Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

CBOT Holdings, Inc. (BOT)

3/29/2006 Proxy Information

Our board of directors includes 13 directors that are members of the CBOT. Many of the CBOT members derive a substantial portion of their income from their trading or clearing activities on or through the CBOT. In addition, trading privileges on the CBOT have substantial independent value. The amount of income that members of the CBOT derive from their trading or clearing activities and the value of their memberships in the CBOT are in part dependent on the fees they are charged to trade, clear and access our markets and the rules and structure of our markets. CBOT members, many of whom act as floor brokers and floor traders, benefit from trading rules, membership privileges and fee discounts that enhance their open-auction trading opportunities and profits. CBOT members pay fees, which may be substantial, either directly or indirectly, to our exchange in connection with the services we provide. We believe the payments made by our directors that are CBOT members are on terms no more favorable than terms given to unaffiliated persons.