Thomas J. Shara joined the Company as President and Chief Executive Officer of Lakeland and Lakeland Bank on April 2, 2008, in connection with the retirement of Roger Bosma from these positions. Mr. Shara will enter into a three year employment agreement with the Company and Lakeland Bank, which will provide for a base salary of $400,000 per year. The agreement will automatically renew unless terminated in advance by either party. Mr. Shara will be entitled to participate in the executive bonus program as approved annually by the Company’s Board.

Upon joining the Company, Mr. Shara received a restricted stock award covering 60,000 shares, which will vest in 25% annual increments beginning on December 1, 2009. He will also receive annual restricted stock awards equal in dollar value to 50% of the amount of the cash bonus he receives. These restricted stock awards will vest in 25% annual increments beginning one year after each grant date.

Mr. Shara will also receive a SERP benefit which will provide him (or upon his death, his wife) with $150,000 per year for 15 years upon his reaching age 65. His employment agreement will also provide that upon Mr. Shara’s termination of employment or significant reduction in duties after a change in control of the Company, he will receive a payment equal to three times the sum of his base salary plus the amount of the cash bonus he received for the most recent fiscal year.