Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

FPIC Insurance Group, Inc. (FPIC)

4/26/2006 Proxy Information

M. C. Harden, III, a director of FPIC, is also chairman of the Board, president and chief executive officer and a majority shareholder of Harden & Associates, an insurance broker and risk management and employee benefits consultant located in Jacksonville, Florida. Harden & Associates acts as an agent for First Professionals and for APAC. Harden & Associates earned approximately $362,594 of commission income from us during 2005 as a result of this agency relationship. Harden & Associates also acts as a broker for us in the procurement of various business insurance coverages. Harden & Associates earned approximately $96,000 during 2005 as a result of its brokerage relationship with us.

We have paid Kirschner & Legler, a law firm located in Jacksonville, Florida, of which Kenneth M. Kirschner, General Counsel and a director of FPIC, is a member, approximately $171,000 for services rendered to us during 2005.

John R. Byers, President and Chief Executive Officer and a director of FPIC, also serves on the board of governors of PRI, a New York medical professional liability insurance reciprocal for which we provide management services through our wholly owned subsidiary, Administrators for the Professions, Inc. (ÒAFPÓ). Pursuant to a management agreement dated January 1, 1999, entered into by PRI and AFP and in accordance with New York insurance law, AFP is at all times entitled to nominate one-third of the total members of PRIÕs board of governors. Mr. Byers has served on PRIÕs board of governors since August 2000. Mr. Byers receives Board fees as a result of his serving on PRIÕs board of governors on the same basis as other PRI Board members. PRI paid Mr. Byers approximately $78,000 for his service on PRIÕs Board during 2005.

Richard J. Bagby, M.D., a member of our Board of Directors, is also a policyholder of First Professionals and as such, may experience claims from time to time in the usual course of business that may require coverage under his policy that First Professionals would provide to any policyholder.