LINEAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION


                                   ARTICLE I


         The name of this  corporation  is Linear  Technology  Corporation  (the



                                   ARTICLE II


         The  address  of the  Corporation's  registered  office in the State of

Delaware is 15 East North Street, City of Dover, County of Kent, Delaware 19901.

The name of its registered agent at such address is Incorporating Services, Ltd.


                                  ARTICLE III


         The nature of the  business or purposes to be  conducted or promoted by

the  Corporation  is  to  engage  in  any  lawful  act  or  activity  for  which

corporations may be organized under the General Corporation Law of Delaware.


                                   ARTICLE IV


         The  Corporation  is  authorized  to issue two  classes  of stock to be

designated,   respectively,   Preferred   Stock,  par  value  $0.001  per  share

("Preferred"),  and Common  Stock,  par value $0.001 per share  ("Common").  The

total number of shares of Common that the  Corporation  shall have  authority to

issue is  2,000,000,000.  The  total  number of  shares  of  Preferred  that the

Corporation shall have authority to issue is 2,000,000.


         The  shares  of  Preferred  Stock  authorized  by this  Certificate  of

Incorporation  may be issued  from time to time in one or more  series.  For any

wholly  unissued  series of  Preferred  Stock,  the Board of Directors is hereby

authorized  to fix and alter the dividend  rights,  dividend  rates,  conversion

rights,  voting rights,  rights and terms of redemption  (including sinking fund

provisions),  redemption prices,  liquidation preferences,  the number of shares

constituting any such series and the designation thereof, or any of them.


         For any series of Preferred Stock having issued and outstanding shares,

the Board of Directors is hereby  authorized  to increase or decrease the number

of shares of such series when the number of shares of such series was originally

fixed by the Board of Directors,  but such increase or decrease shall be subject

to the  limitations  and  restrictions  stated in the resolution of the Board of

Directors originally fixing the number of shares of such series.


         If the number of shares of any series is so decreased,  then the shares

constituting  such  decrease  shall resume the status that they had prior to the

adoption  of the  resolution  originally  fixing  the  number  of shares of such



                                   ARTICLE V


         The Corporation is to have perpetual existence.





                                   ARTICLE VI


         For the  management  of the business and for the conduct of the affairs

of the Corporation, and in further definition,  limitation and regulation of the

powers of the Corporation, of its directors and of its stockholders or any class

thereof, as the case may be, it is further provided that:


         A.    The  management of the business and the conduct of the affairs of

               the  Corporation  shall be vested in its Board of Directors.  The

               number of  directors  shall be fixed and may be changed from time

               to  time  by an  amendment  to the  Bylaws  duly  adopted  by the

               stockholders or by the Board of Directors.


         B.    In furtherance  and not in limitation of the powers  conferred by

               the laws of the  State of  Delaware,  the Board of  Directors  is

               expressly  authorized to make, alter, amend, or repeal the Bylaws

               of the Corporation.


         C.    The directors of the  Corporation  need not be elected by written

               ballot unless the Bylaws of the Corporation so provide.


         D.    Advance  notice of  stockholder  nomination  for the  election of

               directors and of any other business to be brought by stockholders

               before any meeting of the  stockholders of the Corporation  shall

               be given in the manner provided in the Bylaws of the Corporation.


         E.    At the election of directors of the  Corporation,  each holder of

               stock of any  class or series  shall be  entitled  to  cumulative

               voting  rights as to the directors to be elected by each class or

               series in  accordance  with the  provisions of Section 214 of the

               General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware.


                                  ARTICLE VII


         The name and mailing address of the incorporator are as follows:


                  Herbert P. Fockler

                  Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati

                  650 Page Mill Road

                  Palo Alto, CA 94304


                                  ARTICLE VIII


         The Corporation  reserves the right to amend, alter,  change, or repeal

any provision contained in this Certificate of Incorporation,  in the manner now

or hereafter  prescribed  by the laws of the State of  Delaware,  and all rights

conferred herein are granted subject to this reservation.


                                   ARTICLE IX


         A. To the fullest extent permitted by the Delaware General  Corporation

Law as the same  exists or as may  hereafter  be  amended,  no  director  of the

Corporation  shall be personally  liable to the Corporation or its  stockholders

for monetary damages for breach of fiduciary duty as a director.


         B. The Corporation may indemnify to the fullest extent permitted by law

any person  made or  threatened  to be made a party to an action or  proceeding,

whether criminal, civil, administrative or investigative,  by reason of the fact

that he, his testator or intestate is or was a director,  officer or employee of

the Corporation or any predecessor of the Corporation or serves or served at any

other  enterprise  as a  director,  officer or  employee  at the  request of the

Corporation or any predecessor to the Corporation.


         C.  Neither  any  amendment  nor  repeal of this  Article  IX,  nor the

adoption of any  provision of the  Corporation's  Certificate  of  Incorporation

inconsistent  with this Article IX, shall eliminate or reduce the effect of this

Article IX, with respect of any matter  occurring,  or any action or  proceeding

accruing or arising or that,  but for this  Article IX,  would  accrue or arise,

prior to such amendment, repeal, or adoption of an inconsistent provision.


                                   ARTICLE X


         Meetings  of  stockholders  may be held  within or without the State of

Delaware,  as the Bylaws may provide.  The books of the  Corporation may be kept

(subject  to any  provision  contained  in the laws of the  State  of  Delaware)

outside of the State of  Delaware  at such place or places as may be  designated

from time to time by the Board of Directors or in the Bylaws of the Corporation.







         IN WITNESS WHEREOF,  the undersigned  incorporator  hereby acknowledges

that the foregoing Certificate of Incorporation is his act and deed and that the

facts stated herein are true.


                                           s/ Herbert P. Fockler


                                           Herbert P. Fockler



Dated: October 20, 2000


[As Filed: 09-21-2001]