Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

Adams Respiratory Therapeutics, Inc. (ARXT)

10/28/2005 Proxy Information

Employment Agreements

We have entered into an employment agreement with Mr. Valentino. See “Employment Contracts and Change in Control Arrangements — Employment Agreement with Mr. Valentino.”

Income Security Agreements

We have entered into income security agreements with each of Helmut Albrecht, David Becker, Robert Casale, Walter E. Riehemann, John S. Thievon, and Susan Witham. See “Employment Contracts and Change in Control Arrangements — Termination and Change of Control Agreements.” Separation Agreement

We have entered into a separation and independent advisor agreement with John Q. Adams, Sr., a director and the founder of our Company. Mr. Adams resigned his position as Chief Executive Officer as of April 30, 2003. We retained him as a consultant through October 2004 and paid him $20,448 per month. We paid the lease payment, insurance and taxes on his automobile through September 2005. In addition, all the options he held as of April 30, 2003, to acquire shares of our common stock under our Long Term Incentive Plan vested.

Indemnification Agreements

We have entered into indemnification agreements with each of our directors and executive officers. These agreements, among other things, require us to indemnify each director and officer to the fullest extent permitted by Delaware law, including indemnification of expenses such as attorneys’ fees, judgments, fines and settlement amounts incurred by the director or officer in any action or proceeding, including any action or proceeding by or in right of us, arising out of such person’s services as a director or officer.