Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

PRA International (PRAI)

5/17/2006 Proxy Information

Pharma eMarket, LLC

We own 20% of the membership interests of Pharma eMarket, LLC, a provider of staffing services. Patrick K. Donnelly is a director of Pharma eMarket. David W. Dockhorn owns 4.8% of the membership interests in Pharma eMarket. In addition, The Robert J. Dockhorn Revocable Trust owns 4.8% of the membership interests of Pharma eMarket. Robert J. Dockhorn is the father of David W. Dockhorn. We paid approximately $165,900 to Pharma eMarket for staffing services rendered to us in 2005.

Leased Facilities from Dockhorn Properties, LLC

Since 1997, we have leased three buildings from Dockhorn Properties, L.L.C. David W. Dockhorn holds a 5% membership interest in Dockhorn Properties, L.L.C. For one building, the lease term expires on December 31, 2009, with a five year renewal option. For the other two buildings, the lease expired on June 30, 2005. The lease features fixed annual rent increases of approximately 2.7%. From 1997 until September 30, 2004, we leased certain facilities from the Beverly W. Dockhorn Revocable Trust. Beverly W. Dockhorn is Dr. DockhornŐs mother. We paid rents under the leases of approximately $1.1 million in 2005 and $1.6 million in 2004.

Registration Rights Agreement

Certain of our stockholders have entered into a registration rights agreement with us, under which they may require us at any time to file a registration statement under the Securities Act to register the sale of shares of our common stock, subject to certain limitations. Pursuant to the exercise of demand registration by Genstar Capital Partners III, L.P., we filed a registration statement on March 7, 2006 to register the resale of up to 5 million shares of our common stock held by Genstar, certain of our officers, directors, and other parties. We are required to pay all registration expenses in connection with the first six of these demand registrations under the registration rights agreement. The exercise of a demand registration right, when made, entitles the other existing stockholders to notice of the registration and allows them to include their shares of common stock in the registration. Our registration rights agreement also grants ŇpiggybackÓ registration rights in connection with registered offerings of common stock that we initiate, for which we must pay all expenses.

Stockholders Agreements

We have entered into agreements with certain stockholders that contain provisions requiring certain of our stockholders to submit to a sale of PRA upon the satisfaction of stated conditions; allow all stockholders to participate in certain transfers proposed by the majority stockholders; provide a right of first refusal in our favor and in favor of certain of our stockholders with respect to sales by certain of our stockholders; grant preemptive rights to certain stockholders should we undertake to issue new securities upon certain conditions being met; and in some instances grant ŇpiggybackÓ registration rights under the registration rights agreement described above.

Nomination of Directors

Under an agreement we entered into with Genstar Capital Partners III, L.P., and Stargen III, L.P., each of Genstar and Stargen has the right to elect one of our directors so long as it holds any shares of our common stock.