Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

FoxHollow Technologies, Inc. (FOXH)

4/28/2006 Proxy Information

We describe below transactions and series of similar transactions that have occurred since January 1, 2005 to which we were a party in which:

• the amounts involved exceeded or will exceed $60,000; and

• a director, executive officer, holder of more than 5% of our common stock or any member of their immediate families had or will have a direct or indirect material interest.

On January 18, 2006, Dr. Simpson signed an offer letter that sets forth his compensation as Interim Chief Executive Officer. Our Company will pay him a monthly salary of $25,000, compensation equivalent to that paid to Dr. Simpson under his consulting agreement dated May 21, 2004, which terminated upon Dr. Simpson assuming his new role as Interim Chief Executive Officer.

We also entered into an agreement with JBS Consulting, LLC (“JBS Consulting”) and an agreement with JBS Consulting and Dr. Simpson, both effective as of September 1, 2005, regarding the use of a private aircraft owned by JBS Consulting for company business related travel by our directors, officers and employees. Dr. Simpson is the president and managing officer of JBS Consulting. Pursuant to these agreements, JBS Consulting will be reimbursed for the cost of first class airfare for all flights in connection with company business related travel by Dr. Simpson and the cost of coach airfare for all flights in connection with company business related travel by other directors, officers, and employees.

Family Relationships

Douglas S. Rohlen, President of Strategic Operations, is the brother-in-law of Matthew B. Ferguson, our Chief Financial Officer, and the son-in-law of Dr. John B. Simpson, our Interim Chief Executive Officer. There are no other family relationships among any of our directors or executive officers.