We have employment agreements with Merle A. Hinrichs under which he serves as our chairman and chief executive officer. The agreements contain covenants restricting Mr. Hinrichs ability to compete with us during his term of employment and preventing him from disclosing any confidential information during the term of his employment agreement and for a period of three years after the termination of his employment agreement.  In addition, we retain the rights to all trademarks and copyrights acquired and any inventions or discoveries made or discovered by Mr. Hinrichs in the course of his employment. Upon a change of control, if Mr. Hinrichs is placed in a position of lesser stature than that of a senior executive officer, a significant change in the nature or scope of his duties is effected, Mr. Hinrichs ceases to be a member of the board or there is a breach of those sections of his employment agreements relating to compensation, reimbursement, title and duties or termination, each of us and such subsidiary shall pay Mr. Hinrichs a lump sum cash payment equal to five times the sum of his base salary prior to the change of control and the bonus paid to him in the year preceding the change of control. The agreements may be terminated by either party by giving six months notice.