Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

American Reprographics Company (ARP)

4/17/2006 Proxy Information

Kumarakulasingam Suriyakumar served as President and Chief Operating Officer of American Reprographics Company during 2005.

Certain of our directors, executive officers, 5% beneficial owners and their affiliates have engaged in transactions with us in the ordinary course of business. We believe these transactions involved terms comparable to terms that would be obtained from an unaffiliated third party at the times the transactions were consummated. The following is a description of these transactions since the beginning of our last fiscal year.

Related Party Leases and Purchases

We are party to certain leases with entities owned by Mr. Chandramohan and Mr. Suriyakumar for our facilities located in Los Angeles, California, San Jose, California, Irvine, California, Sacramento, California, Oakland, California, Gaithersburg, Maryland, and Costa Mesa, California. Under these leases, we paid these entities rent in the aggregate amount of approximately $2,738,000 in 2005. We are also obligated to reimburse these entities for certain real property taxes and assessments. These leases expire through July 2019.

We sell certain products and services to Thomas Reprographics, Inc., and Albinson Inc., each of which is owned or controlled by Billy E. Thomas, who beneficially owns more than 5% of our common equity. These companies purchased products and services from us of approximately $54,000 during the twelve months ended December 31, 2005.

Management Agreement

We were previously party to a management agreement with CHS Management IV LP, a Delaware limited partnership, that terminated upon the completion of our initial public offering in February 2005. Mr. Formolo, a member of our board of directors, and Mr. Andrew W. Code, who was a member of our Board of Directors during 2005 and who resigned from our Board of Directors in January 2006, have a direct beneficial ownership in CHS Management IV LP. Under the management agreement, we paid CHS Management IV LP a management fee of $217,000 in 2005. The annual management fee was subject to an annual increase based on our financial results but could not exceed $1,000,000 annually. The management fee was in consideration of CHS Management IV LP providing ongoing consulting and management advisory services to us.

Indemnification Agreements

We have entered into indemnification agreements with each director and named executive officer which provide indemnification under certain circumstances for acts and omissions that may not be covered by any directors’ and officers’ liability insurance. The indemnification agreements may require us, among other things, to indemnify our officers and directors against certain liabilities that may arise by reason of their status or service as officers and directors (other than liabilities arising from willful misconduct of a culpable nature), to advance their expenses incurred as a result of any proceeding against them as to which they could be indemnified, and to obtain officers’ and directors’ insurance if available on reasonable terms.

Registration Rights Agreement

We have previously entered into a registration rights agreement with Messrs. Chandramohan and Suriyakumar and certain other holders of our common stock and holders of warrants to purchase our common stock, including entities affiliated with certain of our directors. As of April 11, 2006, the holders of 14,382,213 shares of common stock are entitled to certain rights with respect to the registration of such shares under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (“Securities Act”). These registration rights are described below.

Demand Registrations. At any time following six months after the closing of our initial public offering, the holders of a majority of the registrable securities held by ARC Acquisition Co., L.L.C. and the holders of a majority of the registrable securities held by Messrs. Chandramohan and Suriyakumar (or entities in which they control a majority of the voting shares) shall each be entitled (as a group) to request up to two registrations on Form S-1 or similar long-form registration statements, respectively, and two short-form registrations on Form S-2, S-3 or any similar short-form registration statements, respectively. The holders of a majority of all other registrable securities under this agreement are entitled to request one short-form registration.

Piggyback Rights. The holders of registrable securities other than those originally requesting registration pursuant to a demand registration can request to participate in, or “piggyback” on, any demand registration.

Piggyback Registrations. If we propose to register any of our equity securities under the Securities Act (other than pursuant to a demand registration of registrable securities or a registration on Form S-4 or Form S-8) for us or for holders of securities other than the registrable securities, we will offer the holders of registrable securities the opportunity to register their registrable securities.

Conditions and Limitations; Expenses. The registration rights are subject to conditions and limitations, including the right of the underwriters to limit the number of shares to be included in a registration and our right to delay or withdraw a registration statement under specified circumstances. We will pay the registration expenses of the holders of registrable securities in demand registrations and piggyback registrations in connection with the registration rights agreement.

Investor Unitholders Agreement

Holdings previously entered into an Investor Unitholders Agreement with ARC Acquisition Co., L.L.C. and certain other parties that held warrants to purchase Holdings common units. Under this agreement, subject to certain exceptions, (i) Holdings had a right of first refusal in connection with a transfer of units acquired by the warrant holders, (ii) the warrant holders had a right to participate in transfers of units by ARC Acquisition Co., L.L.C., (iii) ARC Acquisition Co., L.L.C. had limited preemptive rights in connection with an issuance of units by Holdings to the warrant holders and the warrant holders had limited preemptive rights in connection with an issuance of units by Holdings to ARC Acquisition Co., L.L.C., (iv) the warrant holders had the right to receive certain financial information from Holdings, and (v) the warrant holders had certain property inspection rights. The Investor Unitholders Agreement terminated upon the consummation of our initial public offering in February 2005.