Related Party Transactions and Outside Related Director Information

ElkCorp (ELK)

9/15/2004 and 9/12/2005 Proxy Information

No related party transactions or special relationships reported for this company. Director relationships marked "Outside Related" at this firm will most often be former executives of the company. Additional information regarding these relationships will be added during our regular updates.

9/15/2003 Proxy Information

In fiscal 2003, Dillon Corporate Services, Inc., a real estate brokerage company of which Mr. Terry Quinn, the adult son of director David W. Quinn, is a 50 percent owner, was competitively selected as the real estate broker in connection with the lease of ElkCorp's new company headquarters. In accordance with standard industry practice, the landlord was to be responsible for the broker's compensation. Management of ElkCorp selected Dillon based primarily on the higher level of services it offered for the broker's compensation to be paid by the landlord, which was no greater than compensation demanded by the unaffiliated third parties competing with Dillon. Further, persons other than Mr. Terry Quinn provided the majority of Dillon's services. The transaction was approved by a unanimous vote of ElkCorp's directors other than Mr. Quinn, who abstained from the vote. The Company's new landlord paid $446,836.50 to Dillon as the real estate brokerage commission in connection with the lease transaction.