November 1, 1999


William M. Lasky
8721 Ponte Vedra
Holland, Ohio 43528

Dear Bill:

         We are pleased to confirm to you our offer of employment with JLG
Industries, Inc. (the "Company") according to the terms set forth in this

Title:                     President and Chief Operating Officer.

Commencement Date:         December 1, 1999 (the "Commencement Date").

Board Seat:                You will be appointed to serve as a member of the
                           Company's Board of Directors and will continue to
                           hold such position during your tenure as Chief
                           Operating Officer, subject to annual election by

Base Salary:               $375,000 per annum, payable semi-monthly.

Signing Bonus:             $165,000 payable on the Commencement Date, plus an
                           amount equal to 50% of the amount, if any, by which
                           the gross cash bonuses (exclusive of any withholding)
                           paid to you by your current employer for 1999
                           performance under your current employer's Additional
                           Compensation Plan and any other individual or group
                           incentive plans in which you participate is less than
                           $250,000. Such additional amount shall be payable by
                           the Company within ten (10) days following your
                           providing the Company on or before June 30, 1999 with
                           satisfactory evidence of payment by your current
                           employer of your 1999 performance bonuses.

Incentive Plan:            You will participate in the Company's Annual
                           Management Incentive Plan (the "MIP"). The MIP is
                           designed to offer "performance based compensation" in
                           compliance with Internal Revenue Code Section 162(m).
                           Accordingly, your participation will be evidenced by
                           a separate award letter pursuant to the terms of the

                           The final amount awarded each year will determined by
                           the Company's Compensation Committee typically based
                           upon a percentage of your base salary, multiplied by

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                           determined by reference to the level of achievement
                           of your personal performance objective(s), and the
                           applicable Company performance modifier for the year,
                           with the resulting amount subject to reduction based
                           on other subjective criteria at the discretion of the

                           For fiscal 2000, your award, before exercise of the
                           Committee's discretion, will range from $0 to
                           $480,000 based upon 97.5% (65% times 150%) of your
                           prorated base salary for the year, multiplied by a
                           percentage of up to 100% based upon achievement of
                           your personal performance objective(s) and by a
                           percentage ranging up to 175% for "distinguished"
                           Company performance based on a matrix of fully
                           diluted earnings per share outcomes for fiscal 2000.

Stock Options:             On the Commencement Date, you will receive two sets
                           of options - Regular Options and Special Options - to
                           purchase shares of Common Stock of the Company. The
                           options will be granted pursuant to the Company's
                           Stock Incentive Plan (the "Stock Plan") and will be
                           evidenced by two separate stock option agreements
                           entered into pursuant to the Stock Plan. The exercise
                           price of all options will be the mean average of the
                           high and low prices at which the Company's shares are
                           traded on the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE") on the
                           trading day immediately preceding the Commencement
                           Date. Unexercised options, including any unvested
                           options, will cease to be exercisable on the tenth
                           anniversary of the Commencement Date. The number of
                           options and principal vesting terms will be as

                           Regular Options: 60,300 options that, subject to your
                           continued employment with the Company, will vest in
                           three equal installments on the third, fourth and
                           fifth anniversaries of the Commencement Date.

                           Special Options: 123,500 options 50% of which will
                           vest upon your promotion to Chief Executive Officer,
                           with the remaining 50% vesting in three equal
                           installment on the first, second and third
                           anniversaries of your promotion to Chief Executive
                           Officer; provided, that, any options that remain
                           unvested as of the fifth anniversary of the
                           Commencement Date shall vest on that date if you are
                           then an employee of the Company.

Restricted Shares:         On the Commencement Date you will receive 46,000
                           Restricted Shares granted pursuant to the Stock Plan
                           and evidenced by a separate Restricted Share
                           Agreement. The

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                           Restricted Shares will vest ratably and
                           simultaneously with vesting of the Special Options.

Change in Control:         All options and Restricted Shares will vest and
                           become fully exercisable immediately upon a "Change
                           in Control" as defined in the Stock Plan.

Other Benefit Plans:       You will be eligible for the standard retirement and
                           other benefit programs provided for executive
                           officers of the Company. Without limiting the
                           generality of the foregoing, these benefits include:
                           (i) participation in the Company's 401(k) plan which
                           currently provides for Company matching of 50% of the
                           first 5% of Eligible Compensation contributed to the
                           plan (eligible compensation for 1999 is limited to
                           $160,000) and a discretionary profit sharing
                           contribution by the Company which typically has been
                           approximately 5% of Eligible Compensation not in
                           excess of the Social Security wage base plus 10% of
                           Eligible Compensation in excess of the Social
                           Security wage base, (ii) participation in the
                           Company's Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan
                           ("SERP") which, for Executive Vice Presidents at full
                           vesting after five years of service currently
                           provides a retirement benefit of 60% of average
                           highest two-year salary plus MIP award reduced
                           principally by (a) all defined benefit or cash
                           balance plan amounts received from JLG contributions
                           or from other employers, (b) all other defined
                           contribution balances received from JLG contributions
                           or other employers, and (c) 50% of social security
                           benefits (SERP benefits vest 25% per year commencing
                           with the second anniversary of the Commencement Date
                           until fully vested), (iii) participation in the
                           Company's Executive Deferred Compensation Plan which
                           permits participants to elect to defer receipt of a
                           portion of salary and MIP award and to direct the
                           investment of deferred amounts among the investment
                           options available under the Company's 401(k) plan,
                           (iv) participation in the Company's medical insurance
                           plan and supplemental executive medical benefit
                           program, (v) term life insurance which currently
                           provides a death benefit equal to two times annual
                           base salary, and (vi) four weeks of paid vacation per
                           year (not including public or Company holidays). In
                           addition, the Company will reimburse you for
                           financial planning services on the same basis as this
                           benefit is provided to the Company's current Chief
                           Executive Officer and, to facilitate appropriate
                           business entertainment, during the term of your
                           employment the Company will pay reasonable membership
                           initiation fees and annual dues for your

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                           admission as a member of a country club located
                           within a 50 mile radius of the Company's

Transition Benefits:       In accordance with the Company's relocation policy,
                           the Company will reimburse you for all reasonable and
                           necessary expenses that you incur in connection with
                           your relocation within 12 months following the
                           Commencement Date from your current principal
                           residence to a new principal residence within a 50
                           mile radius of the Company's headquarters, including
                           associated commuting expense and temporary living
                           arrangements prior to relocation of your principal
                           residence. In addition, to the extent available from
                           the Company's medical insurance carrier, the Company
                           will provide medical insurance benefits for your
                           daughter; provided that the Company's annual
                           financial obligation for this benefit shall not
                           exceed $25,000 and; provided, further, that such
                           benefit will cease at such time as your daughter
                           receives any other comprehensive medical insurance

Separation:                Your employment will be "at will". Either you or the
                           Company may terminate your employment at any time for
                           any reason. Promptly upon termination of your
                           employment, you will return to the Company all
                           documents, papers, materials and other property of
                           the Company relating to its affairs or containing
                           proprietary information of the Company that are then
                           in your possession or under your control and resign
                           as a member of the Company's Board of Directors.
                           Pursuant to a separate agreement, you shall be
                           entitled to severance benefits on the same basis as
                           other participants in the Company's Executive
                           Severance Plan, which currently provides for any
                           "Dismissed" participant a "Severance Benefit" equal
                           to an "Applicable Percentage" of then current base
                           salary plus MIP awards for the 12 months preceding
                           the termination date. Your "Applicable Percentage"
                           will be 200%. In addition, if you become eligible to
                           receive a Severance Benefit prior to your promotion
                           to Chief Executive Officer, you also shall be
                           entitled to Company-provided outplacement counseling

Confidentiality:           You agree not to disclose to anyone (except to the
                           extent reasonably necessary for you to perform your
                           duties) any confidential or proprietary materials,
                           documents, records or other confidential or
                           proprietary information concerning the business or
                           affairs of the Company or any affiliates thereof
                           which you may have acquired in the course of or as an
                           incident to your employment with the Company or any
                           affiliates thereof.

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                           You represent and warrant that there are no
                           contractual impediments which restrict your
                           acceptance of this employment and that you will not
                           bring to your employment or use in connection with
                           such employment any confidential or proprietary
                           information that you used or had access to by reason
                           of any previous employment that is the property of
                           any previous employer.

Non-Compete:               During the term of your employment with the Company
                           and for a period of two years thereafter, you will
                           not, without the prior written consent of the Board
                           of Directors of the Company, directly or indirectly
                           engage in or assist any activity which is competitive
                           with the business of the Company (other than on
                           behalf of the Company) including, without limitation,
                           whether such engagement or assistance is an officer,
                           director, employee, partner or investor (other than
                           as a holder of less than 5% of the outstanding
                           capital stock of a publicly traded corporation),
                           anywhere in the world that the Company has been
                           engaged. For a period of two years after the
                           termination of your employment, you will not solicit
                           for employment any employees of the Company. You
                           agree that if the scope of these obligations are
                           determined to exceed that which may be enforceable
                           under applicable law, the scope of these obligations
                           shall be reformed to provide for enforcement to the
                           maximum extent permitted under applicable law.

Intellectual Property
Rights:                    You agree that any developments by way of invention,
                           design, copyright, trademark or other matters which
                           may be developed or perfected by you during the term
                           of your employment, and which relate to the business
                           of the Company, shall be the property of the Company
                           without any interest therein by you, and you will, at
                           the request and expense of the Company, apply for and
                           prosecute letters patent thereon in the United States
                           or in foreign countries if the Company so requests,
                           and will assign and transfer the same to the Company
                           together with any letters patent, copyrights,
                           trademarks and applications therefor; provided,
                           however, that that foregoing shall not apply to an
                           invention that you develop entirely on your own time
                           without using the Company's equipment, supplies,
                           facilities or trade secret information.

Assignment; Successors:    This letter agreement is personal in its nature and
                           none of the parties hereto shall, without the consent
                           of others, assign or transfer this letter agreement
                           or any rights or obligations hereunder, provided
                           that, in the event of the merger, consolidation,
                           transfer, or sale of

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                           all or substantially all of the assets of the Company
                           with or to any other individual or entity, this
                           letter agreement shall, subject to the provisions
                           hereof, be binding upon and inure to the benefit of
                           such successor and such successor shall discharge and
                           perform all the promises, covenants, duties, and
                           obligations of the Company hereunder, and all
                           references herein to the "Company" shall refer to
                           such successor. The Company will require that any
                           successor (whether direct or indirect, by purchase,
                           merger, consolidation or otherwise) to all or
                           substantially all of the business or assets of the
                           Company to assume expressly and agree to perform this
                           letter agreement in the same manner and to the same
                           extent that the Company would be required to perform
                           it if no such succession had taken place.

                  This letter agreement is governed by and is to be construed
and enforced in connection with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and
any action commenced hereunder must be brought in a court located in the such
Commonwealth. The obligations of the Company set forth in this letter agreement
are subject to approval of this letter agreement by the Company's Board of
Directors. This letter agreement, including the various separate agreements
referred to herein, embodies our entire understanding and supersedes all prior
understandings, whether oral or written, relating to this offer. This letter
agreement cannot be amended or otherwise modified except by a writing signed by
you and the Company.

                  We look forward to welcoming you to the Company.

                                   Sincerely yours,

                                   /s/ L. David Black
                                   Chairman of the Board, President and Chief
                                   Executive Officer
                                   JLG Industries, Inc.

Employment Offer Accepted:  /s/ William M. Lasky

Employment Date: