Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

Capital Crossing Bank (CAPX)

3/22/2006 Proxy Information

Interested Directors' Transactions.

Certain of the Bank's directors and officers are at present, as in the past, directors, officers or shareholders of corporations or members of partnerships which are deposit customers of the Bank and which have transactions with the Bank in the ordinary course of business. Loan transactions with directors and officers of the Bank and with such corporations and partnerships are subject to the Board of Directors' policy regarding such credit transactions, which requires the transactions to be made in the ordinary course of business and on the same terms, including interest rates, collateral and repayment, as those prevailing at the time for comparable transactions with other persons and which did not involve more than normal risk of collectibility or present other features or risks that are unfavorable to the Bank.

Atlantic Holdings and AB&T.

Atlantic Holdings Limited Partnership, a Delaware limited partnership (""Atlantic Holdings''), and AB&T, Inc., a Delaware corporation (""AB&T''), the general partner of Atlantic Holdings were each effectively dissolved in December 31, 2005. Two current directors, Messrs. Lazares and Wayne, and two former directors of the Bank were shareholders and directors of AB&T, and certain directors were limited partners of Atlantic Holdings.

Watermark Donut Company.

On October 14, 1998, the Bank entered into a lease agreement with Watermark Donut Company (""Watermark'') for the lease by Watermark from the Bank of retail space at the street level of the Bank's corporate headquarters for the operation of a donut shop. Two current directors, Messrs. Wayne and Lazares, are directors and holders of approximately a 20% interest each in Watermark. Mr. Stone, another director of the Bank, also holds an approximate 2% interest in Watermark. The term of such lease is for five years with two five-year renewal periods. The lease was subsequently renewed in October 2003 pursuant to the terms of the lease. Pursuant to the lease agreement, Watermark pays to the Bank $44,044 per year, plus a percentage of Watermark's gross sales at the premises which are in excess of certain specified levels. In 2005, Watermark paid the Bank a total of $84,000 under the lease agreement.