Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

Union Bankshares Corporation (UBSH)

3/10/2006 Proxy Information

Each director, other than Mr. Beale and Mr. Murphy, has been deemed by the Board of Directors as an “independent director” as such term is defined in Marketplace Rule 4200(a)(15) of the rules of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (the “NASD”).

3/11/2005 Proxy Information

Certain directors and officers of the Company and its subsidiaries and members of their immediate families, and corporations, partnerships and other entities with which such persons are associated, are customers of Union Bank, Northern Neck State Bank, Rappahannock National Bank, Bank of Williamsburg, Union Investment Services and Mortgage Capital Investors. As such, these persons engaged in transactions with the Company and its subsidiaries in the ordinary course of business during 2004, and will have additional transactions with these companies in the future. All loans extended and commitments to lend by the banks to such persons are made in the ordinary course of business upon substantially the same terms, including interest rates and collateral, as those prevailing at the time for comparable transactions with unaffiliated persons and do not involve more than the normal risk of collection or present other unfavorable features.