Audit Committee

Charter of the Audit Committee
of the Board of Directors of DRS Technologies, Inc.
As Amended and Restated by the Board on
May 13, 2004

Purpose of the Committee

The purpose of the Audit Committee (the Committee) of the Board of Directors (the Board) of DRS Technologies, Inc. (the Company) is to assist the Board's oversight of:

and to prepare the report required to be prepared by the Committee pursuant to the rules of the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC) for inclusion in the Company's annual proxy statement.

Composition of the Committee

The Committee shall consist of three or more directors, as determined from time to time, by the Board. Each member of the Committee shall be qualified to serve on the Committee pursuant to the requirements of the New York Stock Exchange (the NYSE) and any additional requirements that the Board deems appropriate.

The chairperson of the Committee shall be designated by the Board, provided that if the Board does not so designate a chairperson, the members of the Committee, by a majority vote, may designate a chairperson.

Any vacancy on the Committee shall be filled by majority vote of the Board. No member of the Committee shall be removed except by majority vote of the Board.

At least one member of the Committee must be designated by the Board to be the "audit committee financial expert," as defined by the SEC pursuant to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (the Act).

Meetings of the Committee

The Committee shall meet as often as it determines necessary to carry out its duties and responsibilities, but no less frequently than once every fiscal quarter. The Committee, in its discretion, may ask members of management or others to attend its meetings (or portions thereof) and to provide pertinent information as necessary. The Committee should meet separately on a periodic basis with (i) management, (ii) the senior executive of the Company's internal auditing department or other person responsible for the internal audit function and (iii) the Company's independent auditors, in each case to discuss any matters that the Committee or any of the above persons or firms believe warrant Committee attention.

A majority of the members of the Committee present in person or by means of a conference telephone or other communications equipment by means of which all persons participating in the meeting can hear each other shall constitute a quorum.

The Committee shall maintain minutes of its meetings and records relating to those meetings.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Committee

In carrying out its duties and responsibilities, the Committee's policies and procedures should remain flexible, so that it may be in a position to best address, react or respond to changing circumstances or conditions. The following duties and responsibilities are within the authority of the Committee and the Committee shall, consistent with and subject to applicable law and rules and regulations promulgated by the SEC, NYSE, or any other applicable regulatory authority:

Selection, Evaluation and Oversight of the Auditors




Oversight of the Financial Reporting Process and Internal Controls




Evaluation of the Committee

The Committee shall, on an annual basis, evaluate its performance. The evaluation shall address all matters that the Committee considers relevant to its performance, including a review and assessment of the adequacy of this Charter, and shall be conducted in such manner as the Committee deems appropriate.

The Committee shall deliver to the Board a report, which may be oral, setting forth the results of its evaluation, including any recommended amendments to this Charter.

Investigations and Studies; Outside Advisers

The Committee may conduct or authorize investigations into or studies of matters within the Committee's scope of responsibilities, and may retain, at the Company's expense, such independent counsel or other consultants or advisers as it deems necessary.

While the Committee has the duties and responsibilities set forth in this Charter, the Committee is not responsible for preparing or certifying the financial statements, for planning or conducting the audit or for determining whether the Company's financial statements are complete and accurate and are in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

In fulfilling their responsibilities hereunder, it is recognized that members of the Committee are not full-time employees of the Company, it is not the duty or responsibility of the Committee or its members to conduct "field work" or other types of auditing or accounting reviews or procedures or to set auditor independence standards, and each member of the Committee shall be entitled to rely on (i) the integrity of those persons and organizations within and outside the Company from which it receives information and (ii) the accuracy of the financial and other information provided to the Committee, in either instance absent actual knowledge to the contrary.

Nothing contained in this Charter is intended to create, or should be construed as creating, any responsibility or liability of the members of the Committee, except to the extent otherwise provided under applicable federal or state law.