persons who shall acquire stock

in the  Corporation  shall  acquire the same subject to the  provisions  of this

Restated Certificate of Incorporation.


     Pursuant  to  Section  8.06  of the  Joint  Plan of  Reorganization  of the

Corporation as confirmed by the United States  Bankruptcy  Court for the Eastern

District of Missouri,  Eastern Division in Consolidated Case No. 9140442172 (the

"Plan"), as of the Effective Date (as that term is defined in the Plan), any and

all of the  authorized  capital  stock of the  Corporation,  whether  issued  or

unissued,  including  any right to acquire  such capital  stock  pursuant to any

agreement, arrangement, or understanding, including, but not limited to, the Old

Common  Stock  Rights  Agreement  (as that term is  defined in the Plan) or upon

exercise of conversion rights,  exchange rights,  warrants,  options, Old Common

Stock  Purchase  Rights  or  other  rights,  existing  immediately  prior to the

Effective  Date was deemed  cancelled and of no further force or effect  without

any  action  on the  part of the  stockholders  or  Board  of  Directors  of the

Corporation. The holders of such cancelled capital stock and any cancelled right

to acquire  such capital  stock have no rights  arising from or relating to such

capital stock (or the stock  certificates  representing such cancelled stock) or

any right to acquire such capital stock or the cancellation thereof.


     Notwithstanding   anything  contained  in  this  Restated   Certificate  of

Incorporation  to the contrary,  the Corporation will not issue nonvoting equity

securities  to the extent  prohibited  by Section 1123 of the  Bankruptcy  Code;

provided,  however,  that this  paragraph:  (a) will have no  further  force and

effect beyond that required under Section 1123 of the Bankruptcy  Code, (b) will

have such  force and  effect,  if any,  only for so long as such  Section  is in

effect and applicable to the  Corporation,  and (c) in all events may be amended

or eliminated in accordance with applicable law from time to time in effect.


     The  designations  and  the  powers,   preferences  and  rights,   and  the

qualifications,  limitations or restrictions thereof, of the classes of stock of

this Corporation which are fixed by this Restated  Certificate of Incorporation,

and  the  express  grant  of  authority  to the  Board  of  Directors  to fix by

resolution or  resolutions  the  designations  and the powers,  preferences  and

rights,  and the  qualifications,  limitations and restrictions of the shares of

Preferred  Stock,   which  are  not  fixed  by  this  Restated   Certificate  of

Incorporation, are as follows:


                        SUBDIVISION ONE - PREFERRED STOCK


     A. The Preferred  Stock may be issued from time to time in any amount,  not

exceeding in the aggregate  (including  all shares of any and all series thereof

theretofore  issued and not  theretofore or concurrently  therewith  redeemed or

theretofore converted) the total number of shares of Preferred Stock hereinabove

authorized,  as preferred Stock of one or more series, as hereinafter  provided.

All  shares  of any one  series  of  Preferred  Stock  shall  be  alike in every

particular.  Each series of Preferred Stock shall be distinctively designated by

letter or  descriptive  words and all series shall rank equally and be identical

in all  respects  except as  permitted  by the  provisions  of Section B of this



     B.  Authority  is hereby  expressly  granted  to and vested in the Board of

Directors of the Corporation to cause the Preferred Stock to be issued from time

to time in one or more series and in  connection  therewith to fix by resolution

or resolutions (collectively, a "Preferred Stock Designation") providing for the

issue of such  series the number of shares to be included in such series and the

designations and such voting powers,  full or limited,  or no voting powers, and

such of the preferences and relative,  participating,  optional or other special

rights, and the  qualifications,  limitations or restrictions  thereof,  of such

series of the Preferred  Stock which are not fixed by this Restated  Certificate

of Incorporation,  to the full extent now or hereafter  permitted by the laws of

the State of Delaware. Without limiting the generality of the grant of authority

contained in the  preceding  sentence,  the Board of Directors is  authorized to

determine  any or all of the  following,  and the shares of each series may vary

from the shares of any other series in any or all of the following respects:


     (1) The  number  of  shares  of such  series  (which  may  subsequently  be

increased,  except as  otherwise  provided  by the  resolutions  of the Board of

Directors  providing for the issue of such series,  or decreased to a number not

less than the number of shares then outstanding) and the distinctive designation



     (2) The dividend rights, if any, of such series, the dividend  preferences,

if any, as between  such series and any other class or series of stock,  whether

and the extent to which shares of such series  shall be entitled to  participate

in dividends with shares of any other series or class of stock,  whether and the

extent  to  which  dividends  on  such  series  shall  be  cumulative,  and  any

limitations, restrictions or conditions on the payment of such dividends;


     (3) The time or times during which,  the price or prices at which,  and any

other terms or conditions on which the shares of such series may be redeemed, if



     (4) The rights of such series, and the preferences, if any, as between such

series and any other class or series of stock,  in the event of any voluntary or

involuntary  liquidation,  dissolution  or  winding  up of the  Corporation  and

whether and the extent to which  shares of any such series  shall be entitled to

participate in such event with any other class or series of stock;


     (5) The voting powers,  if any, in addition to the voting powers prescribed

by law of  shares  of such  series,  and the terms of  exercise  of such  voting



     (6) Whether shares of such series shall be convertible into or exchangeable

for shares of any other series or class of stock, or any other  securities,  and

the terms and conditions, if any, applicable to such right; and


     (7) The  terms and  conditions,  if any,  of any  purchase,  retirement  or

sinking fund which may be provided for the shares of such series.


                         SUBDIVISION TWO - COMMON STOCK


     A. The Common Stock of this  Corporation may be issued,  from time to time,

for such  consideration  as may be  fixed,  from  time to time,  by the Board of



     B.  After  full   cumulative   dividends  upon  the  Preferred  Stock  then

outstanding  shall have been paid for all past  dividend  periods in  accordance

with,  and if required by, the terms of any  Preferred  Stock  Designation,  and

after or concurrently with making such payments,  or declaring and setting apart

for payment in accordance  with,  and if required by, the terms of the Preferred

Stock Designation, full dividends on the Preferred Stock then outstanding to the

end of the then current dividend period, then and not otherwise,  the holders of

Common Stock shall,  subject to the provisions  hereof,  be entitled to receive,

out of any net profits or net assets of the  Corporation  legally  available for

dividends,  such  dividends as may from time to time be declared by the Board of



     In the event of any voluntary or  involuntary  liquidation,  dissolution or

winding up of the  Corporation,  after the holders of the  Preferred  Stock then

outstanding shall have received the full preferential  amounts, if any, to which

such  holders  are  entitled  pursuant  to  the  terms  of the  Preferred  Stock

Designation  upon such  voluntary or  involuntary  liquidation,  dissolution  or

winding  up, the holders of Common  Stock shall be entitled to share  ratably in

all assets of the Corporation  then remaining  according to the number of shares

of Common Stock held by them respectively.


     All holders of Common Stock shall be entitled to one vote for each share of

Common Stock standing of record in their respective names; subject,  however, to

the  provisions  of the ByLaws of the  Corporation  as from time to time amended

with  respect to the  closing of the  transfer  books and the fixing of a record



     C. The holders of Common Stock shall have no pre-emptive  right to purchase

or subscribe  for any shares of capital  stock of the  Corporation  of any class

whether now or hereafter authorized.


     FIFTH. The Corporation is to have perpetual existence.


     SIXTH. The private  property of the  stockholders of the Corporation  shall

not be subject to the payment of corporate debts to any extent whatsoever.


     SEVENTH.  (a) The following  provisions are inserted for the conduct of the

affairs  of the  Corporation,  and it is  expressly  provided  that the same are

intended to be in  furtherance  and not in limitation or exclusion of the powers

conferred by statute:


     (1) The number of directors of the Corporation (exclusive of directors (the

"Preferred  Stock  Directors")  who may be elected by the  holders of any one or

more  series of  Preferred  Stock which may at any time be  outstanding,  voting

separately  as a class or classes  pursuant to rights to elect  directors  under

specified  circumstances)  shall not be less than nine nor more than twenty-one,

the exact  number  within  said  limits to be fixed from time to time  solely by

resolution of the Board of Directors,  acting by not less than a majority of the

directors then in office.


     (2) The Board of Directors (exclusive of Preferred Stock Directors, if any)

shall be divided into three classes,  as nearly equal in size as possible,  with

the term of office of one class expiring each year. Subject to the provisions of

paragraphs  (a)(3) and (b) of this  Article  SEVENTH,  (i) the terms of one such

class of the  directors in office as of the  Effective  Date shall expire at the

first annual meeting of stockholders held after the Effective Date, the terms of

a second such class of such directors  shall expire at the second annual meeting

of  stockholders  held after the Effective Date, and the terms of the third such

class of such directors shall expire at the third annual meeting of stockholders

held after the Effective Date, and (ii) at each annual meeting of  stockholders,

directors  of each class the term of which shall then expire shall be elected to

hold office for a three-year  term and until the election and  qualification  of

their  respective  successors in office.  If the number of directors (other than

Preferred Stock Directors, if any) is changed, any increase or decrease shall be

apportioned by the Board of Directors among the three classes so that the number

in each class shall be as nearly equal as possible.  Election of directors  need

not be by ballot unless the By-Laws so provide.


     (3) Pursuant to the Plan,  three new directors were  designated as "Class A

Directors"  to hold  office  for a term  beginning  on the  Effective  Date  and

expiring at the third annual  meeting of  stockholders  held after the Effective

Date (but in no event  earlier  than June 1,  1995).  Such  directors  and their

successors are referred to herein as "Class A Directors". All Class A Directors,

whether in office at the  Effective  Date or elected as a successor  to any such

director,  shall be assigned to the class of directors whose terms expire at the

third annual  meeting of  stockholders  held after the Effective Date (but in no

event earlier than June 1, 1995), and from and after such meeting all references

to Class A Directors in this Restated  Certificate of Incorporation  will expire

and have no  further  force or  effect,  without  any  action on the part of the

stockholders or the Board of Directors of the Corporation.


     (4)  Subject  to the  rights of the  holders  of any one or more  series of

Preferred  Stock  then  outstanding  to  elect  directors  under   circumstances

specified  in any  Preferred  Stock  Designation,  newly  created  directorships

resulting  from any  increase  in the  authorized  number of  directors,  or any

vacancies  in  the  Board  of  Directors  resulting  from  death,   resignation,

retirement,  disqualification,  removal  from  office or other  cause,  shall be

filled  solely by the Board of Directors  acting by a majority of the  remaining

directors  then in  office,  even  though  less  than a quorum  of the  Board of

Directors, except that vacancies in the positions of the Class A Directors shall

be  filled by the  remaining  Class A  Directors  with a  substitute  reasonably

acceptable  to a majority of the  directors,  other than the Class A  Directors,

then in office.  Any director elected in accordance with the preceding  sentence

shall hold office for the  remainder  of the full term of the class of directors

in which the new directorship was created or the vacancy occurred and until such

director's  successor shall have been elected and qualified.  No decrease in the

number of directors shall shorten the term of any incumbent director.


     (5)  Subject  to the  rights of the  holders  of any one or more  series of

Preferred  Stock  then  outstanding  to  elect  directors  under   circumstances

specified in any Preferred Stock Designation,  any director, or the entire Board

of  Directors,  may be removed  from office at any time,  but only for cause and

only by the affirmative vote of the holders of a majority of the combined voting

power of the  outstanding  shares of stock of the  Corporation  entitled to vote

generally  in the  election of  directors,  voting  together as a single  class;

provided  that in the  case of Class A  Directors  the  affirmative  vote of the

holders of at least a majority of the shares of Common Stock actually  voting at

a meeting called for such purpose, excluding any shares of Common Stock or other

securities of which a Substantial  Stockholder  is the Beneficial  Owner,  shall

also be required.


     (6) The  By-Laws  may  prescribe  the  number  of  directors  necessary  to

constitute  a quorum and such  number  may be less than a majority  of the total

number of directors, but shall not be less than one-third of the total number of



     (7) Except as may be  otherwise  provided  by  statute or in this  Restated

Certificate of Incorporation,  the business and affairs of the Corporation shall

be managed under the direction of the Board of Directors.


     (8) Notwithstanding any other provision of law which might otherwise permit

a lesser vote or no vote, but in addition to any affirmative vote of the holders

of any particular  class of stock of the Corporation  entitled to vote generally

in the election of directors  required by law or this  Restated  Certificate  of

Incorporation,  the  affirmative  vote  of (i)  the  holders  of not  less  than

three-fourths of the combined voting power of the outstanding shares of stock of

the Corporation entitled to vote generally in the election of directors,  voting

together as a single  class at a meeting  called for such  purpose,  and (ii) in

addition,  the holders of a majority of the combined voting power of such shares

(or in the  case  of any  alteration,  amendment,  adoption  of an  inconsistent

provision or repeal  relating to Class A Directors,  a majority of the shares of

Common Stock)  actually  voting at such meeting,  excluding any shares of Common

Stock or other  securities of which a Substantial  Stockholder is the Beneficial

Owner, shall be required to alter, amend, adopt any provision  inconsistent with

or repeal this Article SEVENTH or paragraph (a) of Article EIGHTH.


     (9) For purposes of this Article SEVENTH and Articles ELEVENTH and TWELFTH,

the term  "Substantial  Stockholder"  shall  mean and  include  (other  than the

Corporation or any  subsidiary  and other than any employee  benefit plan of the

Corporation or any subsidiary or any trustee of or fiduciary with respect to any

such plan when  acting in such  capacity,  all of which are  excluded  from such

definition):  (a) any  individual,  corporation,  partnership or other person or

entity which,  together with its  Affiliates and  Associates,  is the Beneficial

Owner in the aggregate of more than ten percent of the combined  voting power of

the outstanding shares of stock of the Corporation entitled to vote generally in

the  election of  directors,  and (b) any  Affiliate  or  Associate  of any such

individual, corporation, partnership or other person or entity.


     For purposes of this Article SEVENTH and Articles ELEVENTH and TWELFTH, the

following terms shall be defined by reference to the Securities  Exchange Act of

1934 and the Rules in effect thereunder on the Effective Date: "Affiliate" under

Rule 12b-2,  "Associate"  under Rule 12b-2;  and  "Beneficial  Owner" under Rule



     (b)  Notwithstanding  anything  contained in this Restated  Certificate  of

Incorporation  to the  contrary,  Paragraphs  (a)(1),  (a)(2) and (a)(5) of this

Article SEVENTH will expire and have no further force and effect,  and Paragraph

(a)(8) of this Article SEVENTH will apply only to amendment of Paragraph  (a)(9)

of this Article  SEVENTH,  without any action on the part of the stockholders or

Board of  Directors of the  Corporation,  at and from and after the first annual

meeting of stockholders  of the  Corporation  held on or after June 1, 1995, and

the terms of all  directors  then in office  shall  terminate  at such  meeting,

unless such Paragraphs are continued in effect by the  affirmative  vote at such

meeting  of the  holders  of a  majority  of the  combined  voting  power of the

outstanding shares of stock of the Corporation entitled to vote generally in the

election of directors, voting together as a single class.


     EIGHTH. In furtherance and not in limitation of the powers conferred by the

laws of the State of Delaware, the Board of Directors is expressly authorized:


     (a) To make and alter the By-Laws of the  Corporation  subject to the power

of the  stockholders,  at the time entitled to vote, to alter or repeal  By-Laws

made by the Board of Directors;


     (b) To fix the amount to be reserved as working capital and, subject to the

other provisions of this Restated Certificate of Incorporation, to authorize and

cause to be executed mortgages and liens upon the property and franchises of the



     (c) If a resolution passed by a majority of the whole Board so provides, to

designate  three or more of their number to constitute  an Executive  Committee,

which  Committee  shall for the time being, as provided in said resolution or in

the By-Laws of the  Corporation,  have and  exercise any or all of the powers of

the Board of  Directors  in the  management  of the  business and affairs of the

Corporation  and have  power to  authorize  the  seal of the  Corporation  to be

affixed to all papers which may require it;


     (d) From time to time to determine  whether,  to what extent, at what times

and places and under what  conditions and  regulations the books and accounts of

the  Corporation,  or any of them other than the stock ledger,  shall be open to

the inspection of the  stockholders;  and no stockholder shall have any right to

inspect any account or book or document of the Corporation,  except as conferred

by law or authorized by resolution of the directors or of the stockholders;


     (e) If the By-Laws so provide,  the  stockholders  and directors shall have

power to hold their meetings, to have an office or offices and to keep the books

of the  Corporation  (subject to the  provisions of the statute)  outside of the

State of Delaware at such places as may from time to time be designated by them,

whether within or without the United States of America; and


     (f) The  Corporation  may in its By-Laws  confer  powers  additional to the

foregoing upon the directors,  in addition to the powers and authority expressly

conferred upon them by law.


     NINTH.  No contract or other  transaction  between the  Corporation and any

other  corporation and no act of the Corporation shall in any way be affected or

invalidated  by the  fact  that  any of the  directors  of the  Corporation  are

pecuniarily  or otherwise  interested  in, or are directors or officers of, such

other corporation; any director individually,  or any firm of which any director

may be a  member,  may  be a  party  to,  or may  be  pecuniarily  or  otherwise

interested in, any contract or transaction of the Corporation, provided that the

fact that he or such firm is so  interested,  shall be  disclosed  or shall have

been known to the Board of Directors or a majority thereof;  and any director of

the Corporation  who is also a director or officer of such other  corporation or

who is so interested may be counted in determining  the existence of a quorum at

any meeting of the Board of Directors of the  Corporation  which shall authorize

any such  contract or  transaction,  and may vote thereat to authorize  any such

contract  or  transaction  with  like  force  and  effect as if he were not such

director or officer of such other corporation or not so interested.


     TENTH. The Corporation reserves the right to amend, alter, change or repeal

any provision  contained in this Restated  Certificate of Incorporation,  in the

manner now or hereafter  prescribed by statute,  and all rights  conferred  upon

stockholders herein are granted subject to this reservation.


     ELEVENTH.  Except as otherwise  provided in this  Restated  Certificate  of

Incorporation,  any action required or permitted to be taken by the stockholders

of the  Corporation  must be effected at a duly called annual or special meeting

of stockholders of the Corporation and may not be effected by consent in writing

by such  stockholders.  Special meetings of stockholders of this Corporation may

be called only by the Board of Directors pursuant to a resolution  approved by a

majority of the entire  Board of  Directors,  or by the holders of not less than

one-fifth of the combined voting power of the outstanding shares of stock of the

Corporation  entitled to vote generally in the election of directors (by written

notice  delivered to the Secretary of the  Corporation),  upon not less than ten

and not more than sixty days written notice.


     This  Article  ELEVENTH  (and  paragraph  (a)(9) of Article  SEVENTH to the

extent  the  terms  being  amended  are used in this  Article  ELEVENTH)  may be

altered,  amended or repealed or an inconsistent provision adopted only upon the

affirmative  vote of (i) the  holders  of not  less  than  three-fourths  of the

combined  voting  power of the  outstanding  shares of stock of the  Corporation

entitled to vote  generally in the election of directors,  voting  together as a

single class at a meeting  called for such  purpose,  and (ii) in addition,  the

holders of a majority of the combined voting power of the shares of Common Stock

and any other class of stock  voting on such  matter as a single  class with the

Common Stock  actually  voting at such  meeting,  excluding any shares of Common

Stock and other securities of which a Substantial  Stockholder is the Beneficial



     TWELFTH.  The  Corporation  shall not engage in any  Affiliate  Transaction

unless the same  shall have been  approved  by a majority  of the  Disinterested

Directors  (including,  until the first annual  meeting of  stockholders  of the

Corporation  held on or after June 1, 1995, at least one Class A Director)  and,

if the Affiliate  Transaction must be approved by stockholders  under applicable

law and no  Substantial  Stockholder  is the record owner of at least 90% of the

outstanding  shares of Common  Stock and any other class of stock voting on such

transaction  as a single  class  with such  Common  Stock,  by the  holders of a

majority of the  combined  voting power of such shares  actually  voting on such

transaction at a meeting called for such purpose, excluding any shares of Common

Stock and other securities of which the Substantial Stockholder involved in such

transaction is the Beneficial  Owner. If, at any time, there is no Disinterested

Director,  a  Substantial  Stockholder  will not be  permitted  to  engage in an

Affiliate  Transaction  except  with the  affirmative  vote of the holders of at

least a majority of the combined  voting power of the shares of Common Stock and

any other class of stock voting on such  transaction  as a single class with the

Common Stock actually voting at a meeting called for such purpose, excluding any

shares  of  Common  Stock  and  other   securities  of  which  such  Substantial

Stockholder is the Beneficial Owner.


     For  purposes of this Article  TWELFTH,  the term  "Affiliate  Transaction"

shall mean:


     (1)  Any merger or  consolidation  of the  Corporation or any subsidiary of

          the Corporation with any Substantial Stockholder,  regardless of which

          entity survives;


     (2)  Any  sale,  lease,  exchange,  mortgage,  pledge,  transfer  or  other

          disposition  (in one  transaction or a series of  transactions)  to or

          with any  Substantial  Stockholder of any assets of the Corporation or

          any subsidiary of the Corporation;


     (3)  The issuance or transfer by the  Corporation  or any subsidiary of the

          Corporation  of  any  securities  of  the   Corporation  or  any  such

          subsidiary  to any  Substantial  Stockholder  in  exchange  for  cash,

          securities or other property (or a combination thereof);


     (4)  Any reclassification of securities,  or any  recapitalization,  of the

          Corporation or any of its subsidiaries, or any merger or consolidation

          of  the  Corporation  with  any of its  subsidiaries  (whether  or not

          involving a Substantial  Stockholder) or any similar  transaction,  if

          the  transaction  would have the effect,  directly or  indirectly,  of

          increasing the  proportionate  share of the outstanding  shares of any

          class of equity or  convertible  securities of the  Corporation or any

          subsidiary,  of  which a  Substantial  Stockholder  is the  Beneficial

          Owner; or


     (5)  Any  other   transaction   between  the  Corporation  or  any  of  its

          subsidiaries  and  a  Substantial  Stockholder,   including,   without

          limitation,   payments  of  compensation   and  management  fees,  but

          excluding customary  directors' fees and other expense  reimbursements

          payable to all directors.


Notwithstanding  the  foregoing,  the  following  shall  be  excluded  from  the

definition of "Affiliate Transaction":


     (1)  Bona fide loans (excluding loans  convertible into equity) made to the

          Corporation  or any of its  subsidiaries  by one or  more  Substantial

          Stockholders in an aggregate  amount not to exceed  $10,000,000 in any

          12-month period;


     (2)  Issuances  to a  Substantial  Stockholder  in bona fide  offerings  of

          equity,  convertible or  equity-related  securities of the Corporation

          made for the purpose of raising capital (excluding offerings primarily

          intended as management or employee  compensation) on the same terms as

          are  offered  to  participants  who  are not  Affiliates,  Associates,

          directors, officers or employees of the Corporation or any Substantial

          Stockholder or any  subsidiary of any thereof,  but only to the extent

          such  issuance  is required  to prevent  dilution of such  Substantial

          Stockholder's   percentage   interest  in  the  Common  Stock  of  the

          Corporation on a fully diluted basis;


     (3)  The  repurchase  of  debt  or  equity  securities  from a  Substantial

          Stockholder  on terms  identical  to those being  offered to all other

          holders  of the same  securities  or,  in the case of debt  securities

          only, at market;


     (4)  The preparation and filing of one or more registration statements with

          respect to securities of the  Corporation  received by any Substantial

          Stockholder  pursuant to or in connection with the Plan and payment of

          reasonable  expenses  associated  therewith,  other than  underwriting

          discounts and commissions,  and all actions relating to the foregoing;



     (5)  Immaterial transactions in the ordinary course of business between the

          Corporation   or  any  of  its   subsidiaries   and  any   Substantial



     For purposes of this Article  TWELFTH,  the term  "Disinterested  Director"

shall mean any member of the Board of Directors of the  Corporation  who, at the

relevant  time, is not an employee or officer of the  Corporation  or any of its

subsidiaries,  Affiliates or Associates, and is not a Substantial Stockholder or

a director, officer or employee of a Substantial Stockholder.


     This Article TWELFTH (and paragraph (a)(9) of Article SEVENTH to the extent

the terms  being  amended  are used in this  Article  TWELFTH)  may be  altered,

amended  or  repealed  or  an  inconsistent  provision  adopted  only  upon  the

affirmative  vote of (i) the  holders  of not  less  than  three-fourths  of the

combined  voting  power of the  outstanding  shares of stock of the  Corporation

entitled to vote  generally in the election of directors,  voting  together as a

single class at a meeting  called for such  purpose,  and (ii) in addition,  the

holders of a majority of the combined voting power of the shares of Common Stock

(and,  in the case of any  alteration,  amendment  or repeal or  adoption  of an

inconsistent  provision  not relating to Class A  Directors,  any other class of

stock  voting on such matter as a single class with the Common  Stock)  actually

voting  at such  meeting,  excluding  any  shares  of  Common  Stock  (or  other

securities) of which a Substantial Stockholder is the Beneficial Owner.


     In accordance  with Section  203(b) of the General  Corporation  Law of the

State of Delaware,  the Corporation  hereby elects not to be governed by Section

203 of the General  Corporation Law of the State of Delaware which restricts the

consummation   of  certain   business   combination   transactions   in  certain





     1. In addition to any affirmative vote required or permitted by law or this

Restated  Certificate of Incorporation  or the By-Laws of the  Corporation,  and

except as  otherwise  expressly  provided  in  Paragraphs  l(a) and l(b) of this

Article  THIRTEENTH,  the Corporation shall not effect,  directly or indirectly,

any Stock Repurchase from an Interested Stockholder unless said Stock Repurchase

is  authorized  by the  affirmative  vote of the  holders of a  majority  of the

combined  voting  power of the  outstanding  shares of stock of the  Corporation

entitled to vote generally in the election of directors ("Voting Stock"), voting

together as a single class,  actually  voting on such  transaction  at a meeting

called for such purpose,  excluding any shares which are  beneficially  owned by

such Interested Stockholder.


     The preceding  provision of this Article THIRTEENTH shall not be applicable

to any Stock Repurchase from an Interested  Stockholder if such Stock Repurchase

is effected by the Corporation pursuant to:


     (a)  a tender offer or exchange offer by the Corporation for some or all of

          the  outstanding  shares  of  any  or  all  classes  of  stock  of the

          Corporation made on the same terms to all holders of such shares; or


     (b)  an open market stock purchase  program approved by a majority of those

          members of the Board of  Directors  who are not  directors,  officers,

          employees,  Affiliates or Associates of an Interested  Stockholder  or

          any Affiliate or Associate of an Interested Stockholder.


     2. For purposes of this Article THIRTEENTH:


     (a)  The  following  terms shall be defined by reference to the  Securities

          Exchange  Act of 1934  and  the  Rules  in  effect  thereunder  on the

          Effective Date:  "Affiliate" under Rule 12b-2;  "Associate" under Rule

          12b-2;  "Subsidiary"  under Rule 12b-2;  and "Beneficial  Owner" under

          Rule 13d-3.


     (b)  An  "Interested  Stockholder"  shall  mean a  Person  (other  than any

          Subsidiary of the  Corporation,  any  profit-sharing,  employee  stock

          ownership or other  employee  benefit plan of the  Corporation  or any

          Subsidiary  of the  Corporation,  or any trustee of or fiduciary  with

          respect to any such plan when  acting in such  capacity,  all of which

          shall be excluded from such definition) who: (i) has been a Beneficial

          Owner for a period of less  than two  years  immediately  prior to the

          Determination  Date  of  five  percent  or  more  of  the  issued  and

          outstanding  shares of Voting Stock  (including any Voting Stock which

          such Person or any of its  Affiliates or Associates  has (a) the right

          to acquire  (whether  such right is  exercisable  immediately  or only

          after the passage of time), pursuant to any agreement,  arrangement or

          understanding  or upon the  exercise of  conversion  rights,  exchange

          rights,  warrants or options,  or otherwise,  or (b) the right to vote

          pursuant to any agreement,  arrangement or understanding);  or (ii) is

          an Affiliate of the Corporation  who was the Beneficial  Owner of five

          percent or more of the issued and  outstanding  shares of Voting Stock

          at any  time  within  the  two-year  period  immediately  prior to the

          Determination  Date;  or  (iii)  is an  assignee  of or has  otherwise

          succeeded to any shares of Voting Stock which were beneficially  owned

          by any Interested  Stockholder at any time within the two-year  period

          immediately  prior to the  Determination  Date, if such  assignment or

          succession  shall  have  occurred  in the course of a  transaction  or

          series of  transactions  not  involving a public  offering  within the

          meaning of the Securities Act of 1933.


     (c)  The term "Stock Repurchase" shall mean any direct or indirect purchase

          by the  Corporation or any Subsidiary of the Corporation of any shares

          of the Voting  Stock at a price  greater than the Market Price of such

          shares,  or any direct or  indirect  purchase  of such  shares for any

          consideration other than cash.


     (d)  "Market  Price"  shall mean the closing sale price on the last trading

          day  immediately  preceding the  Determination  Date of a share of the

          Corporation's  Voting Stock on the  Composite  Tape for New York Stock

          Exchange-Listed Stocks, or, if such Voting Stock is not listed on such

          Exchange,  on the principal United States securities exchange on which

          such Voting Stock is listed, or, if such Voting Stock is not listed on

          any such  exchange,  the closing bid quotation with respect to a share

          of such Voting Stock on the last trading day immediately preceding the

          Determination Date on the National  Association of Securities Dealers,

          Inc. Automated Quotations System or any similar system then in use, or

          if no such  quotations  are  available,  the fair market  value on the

          Determination  Date of a share of such Voting Stock as  determined  in

          good faith by a majority of the Board of Directors.


     (e)  "Determination  Date" shall mean the date upon which the determination

          of Market Price is made by the Board of Directors.


     (f)  The term "Person"  shall mean any  individual,  firm,  corporation  or

          other entity and shall include any group comprising any person and any

          other  person with whom such person or any  Affiliate  or Associate of

          such person has any agreement, arrangement or understanding,  directly

          or  indirectly,  for the  purpose  of  acquiring,  holding,  voting or

          disposing of stock.


     3. The Board of Directors  shall have the power and duty to  determine  for

the purposes of this Article THIRTEENTH on the basis of information known to its

members after reasonable inquiry,  (1) whether a Person Is, and if so, when such

Person  became,  an Interested  Stockholder,  (2) the number of shares of Voting

Stock of the Corporation or other securities of which any Person is a Beneficial

Owner and the number of votes entitled to be cast by such Person,  (3) whether a

Person is an  Affiliate  or  Associate  of  another,  and (4)  whether the price

proposed to be paid for any shares of stock of the  Corporation  is in excess of

the Market Price of such shares. Any such determination made in good faith shall

be binding on and conclusive for all parties.


For the purposes of  determining  whether a Person is an Interested  Stockholder

pursuant to Paragraph 2(b) of this Article, the shares of Voting Stock deemed to

be  outstanding  shall include shares deemed  beneficially  owned by such Person

through application of Paragraph 2(a) of this Article, but shall not include any

other  shares of Voting  Stock that may be issuable  pursuant to any  agreement,

arrangement or understanding, or upon exercise of conversion rights, warrants or

options, or otherwise.


     4.  Notwithstanding any other provision of law which might otherwise permit

a lesser vote or no vote, but in addition to any affirmative vote of the holders

of any  particular  class  of  Voting  Stock  required  by law or this  Restated

Certificate of  Incorporation,  the affirmative  vote of the holders of at least

three-fourths of the Voting Stock,  voting together as a single class,  shall be

required to alter,  amend, adopt any provision  inconsistent with or repeal this



     5.  Notwithstanding  anything  contained in this  Restated  Certificate  of

Incorporation  to the  contrary,  Paragraph 4 of this  Article  THIRTEENTH  will

expire and have no further force' and effect,  without any action on the part of

the stockholders or Board of Directors of the  Corporation,  at the first annual

meeting of the  stockholders  of the  Corporation  held on or after June 1, 1995

unless such provisions are continued in effect by the  affirmative  vote at such

meeting of the holders of not less than a majority of the combined  voting power

of the outstanding shares of stock of the Corporation entitled to vote generally

in the election of directors, voting together as a single class.


     FOURTEENTH. A director of the Corporation shall not be personally liable to

the  Corporation  or its  stockholders  for  monetary  damages for any breach of

fiduciary  duty by such  director  as a  director,  except (i) for breach of the

director's duty of loyalty to the Corporation or its stockholders, (ii) for acts

or omissions  not in good faith or which  involve  intentional  misconduct  or a

knowing  violation of law, (iii) pursuant to Section 174 of the Delaware General

Corporation  Law, or (iv) for any transaction from which the director derived an

improper  personal  benefit.  The Corporation  shall indemnify its directors and

officers to the fullest extent  permitted by Section 145 of the Delaware General

Corporation  Law. No  amendment to or repeal of this  Article  FOURTEENTH  shall

apply to or have  any  effect  on the  liability  or  alleged  liability  of any

director of the Corporation for or with respect to any acts or omissions of such

director  occurring prior to such amendment or repeal.  If the Delaware  General

Corporation  Law is  amended  hereafter  to expand or limit the  liability  of a

director,  then the liability of a director of the Corporation shall be expanded

to the fullest extent required or limited to the fullest extent permitted by the

Delaware General Corporation Law, as so amended.


     FIFTEENTH.  No director or Substantial Stockholder (as that term is defined

in Article  SEVENTH  hereof) shall have any obligation to bring to the attention

of the Corporation any business or other corporate opportunity which has come to

his or its attention solely by virtue of his or its involvement, as the case may

be, in any business  enterprise (other than the Corporation or its subsidiaries)

in which such director or Substantial Stockholder has an interest.


     SIXTEENTH.  Except as provided in Articles FOURTEENTH and FIFTEENTH hereof,

nothing  contained  in this  Restated  Certificate  of  Incorporation  shall  be

construed to relieve any person or entity from any fiduciary  obligation imposed

by law.



Signed and attested to as of July 29, 1992.



                                      /s/  R.B. Loynd







  /s/ D. A. Patterson









                           )    ss.:




     BE IT REMEMBERED  THAT,  on July 29, 1992,  before me, a Notary Public duly

authorized by law to take  acknowledgement of deeds,  personally came R.B. Loynd

who duly signed the foregoing  instrument  before me and acknowledged  that such

signing is his act and deed,  that such  instrument  as  executed is the act and

deed of said corporation, and that the facts stated therein are true.


     GIVEN under my hand on July 29, 1992.



                                /s/  Betty Mathes


                                Notary Public




                            CERTIFICATE OF AMENDMENT







     INTERCO  INCORPORATED,  a corporation  organized and existing  under and by

virtue of the  General  Corporation  Law of the State of  Delaware,  DOES HEREBY



     FIRST: That the Board of Directors of said  corporation,  at a meeting duly

convened and held on the 26th day of January,  1993,  proposed amendments to the

corporation's Restated Certificate of Incorporation, and at such meeting adopted

resolutions setting forth the amendments proposed,  declaring their advisability

and  directing  that the  amendments  proposed be  considered at the next annual

meeting of stockholders of said corporation; said amendments are as follows:


     The Restated  Certificate of Incorporation of INTERCO  INCORPORATED be, and

it hereby is, amended as follows:


     Article FOURTH is hereby amended by deleting the third paragraph thereof.


     Article  SEVENTH  is  hereby  amended  by  deleting  Paragraph  (a)(2)  and

substituting the following in lieu thereof:


          "(2) As of the Effective  Date,  The Board of Directors  (exclusive of

     Preferred  Stock  Directors,  if any) was divided  into three  classes,  as

     nearly  equal in size as  possible,  with the term of  office  of one class

     expiring each year.  Subject to the provisions of Paragraphs (a)(3) and (b)

     of this Article  SEVENTH,  (i) the terms of one such class of the directors

     in office as of the Effective Date shall expire at the first annual meeting

     of  stockholders  held after the Effective Date, the terms of a second such

     class of such  directors  shall  expire at the  second  annual  meeting  of

     stockholders held after the Effective Date, and the terms of the third such

     class of such  directors  shall  expire  at the  third  annual  meeting  of

     stockholders held after the Effective Date, and (ii) at each annual meeting

     of  stockholders,  directors  of each  class the term of which  shall  then

     expire  shall be elected to hold  office for a one-year  term and until the

     election and qualification of their respective successors in office. If the

     number of  directors  (other than  Preferred  Stock  Directors,  if any) is

     changed,  any  increase or decrease  shall be  apportioned  by the Board of

     Directors  among the  classes so that the number in each class  shall be as

     nearly  equal as  possible.  Election  of  directors  need not be by ballot

     unless the By-Laws so provide."


     Article  SEVENTH is hereby further  amended by deleting the date,  "June 1,

1995" in the first and last  sentences of Paragraph  (a)(3) and in Paragraph (b)

and substituting in lieu thereof the date, "May 1, 1995."


     Article  TWELFTH is hereby amended by deleting the date,  "June 1, 1995" in

the first  sentence of the Article and  substituting  in lieu  thereof the date,

"May 1, 1995."


     SECOND: That thereafter,  pursuant to resolution of its Board of Directors,

an annual meeting of the  stockholders  of said  corporation was duly called and

held, upon notice in accordance with Section 222 of the General  Corporation Law

of the State of Delaware  at which  meeting  the  necessary  number of shares as

required by statute were voted in favor of the amendments.


     THIRD:  That said  amendments  were duly  adopted  in  accordance  with the

provisions  of  Section  242 of the  General  Corporation  Law of the  State  of



     FOURTH:  That the capital of said  corporation will not be reduced under or

by reason of said amendments.


     IN WITNESS WHEREOF, said INTERCO INCORPORATED has caused its corporate seal

to be hereunto  affixed and this  certificate  to be signed by Richard B. Loynd,

its Chairman of the Board,  and attested by Duane A.  Patterson,  its Secretary,

this 5th day of May, 1993.


                                    INTERCO INCORPORATED



ATTEST:                        By  /s/  Richard B. Loynd


                                        Richard B. Loynd

By  /s/  Duane A. Patterson             Chairman of the Board


     Duane A. Patterson












Furniture Brands International, Inc. (the “Corporation”), a corporation organized and existing under and by virtue of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware (the “Act”), does hereby certify that:

FIRST:    The Board of Directors of the Corporation duly adopted a resolution setting forth a proposed amendment (the “Amendment”) to the Certificate of Incorporation of the Corporation (as amended from time to time in accordance with its terms, the “Certificate of Incorporation”), adopting and approving the Amendment in all respects, declaring its adoption advisable and submitting it to the stockholders of the Corporation entitled to vote thereon for their consideration, adoption and approval. The resolution setting forth the Amendment is as follows:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that ARTICLE ONE of the Certificate of Incorporation is hereby amended and restated in its entirety to read as follows:

“1. The name of the corporation is FBI Wind Down, Inc.”

SECOND:    Thereafter, pursuant to resolution of the Corporation’s Board of Directors, a special meeting of the stockholders of the Corporation was duly called and held upon notice in accordance with Section 222 of the Act at which meeting the necessary number of shares as required by statute were voted in favor of the Amendment.

THIRD:     The Amendment was duly adopted and approved in accordance with the provisions of Section 242 of the Act.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Corporation has caused this Certificate of Amendment of Certificate of Incorporation to be signed by its duly authorized officer as of November 25, 2013.








/s/ Meredith M. Graham



Meredith M. Graham



Chief Administrative Officer, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary


[As Filed: 12-2-2013]