Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

P.A.M. Transportation Services, Inc. (PTSI)

4/19/2006 Proxy Information

Mr. Moroun is the son of Manuel J. Moroun, a director of PTSI who has been nominated for reelection at the annual meeting.

During 2005, Messrs. Calderone, Matthew Moroun and Sullivan served as members of the Compensation and Stock Option Committee. Matthew Moroun, a member of the Compensation and Stock Option Committee and the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, and our largest stockholder, is the controlling stockholder, Vice Chairman and a director of CenTra, Inc., a transportation holding company based in Warren, Michigan. He is also the Chairman and controlling stockholder of Oakland Financial Corporation, an insurance holding company, and its subsidiaries, based in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Our director, Manuel Moroun, is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CenTra, and controls a trust that is the other major stockholder of CenTra. He is also a stockholder of Oakland Financial Corporation.

During 2005, certain subsidiaries of CenTra paid us a total of $1,510,593. These payments represent freight transportation charges of $51,982, maintenance services performed in our maintenance facilities and maintenance charges paid by us to third parties on behalf of the subsidiaries and affiliates of CenTra and charged back at the amount of $1,458,611.

During 2005, we made payments to certain subsidiaries of CenTra and other companies owned or controlled by our directors, Manuel Moroun and Matthew Moroun, in the aggregate amount of $3,712,167. These payments are described below.

Payments were made to a subsidiary of CenTra in the amount of $268,898 for real estate leases. Properties leased from the subsidiary include office and maintenance facilities in two states, and trailer drop yards in eight states. The leases are generally month to month leases with automatic monthly renewal provisions.

Property is also leased from an affiliate of CenTra that is used for trailer drop yards. Payments were made to the affiliate in the amount of $6,000 during 2005 and represent lease payments made in accordance with lease agreements that contain automatic monthly renewal provisions.

Payments in the amount of $317,942 were made to a subsidiary of CenTra during 2005. These payments to the subsidiary were for parts and labor charges incurred to repair our equipment.

Payments in the amount of $50,603 were made to a subsidiary of CenTra for the transportation of freight.

We made payments to subsidiaries of Oakland Financial Corporation during 2005 in the amount of $127,348 for insurance premiums paid pursuant to agreements to provide insurance coverage to certain of our independent contractors. Underlying agreements are made directly with the independent contractors. The full amount of these payments to the subsidiaries of Oakland Financial Corporation is recouped by us from the independent contractors.

We purchase physical damage coverage on our tractors and trailers through an unaffiliated insurance broker which is written by a subsidiary of Oakland Financial Corporation. In 2005, we made payments related to these policies in the amount of $2,074,219.

We purchase commercial auto and general liability insurance issued by an unaffiliated insurance company. A subsidiary of Oakland Financial Corporation serves as third-party administrator for this insurance. In 2005, the subsidiary received $225,000 from the unaffiliated insurance company for handling the claims under this program. Under the commercial auto liability policy, the subsidiary adjusts the claims (which are subject to a $2,500 deductible) and remits the full amounts of the settlements to the claimants. The subsidiary invoices us for the $2,500 deductible amount, for which we paid a total of $867,157 in 2005.

We believe that each of the above transactions was entered into on terms as favorable to us as could have been obtained from unaffiliated third parties at the time such transactions were negotiated. We expect to continue transactions with subsidiaries of CenTra and other companies owned or controlled by our directors, Manuel Moroun and Matthew Moroun, in 2006 that are similar to those described above.