Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

DynCorp International, Inc. (DCP)

6/29/2006 Proxy Information

Certain Fees Payable to Veritas Capital

We pay Veritas Capital an annual management fee of $300,000 to provide us with general business management, financial, strategic and consulting services. The amount of the management fee is comparable to the fees we would have been charged by third parties performing similar services. We also paid to Veritas Capital a one-time transaction fee of $12.0 million at the closing of the 2005 Acquisition, as consideration for its assistance in connection with planning, structuring and consummating the 2005 Acquisition. Upon consummation of our Equity Offering, we paid a fee of $5.0 million to Veritas Capital.

DIV Holding LLC

Special Class B Distribution

Subsequent to fiscal year ended March 31, 2006, we paid a special Class B distribution of $100.0 million. Based on our accumulated net profits since inception through March 31, 2006, the entire distribution to the holders of our Class B common stock is a return of capital.

Upon consummation of the Equity Offering, DIV Holding LLC was the only holder of our Class B common stock. Therefore, DIV Holding LLC was the only stockholder entitled to receive the payment of the special Class B distribution. DIV Holding LLC has Class A and Class B interests. 100% of the Class A interests are held by Veritas Capital and Carlisle Ventures, Inc. (an affiliate of The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company). The Class B interests of DIV Holding are held by Messrs. Stephen J. Cannon, Gorman, Thorne, Charles C. Cannon, DiGesualdo and other employees and outside directors. DIV Holding LLC distributed the special Class B distribution proceeds; Veritas Capital received $86.0 million of the $100.0 million special Class B distribution; and Carlisle Ventures, Inc. received the balance of $14.0 million.

Pursuant to the terms of the operating agreement governing DIV Holding LLC, the holders of Class B interests are entitled to receive up to 7.5% of all distributions made by DIV Holding LLC after the holders of the Class A interests in DIV Holding LLC have received a return of their invested capital (of which DIV Holding LLC has granted to date Class B interests representing the right to receive a total of 6.4% of its distributions once the holders of Class A interests have achieved the Class A Return), provided that the holders of the Class A interests have received an 8% per annum internal rate of return (compounded annually) on their invested capital. The Class B interests are subject to a five-year vesting schedule with any unvested interests reverting to the holders of Class A interests in the event they are forfeited or repurchased.

Registration Rights Agreement

We entered into a registration rights agreement with DIV Holding LLC, our principal stockholder. Pursuant to that agreement, DIV Holding LLC will be entitled to registration rights and it may require us to effect the registration of any shares of our Class A common stock held by DIV Holding LLC on not more than five occasions upon demand. Under the terms of this agreement, we will be required to pay all registration expenses in connection with any demand registration. In addition, if we propose to register additional shares of Class A common stock, DIV Holding LLC will be entitled to notice of the registration and is entitled to include its shares of Class A common stock in that registration with all registration expenses paid by us.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, DIV Holding LLC has agreed that it will not exercise its registration rights until 180 days following the effective date of our registration statement (May 3, 2006) without the prior consent of Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC.

Transition Services Agreement

Following the 2005 Acquisition, support for the business applications and communications technology of our operating company’s business was provided by a combination of DynCorp and our operating company’s dedicated resources and centralized Computer Sciences Corporation administrative and information technology resources. Our operating company entered into a transition services agreement with Computer Sciences Corporation upon the closing of the 2005 Acquisition, which covered support services for certain operating areas, including information technology, business systems, financial operations, payroll/HR and employee benefits. Pursuant to the agreement, Computer Sciences Corporation continues to perform personnel accounting and communication services. We provide all other services not extended under this agreement without any support from Computer Sciences Corporation. The total cost of transition services during fiscal 2005 and 2006, was $355,000 and $1,613,000, respectively. On May 15, 2006, we terminated the transition services agreement with Computer Sciences Corporation. All services previously provided by Computer Sciences Corporation are now performed by our own employees.

Purchase Agreement

For a discussion of the terms of the purchase agreement between us and Computer Sciences Corporation (including ongoing indemnification obligations), see “Business—The 2005 Acquisition.”

Shares Eligible for Future Sale

Prior to the Equity Offering, there had been no market for our Class A common stock. Upon completion of the Equity Offering, we have an aggregate of 57.0 million shares of Class A common stock outstanding on a fully diluted basis. All of the shares that we sold in the Equity Offering will be freely tradable without restriction or further registration under the Securities Act, except that any shares purchased by our affiliates, as that term is defined in Rule 144, may generally only be sold in compliance with the limitations of Rule 144, which is summarized below. The remaining 32.0 million shares of our Class A common stock that are outstanding after the Equity Offering (after giving effect to the automatic conversion of the Class B common stock into Class A common stock) will be restricted shares under the terms of the Securities Act. All of these shares are subject to lock-up agreements. Restricted shares may be sold in the public market only if registered or if they qualify for an exemption from registration under Rule 144 promulgated under the Securities Act, which rules are summarized below.

Sales of Restricted Securities

Restricted shares may be sold in the public market only if registered or if they qualify for an exemption from registration under Rule 144 promulgated under the Securities Act, as discussed below.

In general, under Rule 144 as currently in effect, beginning 90 days after the Equity Offering date, a person who has beneficially owned restricted shares for at least one year and has complied with the requirements described below would be entitled to sell a specified number of shares within any three-month period. That number of shares cannot exceed the greater of one percent of the number of shares of Class A common stock then outstanding, which will equal approximately 570,000 shares and conversion of the Class B common stock, or the average weekly trading volume of our Class A common stock on The New York Stock Exchange during the four calendar weeks preceding the filing of a notice on Form 144 reporting the sale. Sales under Rule 144 are also restricted by manner of sale provisions, notice requirements and the availability of current public information about us. Rule 144 also provides that our affiliates who are selling shares of our common stock that are not restricted shares must comply with the same restrictions applicable to restricted shares with the exception of the holding period requirement.

Under Rule 144(k), a person who is not deemed to have been our affiliate at any time during the 90 days preceding a sale, and who has beneficially owned the shares proposed to be sold for at least two years, is entitled to sell those shares without complying with the manner of sale, public information, volume limitation or notice provisions of Rule 144.

As a result of lock-up agreements and the provisions of Rule 144, 32.0 million additional shares may be available for sale in the public market after the expiration of the lock-up period provided for in the lock-up agreements, subject, in some cases, to volume limits.

Effects of Sales of Shares

No predictions can be made as to the effect, if any, that sales of shares of our Class A common stock from time to time, or the availability of shares of our Class A common stock for future sale, may have on the market price for shares of our Class A common stock. Sales of substantial amounts of Class A common stock, or the perception that such sales could occur, could adversely affect prevailing market prices for our Class A common stock and could impair our future ability to obtain capital through an offering of equity securities. For a discussion of risks related to our equity, see “Risk Factors.”

Special Retention Plan

Our operating company adopted a special retention plan that applies to certain members of our senior management that entitles them to receive an incentive payment payable within thirty days after the six-month anniversary of the consummation of the 2005 Acquisition, provided they remain continuously employed by us, any subsidiary, division or affiliated unit divested by DynCorp in the 2005 Acquisition transactions until six months following the closing of such transaction. Nine of the eligible employees received aggregate payments equal to $525,000. Amounts for the remaining six eligible employees were based on a percentage of the purchase price over $400 million. The total value of these six employees was $3.375 million. The retention payments paid to Messrs. Cannon, Gorman, Wickham, Fleischmann, Thorne and DiGesualdo on August 12, 2005 were determined based on a formula discussed above and the payments were $900,000, $675,000, $450,000, $450,000, $450,000 and $450,000, respectively.

Other Relationships

Mr. Jay K. Gorman’s brother, Rock Gorman, is employed by us. In fiscal 2006, Rock Gorman received compensation of $121,134.

Mr. Natale S. DiGesualdo’s son, Steve DiGesualdo, is employed by us. In fiscal 2006, Steve DiGesualdo received compensation of $116,414.