Restated Certificate of Incorporation
                        Standard Motor Products, Inc.
                           Under Section 807 of the
                           Business Corporation Law
            We, Lawrence  I. Sills and  Mark  S. Chanko, being  respectively the
President and the Secretary of Standard Motor Products, Inc. hereby certify:
                  1.    The name of the corporation is Standard Motor
Products, Inc.
                  2.    The certificate of incorporation was filed by the
Department of State on the 30th day of December, 1926.
                  3.    The certificate of incorporation, as amended
heretofore, is further amended as follows:
                  (a) to add article "NINTH" relating to the  indemnification of
            the directors, officers and employees of the corporation pursuant to
            Article 7 of the Business  Corporation Law of the State of New York;
                  (b) to add  article  "TENTH"  relating to the  eliminating  or
            limiting  of  the  personal   liability  of  the  directors  to  the
            corporation and its  shareholders  pursuant to Section 402(b) of the
            Business Corporation Law of the State of New York.
                  In order to effect the foregoing, articles "NINTH" and "TENTH"
shall read as follows:
                  "NINTH The corporation  shall, to the fullest extent permitted
by Article 7 of the Business  Corporation  Law of the State of New York,  as the
same may be amended and  supplemented,  indemnify  any and all  persons  whom it
shall have power to indemnify under said 
Article  from and against  any and all of the  expenses,  liabilities,  or other
matters  referred  to in or covered  by said  Article,  and the  indemnification
provided for herein  shall not be deemed  exclusive of any other rights to which
any  person  may be  entitled  under any  By-Law,  resolution  of  shareholders,
resolution of directors,  agreement, or otherwise, as permitted by said Article,
as to action in any  capacity  in which he or she  served at the  request of the
                  TENTH  The  personal   liability  of  the   directors  of  the
corporation is eliminated to the fullest  extent  permitted by the provisions of
paragraph (b) of Section 402 of the Business Corporation Law of the State of New
York, as the same may be amended and supplemented."
            4. The text of the restated certificate of incorporation, as further
amended, is hereby restated to read as herein set forth in full:
            FIRST:  The name of the corporation is: STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS,
            SECOND:     The purposes for which it is formed are as follows:
                    (a)  To manufacture or otherwise  produce  automobile parts,
                         equipment,  accessories or any articles which may be in
                         any way connected with or belonging to automobiles,  or
                         motor vehicles, of any kind, character or description.
                    (b)  To buy,  sell at wholesale or retail,  import,  export,
                         lease or rent, or otherwise  deal in automobile  parts,
                         equipment,  accessories  and any other  articles of any
                         kind,  character,  or description,  which may be in any
                         way connected with or belonging to automobiles or motor
                         vehicles of any kind, character or description.
                    (c)  To alter or otherwise  change the  character of any and
                         all automobile parts, accessories, equipment, or of any
                         articles of any kind,  character or description,  which
                         may  be in any  way  connected  with  or  belonging  to
                         automobiles or motor vehicles of any kind, character or
                    (d)  To  buy,   sell,   lease  or  rent,   import,   export,
                         manufacture,  produce,  or otherwise  trade and deal in
                         motor vehicles of any kind, character or description.
                    (e)  To manufacture or otherwise purchase,  and to alter and
                         change the character of goods,  wares,  merchandise and
                         personal  property  of any and  every  class,  kind and
                         description   which  may  be   lawfully   manufactured,
                         produced or altered by  corporations  under the statues
                         of the State of New York.
                    (f)  To make and execute contracts for the purchase and sale
                         of the articles of  merchandise  hereinabove  mentioned
                         and to purchase and sell options therefor.
                    (g)  To  conduct  what is  generally  known as a mail  order
                         business, subject to any restrictions placed thereon by
                    (h)  To buy,  exchange,  lease  or  otherwise  acquire  real
                         estate and any interest or right therein,  and to hold,
                         own, operate,  control, maintain and manage and improve
                         and  develop  the  same,   and  to  build,   construct,
                         maintain, alter, manage and control directly or through
                         ownership  of stock in any other  corporation,  any and
                         all kinds of
                         buildings,  edifices,   stores,   offices,  warehouses,
                         mills, shops,  factories,  machinery  and  plants,  and
                         any and all other structures and erections.
                    (i)  To sell, assign,  alienate,  transfer and convey, lease
                         or  otherwise  dispose of, and to mortgage or otherwise
                         encumber the lands,  buildings and any and all sorts of
                         real property of this corporation, wherever situate and
                         any and all legal and equitable interests therein.
                    (j)  To apply for,  obtain,  register,  purchase,  lease, or
                         otherwise  acquire  and to  hold,  use,  own and  sell,
                         assign, or otherwise  dispose of any trademarks,  trade
                         names,  patents,  inventions and  improvements  accrued
                         under  letters  of  patent  of  the  United  States  or
                         elsewhere or otherwise;  and to use and grant  licenses
                         in respect  of, or  otherwise  turn to account any such
                         trademarks, patents, licenses, inventions, and the like
                         or any such property or rights.
                    (k)  To acquire by purchase,  subscription or otherwise, and
                         to sell,  assign,  pledge or  otherwise  dispose of the
                         stocks and bonds or any obligations of any corporation,
                         and to  exercise  in respect  thereof  all the  rights,
                         powers and  privileges of individual  owners  including
                         the right to vote  thereon,  the  ownership of which is
                         conducive to and  consistent  with the purposes of this
                         corporation;  and to issue in exchange for such stocks,
                         bonds and obligations of such corporation,  the stocks,
                         bonds and obligations of this corporation.
                    (l)  To aid in any manner  permitted by law any  corporation
                         of which any bonds and other securities or evidences of
                         indebtedness  or stocks  are held by this  corporation,
                         and to do any acts for the protection,  preservation or
                         enhancement  of  the  value  of  such  bonds  or  other
                         securities or evidences of indebtedness or stock.
                    (m)  To engage in and carry out all the purposes and objects
                         herein set  forth,  and to  acquire  all the  property,
                         rights and to exercise all the rights,  privileges  and
                         powers herein enumerated, in the United States, and any
                         foreign country.
                    (n)  The foregoing and following  clauses shall be construed
                         as  objects  and  powers  in  furtherance  and  not  in
                         limitation of the general powers  conferred by the laws
                         of the  State of New York,  and it is hereby  expressly
                         provided that the  foregoing and following  enumeration
                         of powers shall not be held to limit or restrict in any
                         manner  the  powers  of  this  corporation,   and  this
                         corporation  may  do  all  and  everything   necessary,
                         suitable  or proper for the  accomplishments  of any of
                         the purposes or objects  hereinabove  enumerated either
                         alone or in association with other corporations, firms,
                         or  individuals  to the  same  extent  and as  fully as
                         individuals  might or could  do as  principal,  agents,
                         contractors or otherwise.
                    (o)  Nothing in this certificate  contained,  however, shall
                         authorize the  corporation  to carry on any business or
                         exercise  any  powers in any state or  country  which a
                         similar  corporation  organized  under  the laws
                         of the State or country could not carry on or exercise,
                         or to engage within or without the State of New York in
                         the   business   of   a   lighting   or  transportation
                         corporation or the common carrier  business or to issue
                         bills, notes, or other evidence of debt for circulation
                         as money.
            THIRD:  The amount of the  Capital  Stock which the  Corporation  is
authorized to issue is $70,000,000, consisting of 30,000,000 shares of par value
of $2.00 per share and 500,000 shares of the par value of $20.00 per share.  The
number of shares which are to be without par value is none.
            FOURTH:  The  shares  of  Capital  Stock  which the  Corporation  is
authorized  to issue shall be divided  into two classes,  consisting  of 500,000
shares of Preferred  Stock,  $20.00 par value which may be issued in one or more
series, and 30,000,000 shares of Common Stock, $2.00 par value.