Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

MCG Capital Corporation (MCGC)

5/15/2006 Proxy Information

Many of our executive officers and other employees delivered partially nonrecourse promissory notes to us, with an aggregate face value of $5.8 million, for the purchase of a portion of the restricted common stock issued in connection with the termination of our stock option plan and the grants thereunder. The notes are nonrecourse as to the principal amount but recourse as to interest. Accordingly, the executive officers and other employees are personally liable for interest payments. Each loan is secured by all of the restricted common stock held by each executive officer and other employees, and in the cases of Messrs. Mitchell, Tunney and Saville, for a specified time period, additional shares of common stock owned by such executive officers. The notes bear interest at 4.13%, with interest payable annually during the term of the note and all principal due on May 28, 2006, subject to acceleration events.

The following table summarizes information about these loans and the amounts outstanding as of December 31, 2005 with respect to our executive officers: (See page 23 of proxy for table).