Banta Corporation

Banta Corporation is a technology and market leader in printing and supply-chain management. Banta provides a comprehensive combination of printing and digital imaging solutions to leading publishers and direct marketers, focusing on four niche print markets: softcover books, special-interest magazines, direct marketing materials and catalogs. Banta’s global supply-chain management businesses provide a wide range of outsourcing capabilities to the world’s largest technology and electronic product companies. Services range from materials management, product assembly, testing, quality assurance, order fulfillment and global distribution. Banta currently operates in approximately 40 locations in North America, Europe and the Asia.

Primary Market Sectors

Printing and Digital Imaging Services
Banta offers multiple solutions for managing, producing and distributing clients’ information, from printed materials to the latest Internet-based electronic media. Banta’s clients create the intellectual property or content, and Banta does the rest – from creative services and digital information storage and retrieval, to material production and distribution. Primary print products include softcover trade books, special-interest magazines, catalogs and direct marketing materials, while innovative electronic media offerings include digital content management, e-business Web site development and CD-ROMs. Leading publishers and direct marketers rely on Banta to help them reach consumers efficiently, effectively and through multiple communication channels.

Supply-Chain Management
Global competition has driven many of the world’s largest technology companies to outsource their supply-chain management requirements to Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers. Banta’s participation in this sector continues to grow as the corporation successfully applies its print-based project management competencies to meet the supply-chain management needs of a variety of companies – in computer hardware, software, networking, telecommunications, medical devices and other areas. From operations in the U.S., Mexico, Europe and the Asia, Banta provides material procurement, kit and component assembly, product testing, packaging, inventory management, product tracking, order fulfillment and worldwide distribution. Banta’s reputation as a multidimensional supply-chain management resource links the corporation to one of the world’s fastest-growing business trends: the outsourcing of non-core functions.

Growth Strategy

Banta's growth strategy is focused and powerful:

  • Drive growth in our key print niches by expanding value-added services and pursuing acquisitions for our high-growth, high-profit book, publications and direct marketing niches.
  • Aggressively leverage our global leadership position in the supply-chain management business by expanding our worldwide footprint with current customers, adding new value-added services, entering new markets, and strengthening our geographic and customer opportunities through selective acquisitions.

The successful execution of this strategy has already created a unique and diverse business combination that differentiates us in our marketplace and on Wall Street. This business mix – a solid and predictable cash and earnings generator in print, with a faster growing and profitable global supply-chain management business – provides Banta with a unique and a proven platform for long-term growth.