Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

BancTrust Financial Group, Inc. (BTFG)

4/13/2006 Proxy Information

Mr. Inge is Mr. Morrissette’s uncle.

Mr. Garrett and Mr. Weaver are first cousins.

Mr. Faison retired in December 2003 as President and Chief Executive Officer of CommerceSouth, Inc. (bank holding company), a position he held from 1988 through 2003. The company merged CommerceSouth in 2003.

Some of the directors, executive officers and nominees for election as directors of BancTrust, as well as firms and companies with which they are associated, are and have been customers of its subsidiary banks and as such have had banking transactions, including loans and commitments to loan, with subsidiary banks during 2005. These loans and commitments to loan, including loans and commitments outstanding at any time during the period, were made in the ordinary course of business on substantially the same terms, including rates and collateral, as those prevailing at the time for comparable transactions with other persons and, in the opinion of subsidiary bank management, did not involve more than the normal risk of collectibility or present other unfavorable factors.

Chautauqua Vineyards and Winery, Inc. (“Chautauqua”) is a Florida corporation, 100% of which is owned by BancTrust Director Paul D. Owens, Jr. and his wife. Mr. Owens also serves as President of Chautauqua. Chautauqua is indebted to the Mobile Bank in the principal amount of $95,143.15 pursuant to a $225,000.00 line of credit loan made on May 2, 1995 to provide operating capital for Chautauqua. This loan bears interest at the Mobile Bank’s prime lending rate, currently 7.75%. Additionally the loan carries the personal guarantee of Mr. Owens, which is fully secured by liquid collateral. Chautauqua filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code in July 2005. The bankruptcy filing was prompted by a lawsuit filed against Chautauqua and Mr. Owens by Chautauqua’s founding shareholders, whose equity interest was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Owens and who claim that certain subordinated shareholder loans from Chautauqua to them are currently due and payable. Chautauqua and Mr. Owens dispute the claims asserted and contend that the alleged debt is not currently due. Because of Chautauqua’s bankruptcy filing, its line of credit from the Mobile Bank was not renewed on its maturity and therefore was, for a period of time, past due. However, the line of credit has since been renewed, and interest payments are current. Chautauqua’s plan of reorganization provides for payment in full of all trade creditors, the Mobile Bank and all secured creditors. Since January 1, 2005, the largest aggregate amount of indebtedness outstanding under the Chautauqua line of credit was $95,143.15.

Stephen G. Crawford, a director and nominee and a temporary employee and executive officer of BancTrust from August 2003 until December 31, 2004, is a member of the Hand Arendall, L.L.C. law firm, which serves as counsel for BancTrust and its subsidiaries. Broox G. Garrett, Jr., a director and nominee, is a partner in the law firm of Thompson, Garrett & Hines, L.L.P., which serves as counsel for the Mobile Bank branches in Brewton and the Trust Company.