Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

National Western Life Insurance Company (NWLIA)

3/16/2006 Proxy Information

Robert L. Moody, Jr. ("Mr. Moody, Jr.") is the son of Robert L. Moody, the Company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and is the brother of Ross R. Moody, the Company's President and Chief Operating Officer, and of Russell S. Moody and Frances A. Moody-Dahlberg who serve as directors of National Western. Prior to January 1, 2006 Mr. Moody, Jr. was employed by the Company in an agency marketing position for which he was paid an annual salary of $14,000 and was eligible to participate in the Company's benefit plans. Mr. Moody, Jr. resigned as an employee effective December 31, 2005.

In addition, Mr. Moody, Jr. wholly owns an insurance marketing organization that maintains agency contracts with National Western pursuant to which agency commissions are paid in accordance with the Company's standard commission schedules. Mr. Moody, Jr. also maintains an independent agent contract with National Western for policies personally sold under which commissions are paid in accordance with standard commission schedules. In 2005, commissions paid under these agency contracts aggregated approximately $65,000. In conjunction with these agency contracts, Mr. Moody, Jr. may be eligible to attend Company sales conferences and functions based upon meeting published minimum levels of qualifying sales production. In his capacity as an insurance marketing organization with the Company, Mr. Moody, Jr. also receives product development fees associated with a product line of the Company which amounted to $134,000 in 2005.

Mr. Moody, Jr. further serves as the agent of record for several of the Company's benefit plans including the self-insured health plan for which Mr. Moody, Jr. provides utilization review services through a wholly-owned utilization review company. In 2005, amounts paid to Mr. Moody, Jr. as commissions and service fees pertaining to the Company's benefit plans approximated $47,900.

During 2005, management fees totaling $355,000 were paid to Regent Management Services, Limited Partnership ("RMS") for services provided to a downstream nursing home subsidiary of National Western. RMS is 1% owned by general partner RCC Management Services, Inc. ("RCC"), and 99% owned by limited partner, Three R Trusts. RCC is 100% owned by the Three R Trusts. The Three R Trusts are four Texas trusts for the benefit of the children of Robert L. Moody (Robert L. Moody, Jr., Ross R. Moody, Russell S. Moody, and Frances A. Moody-Dahlberg). Charles D. Milos, Senior Vice President-Mortgage Loans and Real Estate, and Director of the Company, is a Director and Vice President of RCC. Ellen C. Otte, Assistant Secretary of the Company, is a Director and Secretary of RCC.

The Company holds a common stock investment totaling approximately 9.4% of the issued and outstanding shares of Moody Bancshares, Inc. at December 31, 2005. Moody Bancshares, Inc. owns 100% of the outstanding shares of Moody Bank Holding Company, Inc., which owns approximately 98% of the outstanding shares of The Moody National Bank of Galveston ("MNB"). The Company utilizes MNB for certain bank custodian services as well as for certain administrative services with respect to the Company's defined benefit and contribution plans. Robert L. Moody serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MNB. The ultimate controlling person of MNB is the Three R Trusts. During 2005, fees totaling $188,000 were paid to MNB with respect to these services.

Indebtedness of Management

The Company holds a loan in the amount of $4.0 million, including accrued interest, with a contractual interest rate of 7% at December 31, 2005 issued to TMNY, LLC. As of the reporting date, Robert L. Moody owned 20.5% of TMNY, LLC. The stated maturity on this loan is December 29, 2006.

NWL Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, is the beneficial owner of a life interest (1/8 share) in the net income of the trust estate of Libbie Shearn Moody. The trustee of this estate is MNB.