Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

HomeBanc Corp. (HMB)

4/20/2006 Proxy Information

Our directors and officers, and the directors and officers of our subsidiaries, as well as some of the business organizations and individuals associated with those directors and officers, have been customers of HBMC and have had, and may continue to have, mortgage loans with HBMC in the ordinary course of business. These mortgage banking relationships include mortgage loans that were made on substantially the same terms, including interest rates, repayment terms and collateral, as those terms prevailing at the time for comparable mortgage banking transactions with other unrelated persons. These transactions did not and do not involve any greater than normal risk of collectibility or other unfavorable terms or features. Since December 31, 2004, we originated an aggregate of $7.45 million of loans to our directors, executive officers, 5% or greater shareholders and their family members as shown below. (See page 32 and 33 of proxy for table).

Certain of our executive officers have family members employed by HBMC. The table below sets forth information regarding the relationship of such family members and the dollar amount of cash compensation paid to such family members by us in 2005: (See page 33 of proxy for table).

Other Relationships and Transactions

Prior to our IPO, affiliates of GTCR Golder Rauner, L.L.C. (“GTCR”) held a majority interest in HBMC. In connection with our IPO, we granted piggyback registration rights permitting GTCR to register 10,441,123 shares of our common stock, for offer and sale in connection with specified types of registered public offerings by us. In September 2005, in connection with the filing of our universal shelf registration statement, we registered all of these shares of our common stock for offer and sale by GTCR and paid all of the costs associated with the registration of these shares.

Prior to joining HBMC in March 2005, one of our executive vice presidents, Dr. Courtney R. McCashland, was chief executive officer of TalentMine™, a division of Lydian Trust Company. Dr. McCashland also owned a 20% equity interest in TalentMine, which she sold in April 2005. During 2003 and 2004, HBMC engaged TalentMine to assist in the development of our online assessment and development tools for recruiting and evaluating associates and leased from TalentMine certain custom-developed software components used to develop HBMC’s internal recruiting tools. In 2004, HBMC amended the existing software lease agreement to become a purchase agreement for these components. The total consideration for the purchase of the components was $297,800 payable in four quarterly installments during 2005. HBMC also agreed to pay TalentMine a monthly retainer of $12,300 for hardware and software support and maintenance services during 2005 to assist in the transition from a leasing arrangement to ownership of the software components. During 2005, HBMC also engaged TalentMine for consulting services related to our performance appraisal assessment process and leadership development assessment program. HBMC paid TalentMine an aggregate of $507,850 in 2005.