Investor Relations : Corporate Governance : Audit Committee Charter


ITEX Corporation (the "Company"), as part of its continuous improvement efforts desires to strengthen its Board oversight of accounting and reporting functions through this Charter setting forth the duties and authority of the Company’s Audit Committee.


The Audit Committee (the "Committee") of the Board of Directors shall be comprised of at least two (2) directors. If composed of only two (2) members, at least one member shall meet the independence and experience requirements of Rule 4200(a)(15) of the NASD’s listing standards, as such sections may be modified or supplemented from time to time. If composed of three (3) or more members, a majority of the members shall meet the independence and experience requirements of Rule 4200(a)(15) of the NASD’s listing standards. All Committee members will be financially literate, by experience or otherwise, and at least one member will have accounting or related financial management expertise. Audit Committee members shall not simultaneously serve on the audit committees of more than two other public companies. The members of the Audit Committee shall be appointed by the Board on the recommendation of the Nominating Committee. Audit Committee members may be replaced by the Board.

The Company’s independent auditors are selected approved by, and report directly to the Audit Committee. If the Company establishes an internal audit function, the head of such internal audit function shall also report directly to the Audit Committee.

Statement of Policy

The Committee shall provide assistance to the Board of Directors in fulfilling the Board members’ responsibility to the stockholders, potential stockholders, and the investment community relating to corporate accounting and reporting practices of the Company, as required by all applicable state and federal laws, rules and regulations, and overseeing the quality and integrity of financial reports of the Company. In so doing, it is the responsibility of the Committee to maintain free and open communication between the members of the Board of Directors, the independent auditors and the Company’s principal financial officer.

While the Committee has the responsibilities and powers set forth in this Charter, it is not the duty of the Committee to prepare financial statements, conduct audits or provide professional certification as to whether the Company’s financial statements are complete and accurate; this is the responsibility of management and the independent accountants.


In carrying out its responsibilities, the Committee believes its policies and procedures should remain flexible, in order to best react to changing conditions and to ensure to the Board of Directors and stockholders that the corporate accounting and reporting practices of the Company are in accordance with all the requirements and are of the highest quality.

In carrying out these responsibilities, the Committee will:


The Committee will prepare a report to be included in the Company’s Proxy Statement for an Annual Meeting of Stockholders discussing whether the Committee reviewed the financial statements with management and discussed the Statement on Auditing Standards No. 61 and Independence Standards Board Standard No. 1 with the independent accountants and if it has recommended to the Board of Directors that the audited financial statements be included in its annual report to be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.