Corporate Code of Conduct


At Herman Miller, we believe our conduct matters. Living with integrity and following a clear ethical code has created a good business, a great place to work, and a trustworthy investment. The Herman Miller Board of Directors has adopted the following statement to articulate our Code of Conduct, which, from the founding of the business, has governed the behavior of our corporate community, including officers, directors, and employees.

Conflicts of Interest

All employees are required to:

Legal Compliance

All employees are required to:

Company Information and Assets

All employees are required to:

Workplace Practices

All employees are expected to:

Waiver to this policy

Any waiver of this policy must be given in writing. Waivers may be requested through the Legal Services Department. Waivers respecting financial officers, executive officers, and directors may require approval by the Board of Directors and will be promptly disclosed to the Company's General Counsel and the Director of Business Risk.

Reporting and Enforcement

Any breach of the above policy may result in disciplinary action in accordance with the company's policies as outlined in the Working Together Guide or policy manual that is in effect at the particular location.

Internal theft, fraud, or other serious abuses, such as accounting and auditing irregularities, affect everyone. In the most serious cases, the negative impact on a company's reputation and financial well-being can even lead to the loss of jobs. If an employee becomes aware of theft, fraud, or other abuses in the workplace, he/she should not ignore it.

If an employee suspects possible violations of the Code of Conduct, Herman Miller policies, or laws, such employee has the responsibility to contact People Services or Herman Miller's Legal Services Department at 616 654 3755 immediately. If the employee wishes to remain anonymous, he/she may contact the Theft and Fraud Hotline at 888 840 2387 or 730 582 5209 (from locations outside the USA and Canada). An employee may also choose to file a report using our confidential, web-based Internet reporting tool. This reporting tool is staffed by our vendor partner "The Network," and anonymity is guaranteed.

Regardless of how any suspected violation is reported, there will be no form of reprisal for doing so. Herman Miller will investigate fully all matters related to alleged violations and take appropriate action in accordance with the policies outlined in the Working Together Guide or policy manual that is in effect at the particular location. It is everyone's responsibility to help create and ensure an effective workplace. Employees are expected to participate fully in any investigation of alleged misconduct.