Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

Toreador Resources Corporation (TRGL)

4/7/2006 Proxy Information

During 2005, Toreador paid Horsley Partners, LLC $137,173 for investment advisory services. Mr. Lovett owns 100% of Horsley Partners, LLC.

John Mark McLaughlin served as President of Toreador Resources Corporation from April 1997 to July 1998.

Mr. Herbert L. Brewer is Mr. David M. BrewerÕs father.

William I. Lee, is the Chairman of the Board and majority shareholder of Wilco Properties, Inc. Wilco Properties, Inc. is a 5% shareholder of the company. Frederic Auberty is ToreadorÕs Vice President-International Operations and is the stepson of William I. Lee, a Toreador director. In 2005, Frederic Auberty received a total salary of $130,000 and his 2006 salary is set at $155,000.