Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

EPIX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (EPIX)

6/2/2006 Proxy Information

In 2005, EPIX engaged Michael Gilman, Ph.D., a member of the EPIX board of directors, to serve as a consultant in connection with the evaluation of the merger. Pursuant to the terms of Dr. GilmanŐs consulting agreement, EPIX paid Dr. Gilman approximately $22,950 in 2005 for his services and has paid him an additional $24,920 as of March 31, 2006. Upon completion of Dr. GilmanŐs remaining consulting services in connection with the merger, his relationship with EPIX as a consultant will end.

In connection with Michael D. WebbŐs resignation as Chief Executive Officer and member of the EPIX board of directors, effective September 14, 2005, EPIX entered into a separation agreement with Mr. Webb. Pursuant to this agreement Mr. Webb served as a consultant to EPIX until December 31, 2005 on an independent contractor basis and is entitled to receive severance pay in the amount of $175,150.50, payable in six approximately equal monthly payments. In fiscal year 2005, EPIX paid Mr. Webb $102,082 for his fees and expenses in connection with this consultancy.