Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

Pike Electric Corporation (PEC)

10/28/2005 Proxy Information

Stockholders Agreement

We, LGB Pike II LLC, an affiliate of Lindsay, Goldberg & Bessemer, and certain other stockholders, including our Named Executive Officers and other members of management, are parties to a stockholders agreement, which relates to corporate governance matters and registration rights, as described below.

Corporate Governance. The stockholders agreement provides that J. Eric Pike will have the right to occupy one seat on the Board of Directors so long as he is our chief executive officer and controls at least 1,321,965 shares of our common stock. So long as Mr. Pike has the right to a seat on the Board of Directors, then LGB Pike II LLC and any affiliate of LGB Pike II LLC must vote in favor of the election of Mr. Pike to the board.

Registration Rights. The stockholders agreement provides that LGB Pike II LLC and its affiliates and the other stockholders party to the stockholders agreement, including our Named Executive Officers, have registration rights with respect to our common stock. LGB Pike II LLC and its affiliates have demand registration rights under which they may require us at any time to register any or all of the common stock they hold. The demand registration rights held by LGB Pike II LLC and its affiliates include the right to require us to file a shelf registration statement permitting those stockholders to sell into the market from time to time over an extended period of time. In addition, each of LGB Pike II LLC and its affiliates and the other stockholders party to the stockholders agreement, including our Named Executive Officers, have piggyback registration rights. If we propose to register any additional securities, other than a registration in connection with an employee benefit or similar plan or an exchange offer, we will be required to give each party to the stockholders agreement the opportunity to participate in such registration. We have agreed to indemnify any stockholder that sells shares of our common stock upon exercise of registration rights against certain liabilities under the Securities Act.

Management Advisory Services Agreement

Pike Electric, Inc, our subsidiary, entered into a management advisory services agreement with Goldberg Lindsay & Co. LLC, an affiliate of Lindsay Goldberg & Bessemer, on April 18, 2002 in connection with our 2002 recapitalization, and amended and restated that agreement on July 1, 2004 in connection with our acquisition of Red Simpson, Inc., increasing the management fee to $375,000 per quarter from $250,000 per quarter. Under the agreement, Goldberg Lindsay & Co. LLC agreed to provide management, financial, strategic planning and similar advisory services to Pike Electric. In addition, Goldberg Lindsay & Co. LLC received one-time transaction fees for structuring the transactions related to our 2002 recapitalization and the acquisition of Red Simpson of $3,750,000 and $3,125,000, respectively. Pursuant to the agreement, Pike Electric also agreed to indemnify Goldberg Lindsay & Co. LLC and its members, partners and affiliates, and their respective directors, officers, agents and employees, against losses arising out of or in connection with the agreement, any activities contemplated by the agreement or any services rendered under the agreement. In connection with our initial public offering, we agreed to terminate the management advisory services agreement, effective June 15, 2005, for an aggregate consideration of $4.0 million, which was paid at the closing of our initial public offering.