(with amendment approved by shareholders on 9/12/97)



      FIRST:  That the name of the corporation is


                    Gerber Scientific, Inc.


      SECOND:  That said Corporation is to be located in the Town

of South Windsor, in the State of Connecticut.


       THIRD:   That the nature of the business to be  transacted

and   the  purposes  to  be  promoted  or  carried  out  by  said

Corporation are as follows:


       1.  To manufacture, fabricate, assemble, sell, distribute,

license,  export, and import and deal in all kinds and  forms  of

scientific  and  drawing instruments and appliances,  and  parts,

goods, wares, merchandise, and personal property of every nature,

kind and description whatsoever.


       2.   To engage in any mercantile, manufacturing or trading

business  of  any  kind  or character whatsoever  throughout  the

world, and to do all things incidental to any such business.


       3.   To  adopt,  purchase or otherwise  acquire  and  own,

control  and  operate under letters patent issued by  the  United

States  or  by  the  government of any other  country  whatsoever

securing  any invention or improvement or any license  or  rights

under  any  such  letters patent which may be  deemed  necessary,

convenient,  expedient  or  useful  in  the  prosecution  of  its

business  and to sell such patents or patent rights, or to  grant

licenses  or  rights  thereunder to others and  to  sue  for  any

infringement upon the right of said Corporation.


       4.   To  apply for, obtain, register, purchase,  lease  or

otherwise  acquire and to hold, use, pledge, lease, sell,  assign

or  otherwise dispose of formulas, secret processes,  distinctive

marks,   improvements,  processes,  trade  names,  trade   marks,

copyrights, patents, licenses, concessions and the like,  whether

used  in  connection with or secured under Letters Patent  of  or

issued  by  any  country or authority; and  to  issue,  exercise,

develop  and grant licenses in respect thereof or otherwise  turn

the same to account.


       5.   To purchase or otherwise acquire, hold, sell, pledge,

transfer  or  otherwise dispose of and to reissue or  cancel  the

share  of  its  own  capital stock or  any  securities  or  other

obligations  of the Corporation in the manner and to  the  extent

now  or  hereafter permitted by the laws of the  jurisdiction  of

incorporation of this  Corporation.


       6.   To  acquire, purchase, hold, operate, develop, lease,

mortgage, pledge, exchange, sell, transfer, or otherwise  invest,

trade  or deal in, any manner permitted by law, real and personal

property of every kind and description or any interest therein.


       7.   To borrow or raise monies for any of the purposes  of

the  Corporation  and  from time to time,  without  limit  as  to

amount,  to  draw, make, accept, endorse, guarantee, execute  and

issue  promissory  notes, drafts, bills  of  exchange,  warrants,

bonds,   debentures   and  other  negotiable  or   non-negotiable

instruments  and  evidences of indebtedness, and  to  secure  the

payment  thereof, and of the interest thereon by mortgage  on  or

pledge, conveyance, or assignment in trust of, the whole  or  any

part of the assets of the Corporation, real or personal or mixed,

including  contract  rights,  whether  at  the  time   owned   or

thereafter acquired, and to sell, pledge, or otherwise dispose of

such  securities or other obligations of the Corporation for  its

corporate purposes.


       8.   The  foregoing  enumerated powers  shall  not  be  in

limitation  of  the  rights,  powers,  and  privileges  of   this

Corporation,  it  being  the  intention  of  the  Corporation  to

exercise  all  the  rights,  powers, and  privileges  granted  to

corporations  under the General Laws of the State of Connecticut,

which powers and privileges are not expressly prohibited thereby,

and  to  conduct  in  any  manner  whatsoever  any  business   or

businesses necessary, incidental or connected with the  foregoing



       9.  The foregoing clauses shall be construed as powers  as

well  as objects and purposes, and the matters expressed in  each

clause shall, unless herein otherwise expressly provided,  be  in

no  wise  limited by reference to or inference from the terms  of

any  other clause, but shall be regarded as independent  objects,

purposes  and  powers  and the enumeration of  specific  objects,

purposes  and powers shall not be construed to limit or  restrict

in  any manner the meaning of general terms or the general powers

of  the  corporation, nor shall the expression of  one  thing  be

deemed  to exclude another not expressed, although it be of  like


      10.   To  do  everything necessary, proper,  advisable,  or

convenient for the accomplishment of any of the purposes  or  the

attainment of any of the objects of the furtherance of any of the

powers  herein  set  forth and to do every other  act  and  thing

incidental thereto or connected therewith, provided the  same  to

be not forbidden by the laws of the jurisdiction of incorporation

of this Corporation.


      FOURTH:  The total number of shares of all classes of stock

which  the Corporation shall have authority to issue is  seventy-

five   million   (75,000,000),  of   which   sixty-five   million

(65,000,000) shall be Common Stock, par value one dollar  ($1.00)

per share, and ten million (10,000,000) shall be Preferred Stock,

without par value.


       Except  as  otherwise  provided  in  this  Certificate  of

Incorporation,  the Board of Directors shall  have  authority  to

authorize  the issuance, from time to time, without any  vote  or

other  action by the shareholders, of any or all shares of  stock

of the Corporation of any class or series at any time authorized,

and  any securities convertible into or exchangeable for any such

shares,  and  any  options, rights, or warrants  to  purchase  or

acquire any such shares, in each case to such persons and on such

terms (including as a dividend or distribution on or with respect

to,  or  in  connection  with  a split  or  combination  of,  the

outstanding  shares of stock of the same or any  other  class  or

series)  as  the  Board of Directors from time  to  time  in  its

discretion  lawfully may determine.  Shares so  issued  shall  be

fully  paid  stock, and the holders of such stock  shall  not  be

liable to any further call or assessments thereon.


      A  description  of the different classes of  stock  of  the

Corporation  and  the manner of determining the designations  and

number  of  series of Preferred Stock and the terms,  limitations

and  relative voting, dividend, liquidation and other rights  and

preferences of each such series are as follows:



                        PREFERRED STOCK


      The  Board  of Directors is hereby empowered to  cause  the

Preferred  Stock  to  be  issued  from  time  to  time  for  such

consideration as it may from time to time fix, and to cause  such

Preferred  Stock  to be issued in one or more series,  with  such

voting  powers,  full or limited, or no voting powers,  and  such

designations,  preferences and relative, participating,  optional

or  other  special  rights,  and qualifications,  limitations  or

restrictions  thereof, as shall be stated and  expressed  in  the

resolution  or resolutions providing for the issue of such  stock

adopted by the Board of Directors.  Each such series of Preferred

Stock  shall be distinctly designated.  Except in respect of  the

particulars  fixed by the Board of Directors for each  series  as

permitted hereby, all shares of Preferred Stock shall be of equal

rank  and  shall be identical.  All shares of any one  series  of

Preferred Stock so designated by the Board of Directors shall  be

alike  in every particular, except that shares of any one  series

issued  at different times may differ as to the dates from  which

dividends thereon may be cumulative.  The voting rights, if  any,

of   each   such   series  and  the  preferences  and   relative,

participating,  optional and other special rights  of  each  such

series  and  the  qualifications,  limitations  and  restrictions

thereof,  if  any,  may differ from those of any  and  all  other

series at any time outstanding; and the Board of Directors of the

Corporation  is  hereby expressly granted authority  to  fix,  by

resolutions duly adopted prior to the issuance of any shares of a

particular series of Preferred stock so designated by  the  Board

of  Directors, the voting powers of such series, if any, and  the

designations,  preferences and relative, participating,  optional

and  other special rights and the qualifications, limitations and

restrictions thereof, if any, for such series, including  without

limitation the following:


      1.  The distinctive designation of and the number of shares

of  Preferred Stock which shall constitute such series;  provided

that  such  number  may  be  increased  (except  where  otherwise

provided by the Board of Directors and in any case not above  the

number  of  authorized  but  then  unissued  shares  thereof)  or

decreased  (but  not  below the number  of  shares  thereof  then

outstanding)  from time to time by like action of  the  Board  of



       2.   The  rate  and  time  at which,  and  the  terms  and

conditions upon which, dividends, if any, on Preferred  Stock  of

such  series  shall  be  paid, the extent of  the  preference  or

relation,  if any, of such dividends to the dividends payable  on

any  other series of Preferred Stock or any other class of  stock

of the Corporation and whether such dividends shall be cumulative

or noncumulative;


      3.  The right, if any, of the holders of Preferred Stock of

such  series to convert the same into, or exchange the same  for,

shares of any other class of stock or any series of any class  of

stock  of  the Corporation and the terms and conditions  of  such

conversion or exchange;


       4.  Whether or not Preferred Stock of such series shall be

subject to redemption, and the redemption price or prices and the

time  or times at which, and the terms and conditions upon which,

Preferred Stock of such series may be redeemed;


       5.   The rights, if any, of the holders of Preferred Stock

of  such  series  upon the voluntary or involuntary  liquidation,

dissolution or winding up of the Corporation.


      6.  The terms of the sinking fund or redemption or purchase

account, if any, to be provided for the Preferred Stock  of  such

series; and


      7.  The voting powers if any, of the holders of such series

of  Preferred Stock which may, without limiting the generality of

the foregoing, include the right, voting as a series by itself or

together with any other series of the Preferred Stock as a class,

(i)  to  vote more or less than one vote per share on any or  all

matters voted upon by the shareholders, and (ii) to elect one  or

more directors of the Corporation if there has been a default  in

the  payment  of  dividends on any one  or  more  series  of  the

Preferred  Stock or under such other circumstances and upon  such

other conditions as the Board of Directors may fix.



                          COMMON STOCK


     The Common Stock shall be subject to the prior rights of the

holders  of  the Preferred Stock as set forth above  and  in  the

resolutions of the Board of Directors pursuant to which any  such

Preferred Stock may be issued.


     At every meeting of the shareholders, every holder of Common

Stock  shall  be entitled to one vote in person or by  proxy  for

each  share  of Common Stock standing in his or her name  on  the

books of the Corporation.


      Whenever  there shall have been paid, or declared  and  set

aside  for  payment, to the holders of the outstanding shares  of

Preferred Stock and to the holders of outstanding shares  of  any

other  class of stock having preference over the Common Stock  as

to  the payment of dividends, the full amount of dividends and of

sinking  fund  or purchase fund or other retirement payments,  if

any,   to  which  such  holders  are  respectively  entitled   in

preference to the Common Stock, then dividends may be paid on the

Common  Stock  and  on any class or series of stock  entitled  to

participate therewith as to dividends, out of any assets  legally

available  for  the payment of dividends, but only  when  and  as

declared by the Board of Directors.


      In the event of any liquidation, dissolution or winding  up

of  the  Corporation, after there shall have been paid to or  set

aside  for the holders of the shares of Preferred Stock  and  any

other  class having preference over the Common Stock in the event

of  liquidation, dissolution or winding up the full  preferential

amounts  to which they are respectively entitled, the holders  of

the Common Stock, and of any class or series of stock entitled to

participate  therewith, in whole or part, as to distributions  of

assets, shall be entitled to receive the remaining assets of  the

Corporation available for distribution, in cash or in kind.


      Each  share  of Common Stock shall have the  same  relative

rights  as  and be identical in all respects with all  the  other

shares of Common Stock.


      FIFTH:   That the amount of capital stock with  which  this

Corporation  shall  commence business  is  Six  Thousand  Dollars



     SIXTH:  That the duration of said Corporation is unlimited.


     SEVENTH:  That no stockholder of said Corporation shall have

any  preemptive or other right of subscription to any  shares  of

any class of stock of said Corporation, issued or to be issued or

sold,  whether now or hereafter authorized, or to any  securities

convertible  into stock of said Corporation of any class,  or  to

receive  any such shares or securities by way of dividend,  other

than such right or rights, if any, as the Board of Directors  may

determine,  but  any  shares of stock or  convertible  securities

which  the  Board  of  Directors  may  determine  to  offer   for

subscription to stockholders may, at the discretion of the  Board

of  Directors, be offered in such proportions and to the  holders

of  any  one  or more or all classes of stock of said Corporation

then  outstanding, and at such price or prices as  the  Board  of

Directors may determine.


      EIGHTH:   The  following provisions are  inserted  for  the

regulation and management of the affairs of the Corporation,  and

it  is  expressly provided that the same are intended  to  be  in

furtherance  and  not in limitation or exclusion  of  the  powers

conferred by statute:


     1.  Amendments


      The  Corporation  may amend, alter, change  or  repeal  any

provisions contained in this Certificate of Incorporation  or  in

any  amendment thereto, in the manner now or hereafter prescribed

by  law.  The Board of Directors shall have the power, concurrent

with  the  power of the shareholders, to make, alter,  amend  and

repeal  the By-Laws of the Corporation.  Any By-Laws made by  the

directors  under  the  powers conferred hereby  may  be  altered,

amended  or  repealed  by the directors or by  the  shareholders.

Notwithstanding  the  foregoing and anything  contained  in  this

Certificate  of  Incorporation to the contrary,  the  affirmative

vote  of  the  holders of at least eighty percent  (80%)  of  the

outstanding  shares of capital stock of the Corporation  entitled

to  vote  thereon, voting together as a single  class,  shall  be

required  to  alter,  amend or repeal,  or  adopt  any  provision

inconsistent with, Article III, Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of  the

By-Laws   or   this  Article  EIGHTH  of  this   CERTIFICATE   OF


     2.  Board of Directors


      (a)   Number, Term of Office, Classification--The  business

and  affairs of the Corporation shall be managed by or under  the

direction  of  the Board of Directors.  The number  of  directors

(exclusive of directors, if any, elected by the holders of one or

more  series  of  Preferred  Stock, which  may  at  any  time  be

outstanding,  voting  separately  as  a  class  pursuant  to  the

provisions   of  the  Certificate  of  Incorporation   applicable

thereto)  shall not be fewer than three (3) nor more than  eleven

(11), the exact number of directors to be determined from time to

time  by resolution adopted by affirmative vote of a majority  of

the  Directors  then  in office, or, in the  absence  of  such  a

determination,  shall  be  the  number  of  directors  in  office

immediately  after  the election of directors  at  the  preceding

annual  meeting  of  shareholders.  The directors  (exclusive  of

directors,  if any, elected by the holders of one or more  series

of Preferred Stock voting separately as a class) shall be divided

into  three classes, designated Class I, Class II and Class  III.

Each  class shall be as nearly equal in number as possible.   The

term of the initial Class I directors shall terminate on the date

of  the  1988  annual meeting of shareholders, the  term  of  the

initial  Class II directors shall terminate on the  date  of  the

1989  annual meeting of shareholders and the term of the  initial

Class  III  directors shall terminate on the  date  of  the  1990

annual  meeting  of  shareholders.  At  each  annual  meeting  of

shareholders  beginning in 1988, successors  to  directors  whose

terms expire at that annual meeting shall be of the same class as

the  directors they succeed, and shall be elected for  three-year

terms.  A director shall hold office until the annual meeting for

the  year in which his or her term expires and until his  or  her

successor  shall be elected and shall qualify, subject,  however,

to  prior death, resignation, retirement or removal from  office.

If  the number of directors is changed by resolution of the Board

of  Directors  pursuant  to this paragraph  2,  any  increase  or

decrease shall be apportioned among the classes so as to maintain

the  number  of  directors  in each  class  as  nearly  equal  as

possible,  but  in  no case shall a decrease  in  the  number  of

directors shorten the term of any incumbent director.


     (b)  Vacancy, Resignation, Removal, Nomination -- Subject to

the  rights of the holders of any series of Preferred Stock  then

outstanding with respect to directors elected by the  holders  of

such Preferred Stock, any directorship to be filled by reason  of

an increase in the number of directorships shall be filled by the

concurring   vote  of  directors  holding  a  majority   of   the

directorships in existence prior to such increase in  the  number

of directorships and any other vacancy on the Board of Directors,

however  caused, shall be filled for the unexpired  term  by  the

concurring  vote of a majority of the directors then  in  office,

although  less  than  a quorum, or by a sole remaining  director.

Any director so elected to fill a vacancy shall hold office until

the next election of the class for which such director shall have

been  chosen  and  until  his or her successor  shall  have  been

elected  and  qualified.  No decrease in the number of  directors

constituting the Board of Directors shall shorten the term of any

incumbent director.


      Any director may resign his or her office at any time, such

resignation to be in writing and to take effect from the time  of

its receipt by the Corporation or at such other time as shall  be

fixed  therein  and acceptance thereof shall not be  required  to

make  it effective.  Subject to the rights of the holders of  any

series  of  Preferred  Stock  then outstanding  with  respect  to

directors elected by the holders of such Preferred Stock, one  or

more  or  all of the directors of the Corporation may be  removed

only  for  cause  and only by the affirmative  vote  of  (i)  the

holders  of  at  least eighty percent (80%)  of  the  outstanding

shares  of capital stock of the Corporation entitled to  vote  in

the  election  of  such  directors or (ii)  directors  holding  a

majority of the directorships.


      No  person shall be eligible for election as a director  at

any  annual or special meeting of shareholders unless such person

was  nominated  by  action of the Board of Directors  or  by  any

shareholder of the Corporation entitled to vote for the  election

of  directors  at  the meeting who complies  with  the  following

notice  procedures.  Such shareholder nominations shall  be  made

pursuant  to  timely notice in writing to the  Secretary  of  the

Corporation.   To  be  timely,  a shareholder's  notice  must  be

received by the Secretary of the Corporation not less than  sixty

days  nor  more than ninety days prior to the meeting;  provided,

however, that in the event that less than seventy days' notice or

prior  public disclosure of the date of the meeting is  given  or

made to shareholders, notice by the shareholder to be timely must

be  received by the Secretary of the Corporation not  later  than

the close of business on the tenth day following the day on which

such  notice of the date of the meeting was mailed or such public

disclosure was made.  Such shareholder's notice shall  set  forth

(a)  as  to each person whom the shareholder proposes to nominate

for  election  or re-election as a director, (i) the  name,  age,

business  address and residence address of such person, (ii)  the

principal  occupation  or employment of such  person,  (iii)  the

class  and  number of shares of capital stock of the  corporation

which  are  beneficially owned by such person and (iv) any  other

information  relating  to such person  that  is  required  to  be

disclosed  in solicitations of proxies for election of directors,

or is otherwise required, in each case pursuant to Regulation 14A

under  the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (including

without  limitation such person's written consent to being  named

in  the proxy statement as a nominee and to serving as a director

if  elected) and (b) as to the shareholder giving the notice  (i)

the  name and address, as they appear on the Corporation's books,

of  such shareholder and, (ii) the class and number of shares  of

capital stock of the Corporation which are beneficially owned  by

such  shareholder.  At the request of the Board of Directors  any

person  nominated  by the Board of Directors for  election  as  a

director  shall furnish to the Secretary of the Corporation  that

information required to be set forth in a shareholder's notice of

nomination  which pertains to the nominee.  The Chairman  of  the

meeting shall, if the facts warrant, determine and declare to the

meeting  that  a nomination was not made in accordance  with  the

procedures  herein  prescribed and, if  the  Chairman  should  so

determine, the Chairman shall so declare to the meeting  and  the

defective nomination shall be disregarded.


      Notwithstanding the foregoing, whenever the holders of  any

one  or  more classes or series of Preferred Stock issued by  the

Corporation shall have the right, voting separately by  class  or

series,  to  elect directors at an annual or special  meeting  of

shareholders, the election, term of office, filling of  vacancies

and other features of such directorships shall be governed by the

terms  of the Certificate of Incorporation and the resolution  or

resolutions applicable thereto adopted by the Board of  Directors

pursuant  to Article FOURTH thereof.  Directors so elected  shall

not  be  divided into classes unless expressly provided  by  such

terms,  and,  during  the  prescribed terms  of  office  of  such

directors, the Board of Directors shall consist of such directors

in  addition to the number of directors determined as provided in

subparagraph (a) of this paragraph 2.


      NINTH:  1.  In addition to any affirmative vote required by

law  or  this Certificate of Incorporation or the By-Laws of  the

Corporation, and except as otherwise provided in paragraph  2  of

this  Article  NINTH,  a  Business  Combination  (as  hereinafter

defined)  shall be approved by the Board of Directors  and  shall

then  be  approved by the affirmative vote of not less  than  (A)

eighty  percent  (80%) of the votes entitled to be  cast  by  the

holders  of all the then outstanding shares of Voting  Stock  (as

hereinafter defined), voting together as a single class  and  (B)

two-thirds of the votes entitled to be cast by the holders of all

the then outstanding shares of Voting Stock, voting together as a

single  class,  other than shares of Voting  Stock  held  by  any

Interested  Shareholder (as hereinafter defined) with respect  to

such  Business  Combination.   Such  affirmative  vote  shall  be

required  notwithstanding the fact that no vote may be  required,

or  that  a  lesser  percentage or separate  class  vote  may  be

specified,  by  law  or  in  any  agreement  with  any   national

securities exchange or otherwise.


      2.   The  provisions of paragraph 1 of this  Article  NINTH

shall  not  be applicable to any particular Business Combination,

and  such  Business  Combination need be approved  by  only  such

affirmative vote, if any, as is required by law or by  any  other

provision  of the Certificate of Incorporation or the By-Laws  of

the  Corporation,  or any agreement with any national  securities

exchange,  if  all of the conditions specified in either  of  the

following subparagraphs (a) and (b) are met or, in the case of  a

Business  Combination not involving the payment of  consideration

to the holders of the Corporation's outstanding Capital Stock (as

hereinafter defined), if the condition specified in the following

subparagraph (a) is met:


      (a)  The  Business  Combination shall  have  been  approved

(whether  such  approval is made prior to or  subsequent  to  the

acquisition  of  beneficial ownership of the  Voting  Stock  that

caused   the  Interested  Shareholder  to  become  an  Interested

Shareholder)  by  a  majority  of the  Continuing  Directors  (as

hereinafter  defined) (even if the Continuing  Directors  do  not

constitute a quorum of the entire Board of Directors).


     (b) All of the following conditions shall have been met:


      (1)  The aggregate amount of cash and the Fair Market Value

(as   hereinafter  defined),  as  of  the  Valuation   Date   (as

hereinafter  defined), of consideration other  than  cash  to  be

received  per  share by holders of Common Stock in such  Business

Combination  shall  be  at  least equal  to  the  highest  amount

determined under clauses (i), (ii), or (iii) below:


      (i)  (if applicable) the highest per share price (including

any brokerage commissions, transfer taxes and soliciting dealers'

fees) paid by or on behalf of the Interested Shareholder for  any

share  of Common Stock in connection with the acquisition by  the

Interested  Shareholder  of beneficial  ownership  of  shares  of

Common Stock (x) within the two-year period immediately prior  to

the   first   public   announcement  of  the  proposed   Business

Combination  or its first communication generally to shareholders

of  the  Corporation,  whichever is  earlier  (the  "Announcement

Date") or (y) in the transaction in which it became an Interested

Shareholder, whichever is higher, in either case as adjusted  for

any  subsequent  stock  split,  stock  dividend,  subdivision  or

reclassification with respect to Common Stock; or


     (ii)  the Fair Market Value per share of Common Stock on the

Announcement  Date  or  on  the  date  on  which  the  Interested

Shareholder  became an Interested Shareholder (the "Determination

Date"),  whichever is higher, in either case as adjusted for  any

subsequent   stock   split,   stock  dividend,   subdivision   or

reclassification with respect to Common Stock; or


      (iii)   the price per share equal to the Fair Market  Value

per  share of Common Stock determined pursuant to paragraph  (ii)

above, multiplied by the fraction of:  (x)  the highest per share


(including   any  brokerage  commissions,  transfer   taxes   and

soliciting  dealers' fees) paid by or on behalf of the Interested

Shareholder for any share of Common Stock in connection with  the

acquisition by the Interested Shareholder of beneficial ownership

of  shares of Common Stock within the two-year period immediately

prior  to the Announcement Date, over (y)  the Fair Market  Value

per  share  of  Common Stock on the first day  in  such  two-year

period  on which the Interested Shareholder or any person  acting

on  its  behalf  acquired beneficial ownership of any  shares  of

Common  Stock, as adjusted for any subsequent stock split,  stock

dividend, subdivision or reclassification with respect to  Common



     (2)  The aggregate amount of cash and the Fair Market Value,

as  of the Valuation Date, of consideration other than cash to be

received per share by holders of shares of any class or series of

outstanding Capital Stock, other than Common Stock, shall  be  at

least  equal to the highest amount determined under clauses  (i),

(ii), (iii) or (iv) below:


      (i)  (if applicable) the highest per share price (including

any brokerage commissions, transfer taxes and soliciting dealers'

fees) paid by or on behalf of the Interested Shareholder for  any

share of such class or series of Capital Stock in connection with

the  acquisition  by  the  Interested Shareholder  of  beneficial

ownership of shares of such class or series of Capital Stock  (x)

within  the two-year period immediately prior to the Announcement

Date  or  (y) in the transaction in which it became an Interested

Shareholder, whichever is higher, in either case as adjusted  for

any  subsequent  stock  split,  stock  dividend,  subdivision  or

reclassification with respect to such class or series of  Capital

Stock; or


      (ii)   the  Fair Market Value per share of  such  class  or

series  of  Capital  Stock on the Announcement  Date  or  on  the

Determination  Date,  whichever is  higher,  in  either  case  as

adjusted   for  any  subsequent  stock  split,  stock   dividend,

subdivision  or reclassification with respect to  such  class  or

series of Capital Stock; or


      (iii)  (if applicable) the highest preferential amount  per

share  to which the holders of shares of such class or series  of

Capital  Stock  are  entitled in the event of  any  voluntary  or

involuntary  liquidation,  dissolution  or  winding  up  of   the

Corporation; or


     (iv)  the price per share equal to the Fair Market Value per

share  of  such  class  or  series of  Capital  Stock  determined

pursuant to paragraph (ii) above, multiplied by the fraction  of:

(x)   the  highest  per  share  price  (including  any  brokerage


transfer taxes and soliciting dealers' fees) paid by or on behalf

of  the  Interested Shareholder for any share of  such  class  or

series of Capital Stock in connection with the acquisition by the

Interested Shareholder of beneficial ownership of shares of  such

class  or  series  of  Capital Stock within the  two-year  period

immediately  prior to the Announcement Date, over  (y)  the  Fair

Market  Value per share of such class or series of Capital  Stock

on  the first day in such two-year period on which the Interested

Shareholder   or  any  person  acting  on  its  behalf   acquired

beneficial  ownership of any share of such  class  or  series  of

Capital Stock, as adjusted for any subsequent stock split,  stock

dividend,  subdivision or reclassification with respect  to  such

class or series of Capital Stock.


      (3)   The  consideration to be received  by  holders  of  a

particular class or series of outstanding Capital Stock shall  be

in cash or in the same form as previously paid by or on behalf of

the  Interested  Shareholder in connection  with  its  direct  or

indirect  acquisition of beneficial ownership of shares  of  such

class  or series or Capital Stock.  If the consideration so  paid

for  shares of any class or series of Capital Stock varied as  to

form,  the  form  of consideration for such class  or  series  of

Capital  Stock shall be either cash or the form used  to  acquire

beneficial  ownership of the largest number  of  shares  of  such

class  or  series  of Capital Stock previously  acquired  by  the

Interested  Shareholder,  as adjusted for  any  subsequent  stock

split,  stock  dividend,  subdivision  or  reclassification  with

respect to such class or series of Capital Stock.


       (4)   After  the  Determination  Date  and  prior  to  the

consummation  of  such  Business  Combination:   (i)  except   as

approved  by a majority of the Continuing Directors, there  shall

have  been  no  failure to declare and pay at  the  regular  date

therefor  any full periodic dividends (whether or not cumulative)

payable  in accordance with the terms of any outstanding  Capital

Stock; (ii) there shall have been no reduction in the annual rate

of  dividends  paid on the Common Stock except  as  necessary  to

reflect  any  stock split, stock dividend or subdivision  of  the

Common  Stock  and  except  as approved  by  a  majority  of  the

Continuing Directors; (iii) there shall have been an increase  in

the  annual  rate  of  dividends paid  on  the  Common  Stock  as

necessary to reflect any recapitalization, reorganization or  any

similar transaction that has the effect of reducing the number of

outstanding  shares of Common Stock, unless  the  failure  so  to

increase  such  annual  rate is approved by  a  majority  of  the

Continuing Directors; and (iv) such Interested Shareholder  shall

not have become the beneficial owner of any additional shares  of

Capital Stock except as part of the transaction that resulted  in

such  Interested  Shareholder becoming an Interested  Shareholder

and           except           in          a          transaction

that,  after  giving  effect thereto, would  not  result  in  any

increase  in  the Interested Shareholder's percentage  beneficial

ownership of any class or series of Capital Stock.


       (5)    After   the  Determination  Date,  such  Interested

Shareholder  shall  not have received the  benefit,  directly  or

indirectly  (except  proportionately  as  a  shareholder  of  the

Corporation),  of  any  loans, advances, guarantees,  pledges  or

other  financial  assistance or any  tax  credits  or  other  tax

advantages  provided by the Corporation, whether in  anticipation

of or in connection with such Business Combination or otherwise.


      (6)   A  proxy  or  information  statement  describing  the

proposed Business Combination and complying with the requirements

of  the  Securities  Exchange Act  of  1934  and  the  rules  and

regulations thereunder (the "Act") (or any subsequent  provisions

replacing  such  Act, rules or regulations) shall  be  mailed  to

shareholders of the Corporation at least thirty (30)  days  prior

to  the consummation of such Business Combination (whether or not

such  proxy  or information statement is required  to  be  mailed

pursuant  to  such Act or subsequent provisions).  The  proxy  or

information  statement shall contain, in a prominent  place,  any

legally   permissible  statement  as  to  the  advisability   (or

inadvisability) of the Business Combination that  the  Continuing

Directors,  or  any  of them, may choose to  make  and,  if  such

opinion  is  deemed appropriate by a majority of  the  Continuing

Directors,  shall  contain the opinion of an  investment  banking

firm selected by a majority of the Continuing Directors as to the

fairness (or not) of the terms of the Business Combination from a

financial point of view to the holders of the outstanding  shares

of  Capital Stock other than the Interested Shareholder  and  its

Affiliates   or   Associates  (as  hereinafter   defined),   such

investment  banking  firm to be paid a  reasonable  fee  for  its

services by the Corporation.


      (7)   Such Interested Shareholder shall not have  made  any

major  change  in  the Corporation's business or  equity  capital

structure  without the approval of a majority of  the  Continuing



     The provisions of this subparagraph (b) shall be required to

be  met  with  respect  to every class or series  of  outstanding

Capital  Stock,  whether  or not the Interested  Shareholder  has

previously  acquired beneficial ownership  of  any  shares  of  a

particular class or series of Capital Stock.


      3.   The  following  definitions and interpretations  shall

apply with respect to this Article NINTH.


     (a)  The term "Business Combination" shall mean:

      (1)  any  merger, consolidation or share  exchange  of  the

Corporation or any Subsidiary (as hereinafter defined)  with  (i)

any Interested Shareholder or (ii) any other company (whether  or

not  itself  an  Interested Shareholder) which is or  after  such

merger, consolidation or share exchange would be an Affiliate  or

Associate  (as hereinafter defined) of an Interested Shareholder;



      (2)   any sale, lease, exchange, mortgage, pledge, transfer

or  other disposition or security arrangement, investment,  loan,

advance,  guarantee,  agreement to purchase,  agreement  to  pay,

extension  of  credit,  joint  venture  participation  or   other

agreement  (in one transaction or a series of transactions)  with

or for the benefit of any Interested Shareholder or any Affiliate

or  Associate of an Interested Shareholder involving any  assets,

securities,  or commitments of the Corporation or any Subsidiary,

any  Interested  Shareholder, any Subsidiary  of  any  Interested

Shareholder  or  any  Affiliate or Associate  of  any  Interested

Shareholder  having,  measured at the  time  the  transaction  or

transactions  are  approved  by the Board  of  Directors  of  the

Corporation,  an  aggregate Fair Market  Value  and/or  involving

aggregate commitments in an amount which is ten percent (10%)  or

more  of  the  lesser  of  (i)  the  Fair  Market  Value  of  the

outstanding shares of Capital Stock of the Corporation as of such

time   or  (ii)  the  net  worth  of  the  Corporation  and   its

consolidated Subsidiaries as of the end of the Corporation's most

recent fiscal quarter (the "Corporation's Net Worth"); or


      (3)   the adoption of any resolution, plan or proposal  for

the  liquidation or dissolution, or any spin-off or split-off  of

any  kind,  of the Corporation or any Subsidiary which  is  voted

for, approved or consented to by any Interested Shareholder; or


      (4)   the  issuance or transfer by the Corporation  or  any

Subsidiary,  in  one transaction or a series of transactions,  of

any  Capital  Stock of any class or series of the Corporation  or

any  Subsidiary which has an aggregate Fair Market Value of  five

percent  (5%)  or  more of the total Fair  Market  Value  of  the

outstanding  shares of such class or series of Capital  Stock  of

the Corporation to any Interested Shareholder or any Affiliate or

Associate   of  any  Interested  Shareholder,  other   than   the

Corporation  or any of its Subsidiaries, except pursuant  to  the

exercise  of  warrants,  rights or options  to  subscribe  to  or

purchase shares of Capital Stock of such class or series offered,

issued or granted pro rata to all holders of the Capital Stock of

the  Corporation  of  such class or series or  any  other  method

affording substantially proportionate treatment to the holders of

Capital     Stock    of    such    class    or     series;     or

      (5)   any  reclassification  of securities  (including  any

reverse stock split), or recapitalization of the Corporation,  or

any  merger,  consolidation or share exchange of the  Corporation

with any of its Subsidiaries or any other transaction (whether or

not  with or otherwise involving an Interested Shareholder)  that

has  the  effect,  directly  or  indirectly,  of  increasing  the

proportionate share of any class or series of Capital  Stock,  or

any  securities  convertible into Capital Stock  or  into  equity

securities  of,  the  Corporation  or  any  Subsidiary,  that  is

beneficially owned by an Interested Shareholder or any  Affiliate

or Associate of any Interested Shareholder; or


      (6)  any agreement, contract or other arrangement providing

for  any  one  or more of the actions specified in the  foregoing

clauses (1) to (5).


      (b)   The term "Capital Stock" shall mean all capital stock

of  the  Corporation, and the term "Voting Stock" shall mean  all

Capital  Stock  which by its terms may be voted  on  all  matters

submitted to shareholders of the Corporation generally.


      (c)   The  term  "person" shall mean any individual,  firm,

company or other entity and shall include any group comprised  of

any  person  and any other person with whom such  person  or  any

Affiliate   or  Associate  of  such  person  has  any  agreement,

arrangement  or  understanding, directly or indirectly,  for  the

purpose  of  acquiring, holding, voting or disposing  of  Capital



     (d)  The term "Interested Shareholder" shall mean any person

(other  than the Corporation or any Subsidiary of the Corporation

and  other  than any profit sharing, employee stock ownership  or

other employee benefit plan for the Corporation or any Subsidiary

or any trustee of or fiduciary with respect to any such plan when

acting  in  such  capacity) who (i) is the  beneficial  owner  of

Voting Stock representing ten percent (10%) or more of the  votes

entitled to be cast by the holders of all then outstanding shares

of  Voting  Stock;  or (ii) is an Affiliate or Associate  of  the

Corporation   and   at  any  time  within  the  two-year   period

immediately  prior  to the date in question  was  the  beneficial

owner  of Voting Stock representing ten percent (10%) or more  of

the  votes  entitled  to  be cast by  the  holders  of  all  then

outstanding shares of Voting Stock.


      (e)   A person shall be a "beneficial owner" of any Capital

Stock  (i)  which  such  person  or  any  of  its  Affiliates  or

Associates beneficially owns, directly or indirectly; (ii)  which

such  person or any of its Affiliates or Associates has, directly

or  indirectly, (A) the right to acquire (whether such  right  is

exercisable immediately or subject only to the passage of  time),

pursuant to any agreement, arrangement or understanding  or  upon

the  exercise of conversion rights, exchange rights, warrants  or

options  or otherwise, or (B) the right to vote pursuant  to  any

agreement,  arrangement or understanding, or  (C)  the  right  to

dispose  of  or  to  direct the disposition of  pursuant  to  any

agreement,  arrangement or understanding;  or  (iii)  which  such

person  or  any  of  its  Affiliates or Associates,  directly  or

indirectly,  has any agreement, arrangement or understanding  for

the  purpose of acquiring holding, voting or disposing, with  any

other  person  that  beneficially owns  or  whose  Affiliates  or

Associates  beneficially  own,  such  Capital  Stock.   For   the

purposes  of  determining  whether  a  person  is  an  Interested

Shareholder pursuant to subparagraph (d) of this paragraph 3, the

number of shares of Capital Stock deemed to be outstanding  shall

include  shares deemed beneficially owned by such person  through

application  of this subparagraph (e) of paragraph 3,  but  shall

not  include  any  other  shares of Capital  Stock  that  may  be

issuable pursuant to any agreement, arrangement or understanding,

or  upon  the exercise of conversion rights, warrants or options,

or   otherwise   to   any  person  other  than  such   Interested



      (f)   The terms "Affiliate" and "Associate" shall have  the

respective  meanings ascribed to such terms in Rule  12b-2  under

the  Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the "Act") as in effect  on

the  date  that this Article NINTH is approved by  the  Board  of

Directors  (the term "registrant" in such Rule 12b-2  meaning  in

this case the Corporation).


      (g)   The  term "Subsidiary" means any company of  which  a

majority of any class of equity security is beneficially owned by

the  Corporation; provided, however, that for the purposes of the

definition  of  Interested Shareholder set forth in  subparagraph

(d) of this paragraph 3, the term "Subsidiary" shall mean only  a

company  of which a majority of each class of equity security  is

beneficially owned by the Corporation.


      (h)  The term "Continuing Director" means any member of the

Board of Directors, while such person is a member of the Board of

Directors, who is not the Interested Shareholder with respect  to

a particular Business Combination or an Affiliate or Associate or

representative of such Interested Shareholder and was a member of

the  Board  of  Directors prior to the time that such  Interested

Shareholder  became an Interested Shareholder, and any  successor

of  a Continuing Director while such successor is a member of the

Board  of  Directors,  who is not an Affiliate  or  Associate  or

representative of such Interested Shareholder and is  recommended

or  elected  to succeed the Continuing Director by a majority  of

Continuing Directors.

      (i)  The term "Fair Market Value" means (i) in the case  of

cash,  the  amount of such cash; (ii) in the case of  stock,  the

highest  closing sale price during the 30-day period  immediately

preceding  the date in question of a share of such stock  on  the

Composite Tape for New York Stock Exchange Listed Stocks, or,  if

such  stock  is  not listed on such exchange,  on  the  principal

United  States securities exchange registered under  the  Act  on

which  such stock is listed, or, if such stock is not  listed  on

any such exchange, the highest closing bid quotation with respect

to  a share of such stock during the 30-day period preceding  the

date  in  question  on  the  National Association  of  Securities

Dealers,  Inc. Automated Quotations System or any similar  system

then  in  use, or if no such quotations are available,  the  fair

market value on the date in question of a share of such stock  as

determined  by  a  majority of the Continuing Directors  in  good

faith,  in each case as adjusted to reflect any applicable  stock

split,  stock  dividend,  subdivision  or  reclassification  with

respect  to  such stock; and (iii) in the case of property  other

than stock, the fair market value of such property on the date in

question  as  determined  in good faith  by  a  majority  of  the

Continuing Directors.


      (j)   The  term "Valuation Date" means: (i) for a  Business

Combination  voted upon by the shareholders of  the  Corporation,

the later of the day prior to the date of the shareholder vote or

the  date  twenty  (20)  days prior to the  consummation  of  the

Business  Combination;  and (ii) for a Business  Combination  not

voted  upon by shareholders, the date of the consummation of  the

Business Combination.


      (k)  In the event of any Business Combination in which  the

Corporation survives, the phrase "consideration other  than  cash

to  be  received" as used in subparagraphs (b)(1) and  (b)(2)  of

paragraph  2  of this Article NINTH shall include the  shares  of

Common  Stock and/or the shares of any other class or  series  of

Capital Stock retained by the holders of such shares.


      4.   A majority of the Continuing Directors shall have  the

power  and  duty  to determine for the purposes of  this  Article

NINTH, on the basis of information known to them after reasonable

inquiry,  (a) whether a person is an Interested Shareholder,  (b)

the  number  of  shares  of  Capital Stock  or  other  securities

beneficially  owned by any person, (c) whether  a  person  is  an

Affiliate  or Associate of another, (d) whether the  assets  that

are  the  subject  of  any  Business  Combination  have,  or  the

consideration  to  be received for the issuance  or  transfer  of

securities by the Corporation or any  Subsidiary in any  Business

Combination  has,  an aggregate Fair Market Value  in  an  amount

which is ten percent (10%) or more of the lesser of (i) the  Fair

Market  Value of the outstanding shares of Capital Stock  of  the

Corporation               as               of                such

time  or  (ii)  the Corporation's Net Worth and  (e)  such  other

matters  as  are  delegated  to the decision  of  the  Continuing

Directors  pursuant to any provision of this Article NINTH.   Any

such  determination  made  in good faith  shall  be  binding  and

conclusive on all parties.


      5.   Nothing  contained  in this  Article  NINTH  shall  be

construed  to  relieve  any  Interested  Shareholder   from   any

fiduciary obligation imposed by law.


     6.  The fact that any Business Combination complies with the

provisions  of  paragraph 2 of this Article NINTH  shall  not  be

construed   to   impose   any  fiduciary  duty,   obligation   or

responsibility on the Board of Directors, or any member  thereof,

to approve such Business Combination or recommend its adoption or

approval  to the shareholders of the Corporation, nor shall  such

compliance  limit, prohibit or otherwise restrict in  any  manner

the  Board  of Directors, or any member thereof, with respect  to

evaluations  of  or actions and responses taken with  respect  to

such Business Combination.


     7.  Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Certificate

of   Incorporation  or  the  By-Laws  of  the  Corporation   (and

notwithstanding  the  fact that a lesser percentage  or  separate

class  vote  may  be  specified  by  law,  this  Certificate   of

Incorporation or the By-Laws of the Corporation), the affirmative

vote of the holders of not less than eighty percent (80%) of  the

votes  entitled to be cast by the holders of all then outstanding

shares of Voting Stock, voting together as a single class,  shall

be  required  to  alter, amend or repeal any  provision  of  this

Article  NINTH or to adopt any other provision inconsistent  with

this Article NINTH.


      TENTH:   The  personal liability of  any  Director  to  the

Corporation or its shareholders for monetary damages  for  breach

of  duty  as  a Director is hereby limited to the amount  of  the

compensation received by the Director for serving the Corporation

during  the  year  of the violation if such breach  did  not  (a)

involve  a knowing and culpable violation of law by the Director,

(b)   enable  the  Director  or  an  associate,  as  defined   in

subdivision  (3)  of  Section 33-374d of the Connecticut  General

Statutes, to receive an improper personal economic gain, (c) show

a  lack  of good faith and a conscious disregard for the duty  of

the  Director to the Corporation under circumstances in which the

Director was aware that his or her conduct or omission created an

unjustifiable  risk  of serious injury to  the  Corporation,  (d)

constitute a sustained and unexcused pattern of inattention  that

amounted  to  an  abdication  of  the  Director's  duty  to   the

Corporation, or (e) create liability under Section 33-321 of  the

Connecticut General Statutes.  This provision shall not limit  or

preclude                                                      the

liability  of a Director for any act or omission occurring  prior

to  the  later  of  (i) October 1, 1989, or (ii)  the  date  this

provision  becomes  effective  by the  filing  of  a  certificate

amending the Certificate of Incorporation of the Corporation with

the  Secretary  of  the State of the State of  Connecticut.   Any

lawful   repeal  or  modification  of  this  provision   by   the

shareholders and the Board of Directors of the Corporation  shall

not  adversely  affect  any  right or protection  of  a  Director

existing at or prior to the time of such repeal or modification.