Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

Mariner Energy, Inc. (ME)

3/31/2006 10K Information

In connection with Mariner’s merger in March 2004, Mariner Energy LLC, our former indirect parent, entered into management agreements with each of Carlyle/Riverstone Energy Partners II, L.P. (“C/R Energy Partners”) and ACON E&P III, LLC (“ACON E&P”), pursuant to which C/R Energy Partners and ACON E&P received aggregate fees in the amount of $2.5 million. C/R Energy Partners was, and ACON E&P is, an affiliate of MEI Acquisitions Holdings, LLC, our former sole stockholder. No additional fees are payable under these agreements.

Under a C/R Monitoring Agreement with C/R Energy Partners and under an ACON Monitoring Agreement with ACON E&P, each dated as of March 2, 2004, we were obligated to pay monitoring fees in the aggregate amount of 1% of our annual consolidated EBITDA to C/R Energy Partners and ACON E&P payable on a calendar quarter basis. Under the terms of the monitoring agreements, the affiliates provided financial advisory services in connection with the ongoing operations of Mariner subsequent to the merger. We accrued $1.4 million in monitoring fees under these agreements for 2004. The parties terminated these agreements on February 7, 2005 in return for lump sum cash payments by Mariner totalling $2.3 million. We intend to engage in transactions with our affiliates in the future only when the terms of any such transactions are no less favorable than transactions that could be obtained from third parties.

We used $166 million of the net proceeds from our sale of 12,750,000 shares of common stock in our 2005 private placement to purchase and retire an equal number of shares of our common stock shares then held by MEI Acquisitions Holdings, LLC, our former sole stockholder.

The estimated $1.9 million in expenses related to the March 2005 private placement included approximately $0.8 million of expenses incurred by our former sole stockholder, MEI Acquisitions Holdings, LLC, and its members in connection with the offering.

We currently have obligations concerning ORRI arrangements with two of our officers who received assignments of ORRIs in certain leases acquired by us under a consulting agreement and with another officer who may be entitled to assignments of ORRIs under a previously terminated employment agreement, as described in Item 11, “Executive Compensation—Overriding Royalty Arrangements.”