Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

SpatiaLight, Inc. (HDTV)

5/24/2006 Proxy Information

Argyle Notes:

In 1998, we received $1,188,000 in cash in exchange for notes (the Argyle Notes) in that amount to Argyle Capital Management Corporation (Argyle), a company owned and controlled by Robert A. Olins, our Chief Executive Officer, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director. The notes accrue interest at a contractual rate of 6% per annum, and are secured by substantially all of our assets. Both principal and interest are convertible into our common shares at $0.50 per Share. On May 23, 2001, the due date of the notes was extended until December 31, 2002. On the extension date, the beneficial conversion effect representing the excess aggregate value of the common shares receivable upon conversion of the notes based on the then current market price of $1.90 per Share, over the aggregate conversion price for such common shares (limited to the original proceeds of $1,188,000), was recorded as additional paid-in capital. The resulting $1,188,000 discount to the debt arising from the beneficial conversion feature was originally being amortized through December 31, 2002. The notes were extended in September 2002 to March 31, 2004, and on December 31, 2003 were extended until June 30, 2005. At each extension date, the amortization rate of the remaining unamortized discount was also extended over the new life of the notes. The effective interest rate for financial statement purposes due to this discount differs from the actual contractual interest received or receivable in cash or Shares by Argyle. The current amortization rate of the discount, along with the contractual 6% interest rate, resulted in a new effective interest rate of 8% per annum as of the December 31, 2003 extension date when compared to the outstanding principal balances.

On January 7, 2004, we paid interest payable on the Argyle Notes by issuing 142,360 common shares to Argyle with a market value of $800,063 for the year ended December 31, 2004. The market value of the shares was based on the closing price of the shares on the day before issuance, and was recorded as interest expense. This interest expense includes non-cash interest expense of $728,780. The non-cash interest expense results from the beneficial conversion price of interest payable, which is convertible into common shares at $0.50 per share and was computed as the excess of the market price of the shares issued over accrued interest payable. In addition, on March 4, 2004, we issued 71,676 common shares with a market value of $338,311 as prepayment of interest payable on the Argyle notes of $35,640 for the six months ended June 30, 2005. Prepaid interest was computed using the closing price of the common shares on March 3, 2004 of $4.72. At December 31, 2004, the carrying value of the Argyle notes total $1,177,000, which includes the $1,188,000 principal balance net of unamortized discounts of $11,000.

As a condition to our entering into the November 2004 Financing (described below), as defined herein, and pursuant to the November 2004 Financing transaction documents, the investors required Argyle to enter into an Intercreditor Agreement pursuant to which Argyle agreed to subordinate our obligations to Argyle and the senior security interest in substantially all of the assets of SpatiaLight that were granted under the Argyle Notes to the interest represented by the investors in the November 2004 Financing.

In consideration for Argyle entering into the Intercreditor Agreement and because, by their terms, the November 2004 Financing transaction documents prohibit the use of the proceeds of the November 2004 Financing to repay Corporation debt, our Board of Directors (Mr. Olins did not participate in this matter as a member of the Board) authorized SpatiaLight to enter into an extension and modification agreement between SpatiaLight and Argyle with respect to the Argyle Notes (the Extension Agreement). As described above Argyle Notes were originally issued in 1998 in exchange for $1,188,000 in cash and, prior to the November Financing, the due date of the Argyle Notes was extended from December 31, 2003 to June 30, 2005. The Argyle Notes accrue interest at a contractual annual rate of 6%. Both principal and interest under the Argyle Notes are convertible into our common shares at $0.50 per share. Pursuant to the Extension Agreement, the due date of the Argyle Notes was extended to December 31, 2008, and we issued 498,768 common shares to Argyle as prepayment of interest payable of $249,480 for the period July 1, 2005 through December 31, 2008. These shares had a market value of $4,049,964 based on the closing price of the shares of $8.12 on December 21, 2004. In connection with the Intercreditor Agreement, the Board also authorized the reimbursement of $50,000 to Argyle for a fee that Argyle was required to pay to a bank to relinquish the bank’s previously existing security interest in the assets of our Corporation. At December 31, 2005 the carrying value of the Argyle Notes total $1,188,000.

Senior Secured Convertible Notes:

As of November 30, 2004, we completed a non-brokered private placement of $10,000,000 original principal amount of 10% senior secured convertible notes (the 2004 Senior Secured Convertible Notes), due November 30, 2007 (the November 2004 Financing). Under the terms of the November 2004 Financing, the purchasers of the 2004 Senior Secured Convertible Notes, who, upon conversion of such notes shall become selling shareholders, have a nine-month right, expiring August 31, 2005, to purchase up to an additional $5,000,000 principal amount of notes subject to the same terms and conditions, including the $9.72 conversion price, as the 2004 Senior Secured Convertible Notes issued in the November 2004 Financing (the Additional Investment Rights). The 2004 Senior Secured Convertible Notes are convertible, at the option of the holders, into SpatiaLight common shares at the conversion price of $9.72 per share. At the conversion price, each $1,000 principal amount of the 2004 Senior Secured Convertible Notes is convertible into 102.88 of our common shares. The conversion price of the principal amount of the 2004 Senior Secured Convertible Notes is equal to a 25% premium above the ten-day trailing average of the volume weighted average price of our common shares ended November 29, 2004, which was $7.78.

The 2004 Senior Secured Convertible Notes bear interest at an annual rate of 10%, payable quarterly, and are senior secured obligations of SpatiaLight. The interest is payable in cash or our common shares at our option, subject to certain conditions being met. In the event that we elect to pay interest with our common shares, the value of such shares shall be equal to the 20-day trailing average of the volume weighted average price of our common shares at the end of each quarterly interest period. For each of the quarterly interest periods ended February 28, 2005, May 30, 2005, August 31, 2005 and November 30, 2005, we paid interest to holders of 2004 Senior Secured Convertible Notes in cash. We have used the net proceeds from the transaction to fund construction and equipping of our state of the art manufacturing facility in South Korea and for general working capital purposes.

Under the terms of the November 2004 Financing, Robert A. Olins, the Chief Executive Officer and a director of SpatiaLight, and Greenpark Limited, an unaffiliated shareholder of SpatiaLight, jointly and severally committed, in the event that the Board determines that such financing is necessary, to provide us with up to $6,000,000 in future financing on terms and conditions to be determined at the time of any such transaction. That financing commitment shall be reduced by any funds that SpatiaLight receives from future sales or exercises of its equity, debt or derivative securities, including the sale of our common shares under the Prospectus that we filed with the SEC on January 31, 2005, as part of a “shelf” registration process. As of the date of this filing we have received an aggregate total of greater than $6 million from these sources thereby ending the commitment by Mr. Olins and Greenpark Limited.

In consideration for the financing commitment by Greenpark Limited, we agreed to reduce by $600,000 the amount owed by Greenpark Limited to us under that certain warrant installment agreement, dated as of October 14, 2002 (the Installment Agreement). Mr. Olins advised the Board that any consideration that the Board determined was owed to Mr. Olins for the financing commitment should instead be given as consideration to Greenpark Limited for its participation in the financing commitment. As a result, Mr. Olins was not, and is not, to be, compensated for his participation in the financing commitment and the Board weighed that fact in their negotiation with Greenpark Limited with respect to amending the Installment Agreement. Pursuant to the Installment Agreement, in November 2002, Greenpark Limited exercised its warrant to purchase 746,268 common shares at the exercise price of $2.00 per share, for an aggregate purchase price of $1,492,536. Under the Installment Agreement, the Commitment Shareholder is required to make periodic installment payments towards such aggregate purchase price. There is a 6% annual interest rate with respect to the balance of the share purchase price owed to us and all accrued interest is due with the final payment. We issued all of the 746,268 shares to Greenpark Limited in 2003. We received the remaining outstanding balance, less amounts forgiven as described above, plus accrued interest during the first three quarters of 2005. We will not give any further financial consideration to Greenpark Limited for such financing commitment.

We refer you to our Annual Report on Form 10-K/A, which is being forward to our shareholders together with this Proxy Statement, for disclosure that holders of $9 million of our Senior Secured Convertible Notes have alleged certain events of default under their Notes, although we believe that these allegations are not correct and are without foundation.

Short-term Financing

On December 16, 2005, we borrowed $224,384 from Robert A. Olins, our Chief Executive Officer and a director. Mr. Olins obtained these funds by drawing down on a personal line of credit from a bank, which is the same bank that we utilize for our domestic commercial banking requirements. Based upon discussions among Mr. Olins and other members of our Board of Directors, we have agreed to repay the borrowed funds to Mr. Olins on the same terms that he agreed to with the bank. Therefore, we were required to repay the full principal amount of the loan plus interest at a rate of 8.25% per annum on February 16, 2006, the maturity date. We also agreed to reimburse Mr. Olins for a $30,000 fee that he was required to pay to the bank to obtain these funds. The loan was repaid by the due date and the fee was reimbursed to Mr. Olins in January 2006.